Saturday, October 22, 2011

loretta lynn

  • Question:-Loretta Lynn?
    What is your favorite Loretta Lynn song?
    mine is fist city--

    Answer:-i just love 'em all. She's so funny and cute. She is a REAL person. Not like the fake people you see now a days
  • Question:-Where can I find a list of Loretta Lynn Songs?
    I was wondering if anyone knows where I might could find a complete list of Loretta Lynn's songs. Preferably in alphabetical order, but I'll take it in any form you know of.

    Answer:-Try this - it lists over 400:

    This site shows the songs by album:
  • Question:-What Motocross Track In Missouri Does A Loretta Lynn's mx Qualifier?
    I Know there's one at HLR Motosports but they're closing the track they do it on and won't have one anymore. So I need to know a track in missouri where they will have a Loretta Lynn's Qualifier.
    Please and Thank you.

    Answer:-We are in the process of purchasing the HLR track and have plans on continuing with the Loretta Lynn's Qualifier. Don't give up on the track just yet as we have lots of plans for it for next season. Check the website often for updates.
  • Question:-The To Tell The Truth episode with Loretta Lynn and her husband?
    I saw somewhere that in 1968 Loretta Lynn was on To Tell The Truth, and that her husband Doo was in the contest where the panelists were trying to determine who the real Mooney Lynn was. Does anyone have this, or is there a way of watching it online?

    Answer:-The 1968 CBS daytime TTTT episode in question does exist (and has been shown on GSN in the past); that clip is on YouTube.
  • Question:-Does anyone have the Lifetime's Intimate Portrait biography of Loretta Lynn?
    I saw that years ago, and it is the best Loretta Lynn biography out there. I'd love to have a copy.

    Answer:-Unfortunately I don't, but I agree with you it was great. Occasionally Lifetime or A&E airs them around 4am, so keep check on your tv listings. Sorry I couldn't be of more help
  • Question:-How is Loretta Lynn a better songwriter than Dolly?
    I mean no direspect to Loretta, because she has written some great songs, but she just hasn't written anywhere near close to Doly. Dolly has written way more songs. Dolly has also written several classic, like I Will Always Love You, Coat Of Many Colors and Jolene, which have been covered numerous times.

    Answer:-I respect and like them both for writing their own stuff
  • Question:-Why is Loretta Lynn so good, but all other female country singers suck?
    Dolly, Reba, Tammy, etc... all are just plain awful. Loretta is a far better and songwriter than them all put together.

    Answer:-Loretta's voice is real. It's not contrived with a fake southern accent (sophisticates made fun of her rhyming "hard" and "tired" in "Coal Miner's Daughter," but that's the way she talks and sings) and it certainly isn't fixed with a computer! Honestly, however, her voice is as much an acquired taste as Dolly's (which I do have a taste for), Tammy's (ditto), or Reba's (which I do not have a taste for).

    BTW, I notice you didn't DARE put Loretta's favorite singer, Patsy Cline, in the "suck" category. Smart move on your part.
  • Question:-How often does Loretta Lynn come to California?
    I live in Sacramento and I saw on her website that she is going to be in Oregon next month. I know that Oregon is one state away from me but the California-Oregon line is about 400 miles from where I live and then I'd have to go another 250 into Oregon after I cross over so I can't really do that. She is my favorite female country singer and 2nd favorite overall and I'd really like to see her live sometime.

    Answer:-once a year,, for a show~~~
  • Question:-Is Loretta Lynn the only female country singer in history that wrote her own songs?
    She wrote probably about 75% of her own material. No other female country singer have written as much as 50%.

    Answer:-You forget about Dolly Parton. She has written all or most of her music also.
  • Question:-Who is a better singer and songwriter: Dolly Parton or Loretta Lynn?
    I really like both of them. Dolly is my all time fave, but I do like Tammy very much too. My 2 favorite songs from them are "I Will Always Love You" and "Coat of Many Colors" (Dolly) and "Coal Miner's Daughter" and "You Ain't Woman Enough" (Loretta).

    So, who is the better singer, who is the better songwriter, and what are your favorite songs of both?

    Answer:-Loretta Lynn - You Ain't Woman Enough (to take my man)

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