Friday, October 21, 2011

paranormal activity 3 trailer

  • Question:-Why are there clips in the paranormal activity 3 trailer that aren't in the movie?
    Ok, I just watched Paranormal Activity 3 last night. It was pretty good. But what I am wondering is why are there A LOT of scenes from the trailer that aren't in the movie? Do they do that with all movies? I was sitting through the whole movie wondering when this one scene was going to happen but it never did. It was sort of annoying. Why do they do that?

  • Question:-What do you think of the paranormal activity 3 trailer?
    I think it's going to be badass. I liked the bloody Mary part, it didn't scare me but it did my sister, haha. Going to go and watch it next Friday. Do you all think it'll be a good movie?

  • Question:-Why does the Paranormal Activity 3 trailer scare me shitless.?
    I watched Paranormal Activity 1 and 2, and it was no biggie, i wasnt even scared. I watched the trailer for the 3rd one and it had me scared shitless...i couldnt bring myself to press the replay button.
    I watched the first 2 though and they were nothing...

    Answer:-Because you find it scary?
  • Question:-when is the trailer for paranormal activity 3 going to come out?
    when is the trailer for paranormal activity 3 going to come out?

    Answer:-According to the director it was supposed to be released on the 5th of this month but I guess not but at least we know when the movie is going to be released which is october 21 2011 I hope its like 3 hours
  • Question:-Why are the scenes in the Paranormal Activity 3 trailer not in the movie that is showing in the theater?

  • Question:-Is the paranormal activity 3 trailer scary?
    just wandering, i hate scary little girls and ghostley characters and demons :/

    Answer:-It depends on what you find scary; all it is is people running around, getting dragged around and yelling. You don't really see anything evil until the end, when two twin girls jokingly say Bloody Mary in front of the mirror, and upon leaving the bathroom you see the figure of a ghost woman (but you don't see an evil face or anything). Seriously, I watched it in HD in full screen with full volume and I didn't find it that bad, but if ghost girls scare you then, maybe the end would be creepy for you.
  • Question:-did you see the paranormal activity 3 trailer (cont)?
    where there was the little girl who could see and talk to ghosts and she whispered at night 'I don't want to talk to you anymore' So I saw it and thought cool and creepy what did you think?

    Answer:-those movies are creepy as hell but they're so fake, i'v looked them up.
  • Question:-paranormal activity 3!!!!!!! (trailer review)?
    OMG OMG OMG it looks so scary. they are like in the bathroom screaming bloody mary bloody mary bloody mary. then the one girl saying it screams the scare tho others. then they leave thinking that that was just a myth and they were doing it to scare there sisters. but when they leave and open the door theres a scary as hell looking girl behing them but they dint see it. its freaky as hell.


    Ok, first of all, I am a HUGE fan of the series so far. But that scene in the trailer looked really weak. It was creepy UNTIL the scary looking girl showed up. I hope the rest of the movie is better.
  • Question:-Paranormal Activity 3 Malaysian Shuffle Remix?
    I saw a malaysian shuffling vid on youtube of kids battling. (i dont remember the name of it) One of the kids started shuffling and his song was suuuper cool and had like sound clips from the new Paranormal Activity 3 trailer (like the girls laughing and saying "bloody mary" and their dad in the background saying "look at the camera katie") if anyone knows of this song, can u please tell me!!? my guess is that its pretty low key becuz i couldnt find anything like it on the web. thx!

  • Question:-paranormal activity 3 what happened to trailer parts?
    What happened to the parts that the movie trailers showed i didn't see them in the actual movie


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