Sunday, October 23, 2011

red ribbon week

  • Question:-What are some unique Red Ribbon Week door decorations?
    Our school is having Red Ribbon week in 2 weeks and all the advisory classes are supposed to decorate their doors, for a contest. Does anybody have any ideas on what to decorate our door with?

  • Question:-What are some catchy phrases for a banner for red ribbon week?
    I am doing a project for school and I have to make a banner for red ribbon week ..I need some catchy phrases .. can you help me out?

    Answer:-Get high on hugs not drugs
  • Question:-What are some good skit ideas for Red Ribbon Week?
    My friend and I are apart of a group that travels to different elementary and junior high schools during Red Ribbon Week to encourage kids to be drug free. We need to come up with a skit that does just that. Any ideas? Keep in mind that they'll be between the ages of K - 8th graders; so it needs to be pretty versatile.

  • Question:-What are some trivia questions and answers for Red Ribbon Week?
    I have to help organize a Red Ribbon Week at our school and we decided to have some trivia questions for the 7th and 8th grades. Any Trivia Question ideas?

    Answer:-What state held the first Red Ribbon Week? (California)
  • Question:-What would be a good slogan for the red ribbon week?
    Also what is a good idea of a drawing to represent the red ribbon week? (on bookmark)

    Answer:-at my school we always had

    turn your back on drugs (we would have a wear your shirt backwards day)

  • Question:-What are some good topics for poetry that has something to do with RED RIBBON WEEK?
    I want to enter this one contest at my school and I need some ideas that has to do with Red Ribbon week? Should I do a point of view of drugs and how it's makeing us suffer? Or is that a bad idea? If you have any ideas please post it here.
    Red Ribbon week is in October right? And it does have to do with least that's what a lot of people say...right?

    Answer:-I don't know how drugs have to do with the red ribbons. I would do it on nature like the environment, or how you feel about the war. What does Red Ribbon Week entail? I need more information than that.
  • Question:-Do schools that are located in dangerous areas celebrate red ribbon week?
    In schools they have something called red ribbon week which is a drug prevention program. Schools celebrate this by having all the kids wear red clothing. But do dangerous cities/areas do this? They can get shot because gang members who wear different colors may think the kids are in their rival gang and shoot them.

    Answer:-Some schools do celebrate this week and also provide extra security./.
  • Question:-How to decorate my door for Red Ribbon Week?
    My friend and I are decorating our Biology door for Red Ribbon Week. We were thinking of having some cute saying like: Biology is the study of life not drugs...or something. Any ideas? Thank you!

    Answer:-Try browsing this specializing shop (biology related stickers, peels, etc.) for inspiration

    parent website
  • Question:-How can I get free materials for our elementary school's Red Ribbon Week?
    I am the chairperson in charge of our Red Ribbon Week at school. The budget is tight ($125), and I was hoping to find some ways to perhaps get things for free! Any suggestions? The one thing I would really love is to give the students bracelets, so they could have a visual reminder...but with over 500 students it is expensive...any ideas?

    Answer:-I think the best way to get free stuff is to ask. All they can say is no. Maybe they would give you a discount. I know a good place to get a lot of items for little money is Oriental Trading. HTH.
  • Question:-What should i know about red ribbon Week?
    I have a health project on red ribbon week and i was wondering if there was anything you thought i should know about red ribbon week to use in my project. thanks!


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