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  • Question:-Rumpelstiltskin?
    If you remember the story quite well, then hopefully you can answer this question that I seem to have trouble with... The question asks,

    "In 'Rumpelstiltskin' the braking of his power over the girl is broken if she can guess his name. Why do you think guessing or knowing someone's name means he no longer has power over the other person?"

    I do not know why, I just do not seem to know what it is saying, and how I should answer it. Please help a.s.a.p! Thanks!

    Answer:-Because she knows his name, it means that she can call him by it. He doesnt have anymore power over her then she has over him.
    If you didnt know a persons name, it would be hard to make them do things. It would be much harder for them to see things through your eyes.

    When you know there name, you know more about them.
    He wanted her to remember him by name, which the name means everything.
  • Question:-rumpelstiltskin ?????????????

  • Question:-Where can I find the original Rumpelstiltskin online?
    Does anyone have any idea where I could find the original story of Rumpelstiltskin? (hopefully I spelled that right) I hear it's a couple pages long?

    Answer:-I'm pretty sure Rumpelstiltskin was a folk tale that was passed on from person-to-person long before it was ever written down. The "original" probably never even made it to print.

    However, the closest your probably going to get to the definitive version of the story is in "Grimms' Fairy Tales". The tales were originally written in German, and there are a bunch of different English translations - but fortunately, the book is out of copyright, so it is also in public domain and all over the Internet:

    Here's a direct link to an 1884 translation:

    And here's a page that has the German and English versions side-by-side:

    Hope that helps
  • Question:-What creature is Rumpelstiltskin supposed to be?
    Is Rumpelstiltskin based on a mythical creature'? And if so what?

    Answer:-i think he was based on the hobgoblins, simply because he was crafty, ill mannered, and took things that would cause a certain amount of loss, pain, or grief to the people who needed his services,
  • Question:-Why does Rumpelstiltskin look different in Shrek the Third than in Shrek Forever After?
    I just seemed to notice that. Did anybody else notice this too?

    Answer:-I noticed straight away.
    The old one blended in too much with all the other bad guys. They needed him to stand out.
  • Question:-What is a good fractured fairy tale idea for Rumpelstiltskin?
    Also, if you could have a title that goes with it, that would be great.

    Answer:-Surrogate motherhood
    when Rumpelstiltskin comes to get the baby, she can't remember his name so she follows him, and ends up falling in love with him and they live happily ever after, I always felt bad for that guy in the story.
    You could call it "Promises aren't made to be broken"
  • Question:-i need a clever title for my essay pertaining to economics in Rumpelstiltskin?
    the essay pertains to the economics in the fairy tale rumpelstiltskin.
    i want it to have pizazz!

    thanks in advance.

    Answer:-What about using the brand name of one of these cigar since a cigar-band pinkie ring was mentioned in the story:
  • Question:-Any one seen a weird version of Rumpelstiltskin?
    Ok so I saw this movie about 8 years ago it was based very closely on the Original Fairy Tale of Rumpelstiltskin I don't know when it was made, probably 80's or 90's. It wasn't a musical or horror movie, it was set in the deep past. I have googled this extensively so the only thing I can think is that it was made under a different title than Rumpelstiltskin, any help is appreciated.

    Answer:-I've seen that one too, I loved it when I was younger.
  • Question:-Why did Rumpelstiltskin want the baby?
    I'm writing a story about what happened after Rumpelstiltskin sent himself down into the ground and I wanted to know why did he want the baby? In my story he comes back and takes the child. However, she runs away into the forest and bumps her head on something. She loses her memory and can't remember anything before that. Now she's 16 and living in an orphanage owned by "the little old lady that lived in a shoe." I want Rumpelstiltskin to come back for her, but don't know any good reason why he would want her.

    Any suggestions?

    Answer:-In the fairy tale he wants the child only because he knows it's the most important thing the Queen has. It's kind of a revenge thing. Also,there's an old superstition which says goblins used to snatch human babies and change them for their own, which is where we get the word "changeling" used to describe a weird kid.
    I don't know what the goblins did with the kids they took. The superstition was used to warn people about leaving their babies unattended.
  • Question:-About three months ago I was at a RC Theaters and I saw a poster for a movie that looked like Rumpelstiltskin?
    Has anyone seen this poster or know what this movie is called. It appears to be a horror movie, but I would really like to know, thanks!


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