Wednesday, October 26, 2011

world series

  • Question:-World Series?
    I know this is a little early, but I think I should see what other people are thinking. Who do you think is going to be in the World Series, and why?

    Answer:-I won't be surpirsed if it's a rematch from last year, Detroit v St Louis
  • Question:-World series?
    Which two teams do you want to see in the world series?

    Answer:-My ideal match-up will be Indians-Cubs, with the Indians winning in seven. However, I know that this, while possible, is very unlikely.

    I think the Indians and Mets will be in the world Series with the Indians winning. Can you tell I'm an Indians fan?
  • Question:-world series?
    What baseball team won back to back World Series in 1907and 1908, yet haven't won a World Series since?

    Answer:-The Chicago Cubs.
  • Question:-WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    i live in philadelphia...
    If the phillies win the world series tonight do we have school wednesday?

    because i remember when the eagles were in the superbowl we werent going to have school of they won.

    Answer:-yeah cause i am in NJ and if they win we get off
  • Question:-How many World Series that Yankees will win by end of 21st century?
    New York Yankees had won 26 championships in 20st century included won their last World Series in 2000 over their rivalry, Mets.

    Most Yankees fans on this website, Yahoo Answers had said 27 in 07 means World Series championship this year. Another teams might have strong favor to defeat Yankees for all life of 21st century as might lose in playoff or World Series.

    This year is 21st century as 2007 as it has 94 more years to begin of 22nd century on January 1, 2101.

    In your life in only 21st century as u will dead as your parents or grandparents but your children will get married. You can't see what the people will doing in last decades of 21st century.

    How do feel about your favorite team finally to win World Series for first time?
    Not 2st century, I means 20th century, I'm sorry,
    There's no right or wrong answer as only to guess the number that Yankees can afford to win World Series.
    Proud to A American can be correct about the Yankees won WS in 21st century as 2000. What do u think about him that 2000 is part of 21st century?
    good try and guess about Tigers to win World Series during 21st century.
    What about Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Houston Astros, San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, and others?

    They still looking for their first championship in 21st century.

    Answer:-hopefuly the tigers will have more than the yankees
  • Question:-Which world series of the past decade is the least remembered?
    In other words, what world series of the last decade is the least mentioned and talked about?

    I'm gonna say its definatley the 2002 Angels-Giants world series. I didn't even know who was in the 2002 world series until i looked it up a few months ago.

    Second might be the 2005 White Sox- Astros world series.
    The question is not asking which was the most boring, its asking which world series you don't here much about anymore.
    The question is not asking which was the most boring, its asking which world series you don't here much about anymore.

    Answer:-I would go.....

    1. 2005 White Sox over Astros
    2. 2002 Angels over Giants
    3. 2007 Red Sox over Rockies
  • Question:-What world series matchup do you think would get the biggest tv ratings this year?
    I'm asking because I was really shocked from the ratings of last year's world series which were very high.

    The previous year with the White Sox and Astros was the lowest in MLB history.

    Could you imagine if the Red Sox were in the NL and at some point they met the Yankees in the world series what the ratings for that would be like?

    Answer:-Yankees vs. Dodgers two biggest markets
  • Question:-What baseball matchup could make the World Series interesting?
    It's no secret that the World Series has become uninteresting unless your team is in it. A regular season football game probally brings in more ratings. It's pretty sad actually since this is America's pastime. If you could choose a World Series matchup that would make everybody tune it, what would it be?
    Glad to see so many Mets fans on this...=]

  • Question:-What is sweeter a world series win or a super bowl win for your team?
    GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!! for me I think a world series win is sweeter because in a super bowl you have to win 3 or 4 games to win the ring, in the world series you have to win 11 games to win, thoughts?


    i think a world series is better because our team (the Eagles) really sucks (even though i'm rooting for them!!!! Go Eagles!)
  • Question:-When was the last time consecutive World Series ended on the same field?
    Thanks to the Rangers' glorious repeat American League champion status, the 2011 World Series could end on their home diamond, as did the 2010 Series.

    This is not very common.

    When was the last time consecutive World Series final games were played at the same park?

    Years and ballpark, please.

    Answer:-1976 and 1977 Yankee Stadium

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