Monday, October 24, 2011


  • Question:-McRIB??!!!??????????????
    WHEN IF EVER IS IT COMING BACK AGAIN? I narrowly missed it in the Southern States...grr. Anyone know of any plans to revive it?

    Answer:-Well McDonalds has decided to treat the McRib as a LTO menu item. LTO - Limited Time Offer.
    The McRib was a favorite of many but it did not sustain enough sales to make it a regular menu item. But they have decided to bring it back once and awhile. The last time was last year in Canada for one month. In the States it has not been decided, instead they brought the Southern Style Chicken.

    Hope that helps.
  • Question:-Where on the pig does the meat for the McRib come from?
    I just learned that the meat for chorizo is mostly lymph nodes and salivary glands from pigs, so I figure that a McRib can't be much better.

    Answer:-its whatever product that is leftover from like say ribs, loin all areas that are not pretty enough to sell in a butcher scraps all pressed together and formed into that fake looking rib patty
  • Question:-Why is the McRib such a rare thing on the McDonalds menu?
    People love the McRib, so shouldn't McDonalds make it a regular choice?

    Answer:-I don't know, but it makes me mad that it is not a regular menu item.

    I guess they do it, to attract a lot of people into McDonald's when they think business is going downhill. It is probably the best sandwich they sell.
  • Question:-How many calories in a mcrib from mcdonalds?
    Not with fries. Just the mcrib.

    Answer:-500 calories and 26 grams of fat!
  • Question:-Whats the song that plays on the new McDonalds McRib commercial?
    The one where you can buy a McRib for a dollar.
    It is a new commercial I think.
    Does anyone know the name and artist? Thanks :)

    Answer:-I've been searching all over the net for this answer too.
    Finally found it. It's performed by Matt White and the song is called "Love."
    Great song! <3
  • Question:-Will the McRib ever make it back to Northern California?
    I saw the McRib when I was in Southern California over Thanksgiving and didn't get one on account that I thought it would make its way back up north,and it has yet to.Is there a chance that it will?

    Answer:-It might happen in the spring or summer. It's a seasonal item that they bring in to boost sales.
  • Question:-Does a large frie and drink come free with the mcrib meal from mcdonalds?

    Excuse me, a lot of the people on here have misread much of this.

    Once You order the combo, is mcdonalds offering the large frie and drink instead of the medium size with no additional cost?

    Answer:-We don't have McRib here. Haven't in years :-(

    Although I can vouch that McD's is sometimes dumb about prices, ours for the longest time had a small fry for $1.00 and also a medium fry for $1.00.
    Smart, huh?
  • Question:-Is McDonald's disgustingly excellent McRib sandwich gone for good?
    Pickles and onions, barbecue sauce that tastes like it has a pound of sugar per ounce, and boneless pork. Who wouldn't mack up on that and a large fry/vanilla shake action? Fatties, represent!

    Answer:-Say goodbye to the imitation pork sandwich, ran out of cow ears for supply, sorry
  • Question:-What is the name of the song and artist on the new McRib commercial?
    I just heard it on the TV and i loved it and would like to know it is and the name of the song.

    Answer:-The song from the McDonald's McRib commercial is "Love" by Matt White.

    You can get the song and check out a video of the commercial at the link below:
  • Question:-Why is the mcrib always going away and coming back?
    I keep hearing mcrib is so great...yet it comes and goes so many freaking time. If it's so good...wouldn't it stay?


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