Friday, October 21, 2011

martha marcy may marlene

  • Question:-Help me find the song that plays when the credits roll during the movie MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE?
    I know that movie is still in the festival circuit right now, but I'm wondering if someone has seen it and knows the song that plays during the credits? Or if anyone can find a track listing?? Would be much appreciated!!

    Answer:-I can't find anything, ANd I have looked every where. My guess is we'll get that info when it hits a wider release or DVD
  • Question:-Does anyone know where I can watch/stream/download Martha Marcy May Marlene online?
    I'm not very good at finding these things online so I was wondering if anyone could help me out please! I would looooove to watch this movie but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Not sure if it matters but I am in Canada and I have a macbook.

    Thanks in advance! :)

    Answer:-It's only played at festivals like Sundance and Cannes, and doesn't get released in the states until October, so it's very likely nowhere online.
  • Question:-How old do you have to be to watch a film at the London film festival?
    Me and my friend are both 16 and want to watch "Martha Marcy May Marlene" at the film festival and possibly others however on the website it doesn't say how old you have to be [ ]

    Answer:-i think 18
  • Question:-What colour eye-shadow would you say she is wearing?

  • Question:-This or That "M" girls names + BQ?
    May or Mia
    Mina or Mila
    Mavis or Milla
    Milan or Miley
    Mary or Marie
    Mona or Malia
    Molly or Moira
    Mabel or Meryl
    Mimi or Mandy
    Mercy or Macy
    Merry or Missy
    Millie or Minnie
    Marva or Melba
    Maggie or Mare
    Marlo or Markie
    Misty or Megan
    Muriel or Myrtle
    Marcy or Margo
    Maryah or Maya
    Maeve or Maude
    Miriam or Marion
    Mecca or Menna
    Maureen or Mora
    Mariel or Marlene
    Maxine or Mallory
    Martha or Marsha
    Monica or Morgan
    Marina or Masiela
    Mischa or Mariska
    Matilda or Michelle
    Melody or Meadow
    Marilyn or Miranda
    Mystery or Miracle
    Millicent or Mildred
    Melissa or Marissa
    Marcella or Martina
    Monroe or Montana
    Moesha or Monique
    Melanie or Meredith
    Madison or Madeline
    Madonna or Magnolia
    Margaret or Marianne
    Marcheline or Marjory
    McKenna or McKinley
    Memphis or Mercedes
    Mackenzie or Makayla

    BQ: pick 3 you like the most and 3 you hate the most

    Answer:-Mia Sydnee Brooklynn.
    Mila Rowan Violet.
    Mavis Camryn Claire.
    Miley Kendal Jasmyn.
    Marie Christen Brooke.
    Malia Laney Kailyn.
    Molly Haven Mackenzie.
    Mabel Hadley London. "May."
    Mandy Madeline Brynn.
    Macy Fiona Caroline.
    Missy Courtney Grier.
    Millie Hailey Parker.
    Melba Sadie Katherine.
    Mare Kinsley Rose.
    Markie Arden Berkley.
    Megan Ashey Hunter.
    Myrtle Kaitlynn Reese. "Mya."
    Margo Eden Presley.
    Maya Waverly Blythe.
    Maeve Eva Spencer.
    Marion Finley Harlow.
    Menna Hollis Tabatha.
    Mora Delaney Reagan.
    Marlene Samantha Tyler. "Mari."
    Maxine Adriane Lena. "Maxie."
    Marsha Sophie Erin.
    Morgan Brenna Tatum.
    Marina Alexandra Hayley.
    Mischa Tiffanie Taryn.
    Matilda Quinn Leeann. "Mattie."
    Melody Logan Raine.
    Marilyn Carole Noelle. "Lynni."
    Miracle Delilah Tristen. "Mira."
    Millicent Alivia Makenna. "Millie."
    Marissa Tiffani Robyn.
    Marcella Kasey Jaelyn. "Markie."
    Monroe Kristin Britta.
    Monique Natalie Emerson.
    Melanie Reilly Talia. "Laney."
    Madeline Allison Jane. "Maddie."
    Magnolia Bridget Annette. "Nollie."
    Marianne Georgia Elsie.
    Marcheline Penelope Zoe. "Miki."
    McKinley Loni Evelyn.
    Memphis Daniella Suzanne.
    Mackenzie Emmy Cathleen. "Kenzie."

    Best: Mila, McKinley, & Maxine.
    Worst: Madonna, Mildred, & Mystery

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