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paranormal activity

  • Question:-Paranormal activity?
    I experience paranormal activity almost always. I have for about a year and a half now.. Is it reality or schizophrenia?

    Answer:-Well, it depends on what you are experiencing. Are you seeing things, hearing things, or just have a paranoid feeling that something is watching you? I don't know what to tell you about it without more info. If you are actually seeing and hearing things, I would tell your doctor that you have having some hallucinations and see what they say. Hallucinations could also be caused by depression and substance use.
  • Question:-Paranormal Activity ?
    Has anyone seen Paranormal Activity, thinking about seeing it tomorrow but don't want to if it's stupid..

    No spoilers please - just, is it really scary like their saying - and worth watching?


    Answer:-It is good to see, as a cultural phenomenon, because EVERYONE is talking about it. However, it really isnt that great of a movie. Several jump/scare parts, but it gets a little predictable. Plus the actors get annoying. You should see it, since there isnt much else to watch.
  • Question:-paranormal activity..?
    do u have to see paranormal activity 1 to no whats going on in paranormal activity 2?

    Answer:-it helps and makes the moviue better
    ok so i just saw the movie paranormal activity and it waz ssooo good can someone plz explain the alternate ending and the real ending to me plz!!


    Answer:-First off you must realize that this was not a true story it was made along the lines as blairwitch as a documentory the alternate ending was just her walking into the room and cutting her own throat just like the story they read online in a ealier scene meaning it was the same entity that made that girl kill her boyfriend and cut herown throat the one used in the movie was just the ending they thought would get the most reaction and rating's from the public and it worked this movie cost $ 14,000 to make and earned millions at the box office I woulld say that was a good investment would'nt you ? but both the endings were in relation to the story they had read online in one of the earlier scenes about a couple who had been haunted and they both died from this entity ( this story that is based soley on fiction)
  • Question:-Paranormal ACtivity!?
    ok well this is gunna sound reely stupid but I'm an 8th grader at a catholic school and we always have to take pictures of special days at our school. WE noticed some circular weird objects in them some of them & kids in my class decided it was paranormal activity So my class decided to go all Ghost Hunter and took pictures of the gym w/ the lights off. then alot of these cirucular things came up in the pictures...they're called orbs and it means paranormal activity is happeneing..i really dont know what to beilve lol but does anyone know anything more aobut this stuff?

    Answer:-I encourage you to consider an alternative explanation. There are plenty of them out there. The most reliable and consistent explanation will be a natural one. I know it's not as creepy, but it's a fact. Orbs are nothing more than small particles reflecting the light from the sun or your flash.
  • Question:-What is a good method to verify paranormal activity?
    What is a good scientific way to verify if paranormal activity is happening? Has any paranormal activity been verified through this method?

    Answer:-The scientific method is all about isolating aspects of a problem and figuring out what effects changes in those aspects bring about.
    Lets say a ghost is haunting a location. If you can draw this ghost out in a repeatable manner, and say have it show up on a photo, or video, or even an audio, then this would be a crude, but scientific way of verifying ghosts.

    There are some things that were thought to be paranormal at one time, that science has identified, like germs.

    Actually, by definition, something paranormal is not approachable by science, therefore if science did verify something which was paranormal, it would no longer be considered paranormal, it would be an identified part of the natural world. We can't see germs, and some people might doubt they exist, but they are not considered paranormal, because science has been able to identify their existence. The same thing would happen if science identified ghosts as real. They would no longer be paranormal.

    So anything currently classified as paranormal, has not been verified as real.
  • Question:-Why does paranormal activity always happen to White people?
    I have seen a lot of the discovery Channel shows and some movies based on paranormal activity. All the time, there is a White person getting haunted.

    Asians, Hispanics, Indians (India), Middle Eastern people and us Blacks do not have to experience that type of stuff.

    Do ghosts just find it fun to bother White people?

    Answer:-cuz white ppl r crazy! lol j/k im white & i think everybody is crazy,

    actually asians, most hispanics, and indians in particular are very spiritual. white people go after things that scare them for some reason which is why all the ridiculous paranormal shows are on tv. 99% of which is fake & there for people to make money and/or make fun of uneducated people. it doesnt just happen to white people i know blacks who have "encountered" ghosts too. believe me you cant believe 99% of anything paranormal on tv & DEFINITELY not those HORRIBLE movies they keep coming out with.

    if theres anything real thats "paranormal" the most scientifically possible is poltergeist. there are scientist who agree & disagree with this just like many other great debates. but there has been scientific proof of poltergeist like in the movie thats supposedly based on a true story "An American Haunting"
  • Question:-Is Insidious and Paranormal Activity filmed in the same house?
    I just watched Insidious, and the inside of house in the first 40 minutes looks exactly like the inside of the house in Paranormal Activity. I know both movies have the same producers, but did they use the same set?

    Answer:-Paranormal Activity was filmed on Bavarian Dr. in Rancho
    Penasquitos, San Diego CA

    Insidious was filmed in Los Angeles
  • Question:-Is feeling hot spots a sign of paranormal activity?
    I've heard that cold spots are signs of paranormal activity, but I just keep feeling these hot spots when there are no possible sources.
    There are also occurrences of unexplained bangs and things falling down stairs. But I haven't seen or heard any ghostly figures or voices. Please explain.

    Answer:-In a typical dwelling there can be many sources of drafts or colder temperature that are not immediately obvious. As a corollary, there will also be warmer spots in the house as well for the same reasons. In addition, human physiology (and its response to stimuli such as fear or anxiety) can also explain the feeling of warmth or cold. It's only a modern day myth that cold spots are associated with ghost activity -- nobody can even demonstrate a ghost exists, so how can you determine that cold spots are a sign of ghosts?

    Regarding bangs or knocks in the house, these can typically be heard in most houses and it is caused by the beams and flooring expanding or contracting with temperature and humidity. Another common source of knocking sounds is loose plumbing pipes in the walls.
  • Question:-What happened to the real people paranormal activity is based on?
    Okay so apparently paranormal activity is based on real events?
    Does anyone no what sort of things happened? or did they die or what? Because if the things that happened to them in paramormal activity really did happen then that horrible


    Answer:-Chelsea, the expression "based on real events" is just something that film-producers (and others) use to market their movies and to give you and me the more entertaining feeling that we are watching something that has actually happened. However, "based on real events" has a very broad span of interpretation and the film-makers draw from that. Say, for example, that there is a REAL missing-person-case, a person disappeared under mysterious circumstances in a forest somewhere, it happens. The case is unsolved and many questions remain as to how and why it happened. Such a case is a perfect opportunity for someone who wants to write a script or a book, to develop that real case and fictionally "solve" it. The writer could perhaps solve the case by letting alien-abductions be the explanation, or demons. or you name it.

    Whatever story the writer comes up with he or she can claim that it's based on real events. Though the story, as a whole, is not necessarily something that has really happened. That's how it works.

    Note the important difference between "BASED ON real events" and "real events".

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