Wednesday, October 26, 2011

kara dioguardi

  • Question:-What was the Kara DioGuardi song Michael Gerr sang on American Idol?
    Michael Gerr was the guy who was really nervous about his audition and coudn't sing because of it...he sang a Carrie Underwood song and another one by Kara DioGuardi but I have no idea what it was. Anybody know?

    Answer:-He sang Carrie's "Starts With Goodbye" first and then he sang "Sometimes You Leave" which is a song that Kara wrote, but Carrie sings. It's not on her cd, but you can get it on the one MusicPass card or just type it in on youtube and listen to it. I think it's a really neat song. Hope I helped!
  • Question:-Kara Dioguardi??????????
    what are your thoughts on her? Sometimes she seems nice but other times she's a total b*tch.. I think I like Paula better.

    Answer:-i like paula better too
    i stopped watching american idol because paula left and i didnt want to see just kara there
    i hated her last year
  • Question:-Is Simon Cowell and Kara Dioguardi feuding?
    I don't know but it seems that Simon Cowell doesn't like Kara Dioguardi very much and he doesn't hide it. From watching it so far, especially the live shows, it seems that he doesn't like her comments to the contestants and that she just takes up time. What do you think of Kara Dioguardi so far?

    Answer:-I thinks she's okay.I mean they didn't need a new judge.She does talk a little too And I don't really think they are feuding.They probably just get annoyed at each other on the show.
  • Question:-How can I buy 'Terrified' by Jason Reeves/Kara DioGuardi?
    I love that song. Katharine McPhee also sings it, but I like the version by Kara DioGuardi better. It is available to listen to on Myspace, but not for purchase. Any idea how I can buy it? Thanks!

    Answer:-It's available on Here's the link, to the download:,g/Kara-DioGuardi-Jason-Reeves-Terrified.html

    Let me know if this is helpful :)
  • Question:-Song cowritten by kara dioguardi with a girl from GA?
    Anyone know the song that was written by kara dioguardi with the girl from Warner Robbins, Georgia?

    Answer:-woah!!!!!! no effing way!!!!!!!!

    im from warner robins georgia hahahaha

  • Question:-what lipstick does kara Dioguardi wear on American idol?
    Im desperately trying to find that creme coloured lipstick/lip gloss that Kara Dioguardi wears on American Idol...anyone have any ideas please let me know.

    Answer:-I`m not trying to be mean, but we don`t know her makeup artists and we aren`t experts. It`s pretty much just regular people on here. Google it for the best results, good luck.
  • Question:-What do you think about Kara DioGuardi ripping off her clothes at the finale of American Idol 8?
    I was so shocked when I saw Kara ripping off her clothes during her performance with Bikini Girl.And after that,she says that she ripped off her clothes because of charity.It was ridiculous!!!Doesn't she feel ashamed or something?...What do you think?

    Answer:-It came off as kinda desperate
    It was an uncomfortable moment at best.
  • Question:-why was kara dioguardi such a bitch to that girl that sang Terrified?
    She was so rude, telling her she wasn't good and she was trying to be something she's not?

    I mean I'm sure since Didi made Terrified so popular, kara must've made money off that! So what's the deal?

    Answer:-Kara always says stupid stuff, IMO. :(
  • Question:-What did that one AI audience member scream at Kara Dioguardi?
    After Scott McIntyre's performance Tuesday night, Kara was giving her critique and someone in the seating behind them shouted out some form of catcalling at her, but I couldn't make it out. I know it's kind of silly, but does anyone know what he yelled out?

    Answer:-haha i laughed when i saw this. the person in the audience
    shouted at her, " BROKEN RECORD", referring to the fact
    that she always says the same pointless advice.
  • Question:-Why was the newest American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi fired?
    I heard that she was recently fired and they are looking for replacements. Or, it could be a rumor, because I also heard that Kara was unhappy with Simon's behavior and the behavior of others, and that she would be happy to leave American Idol.

    Answer:-Nigel Lythgoe came back as producer, and he wanted to change all the judges. So he fired Kara. Kara did not have multi-year contract. Ellen quit, and both Randy and Ellen had signed muti-year contracts. The current lineup is rumored to Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler.

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