Sunday, October 23, 2011

tim tebow

  • Question:-Tim Tebow?
    Will tim tebow be a future 1st round pick?

    Answer:-yes, if he gets good field recognition skills. we didn't see him throw that much this year, but god, he has the tools. he is 230 pounds and managed to shake defensive ends from ohio state. he's mobile, and he has an accurate arm.
    time will tell, but i think he could be one of the best prospects in two years.
  • Question:-How do you feel about the Tim Tebow Ad that will air tomorrow during the superbowl?
    The Pro-choice group started a petition telling CBS not to air the Ad. We Pro-Lifers also started our petition showing our support. We are overwhelming more in numbers. Face Book has over 215,000 members in a group called "support Tebow's super bowl Ad" The Choice groups don't even have 1000. Thank you America for showing us that we are overwhelmingly PROLIFE and hopefully one day we will overturn Roe vs. Wade.
    the question: how do you feel about the Tim Tebow Ad.

    Answer:-One liberal after another is added to the supreme court thanks to Obama and Clinton and so it looks like a miracle will be needed to overthrow abortion
  • Question:-Why is tim tebow not taken seriously to be an nfl quarterback?
    I am seeing that many people do not think tim tebow is going to have an nfl career. He has won championships and also the heisman trophy which is the highest honor you can get in college football. I just am seeing it confusing that other quarterbacks like mccoy are getting more attention but not has done as much as tebow. What is wrong with tim tebow?

    Answer:-Nothings "wrong" with Tim Tebow as a football player. In fact, as just a football player, he's probably the best in the draft. His credentials are strong, but he lacks pro-type experience. At Florida, he only took snaps from the shotgun, but in the NFL you need to be able to take snaps under center. Because of this, he has some faulty footwork. Also, his throwing motion is very long, which is another problem he'll face in the NFL. He hasn't had the benefit in playing in a pro system like Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford. Most people just think his transition will be too much. I personally think he's a good 2nd or 3rd round pick simply because of his ability to just play football, but that's just me.
  • Question:-Does Jacksonville reaching for Tim Tebow in the first really make sense?
    A lot of people have been saying that the Jags would reach to take Tebow with their first round pick, but it really makes no sense.

    If Tim Tebow doesn't play well, or play at all, how long will it be before the short upswing in ticket sales starts to go back down?

    You know what sells tickets? Winning games.

    Answer:-Drafting Tebow will do little good if the Jags don't firm up their protection of the quarterback...otherwise, they'd just be trading seeing Gerrard get repeatedly sacked, hurried and knocked down with seeing Tebow being sacked, hurried and knocked down.
  • Question:-should I start tim tebow or aaron rodgers week 16?
    Aaron rodgers is returning from a concussion and Tim Tebow had a good game last week.

    Answer:-what????A top 5 qb or one of the worst qb's in the league?Rodgers of course.
  • Question:-Is Tim Tebow the most overrated college football player in history?
    All anyone wants to talk about is how great Tim Tebow is. But "the greatest college football player in history" PROBABLY won't even go in the first round in the draft. How does that work?

    Answer:-yes in my opinion, he is. i dont think its possible to watch a show about college football or a game without hearing his name, usually several times. I'll be glad when he's gone, and not because he's that good, i'm just tired of hearing about him
  • Question:-Where can I order a Tim Tebow Action Figurine?
    I want a Tim Tebow figurine that has a removable football uniform from Florida Gators and maybe a Denver Broncos uniform. Or, could you tell me how and who to tell (a company/manufacture) to make this figurine. Thanks for your help.
    Remember that this Tim Tebow figurine that I am looking for is "realistic".

    Answer:-lol do they really have that? classic! maybe email university of florida and ask, especially their bookstore/shop.
  • Question:-How good will Tim Tebow be in the NFL and when will he get drafted?
    I live in Florida and I've always been a gators fan. I think Tim Tebow is a great college player and a great guy. But I always thought he was a little overrated and would do pretty bad in the NFL. Also I don't think he will be drafted early. I was thinking maybe 2nd round to the Jaguars. How good do you think he will be and when do you think he'll be drafted?

    Answer:-i think someone will take a chance and draft him in the first round. the Jags seem the most likely give the buzz about him being able to help sell tickets..

    who knows how good he will be in the NFL? i think he's a great fit for the wildcat, which seems popular these days. with that in mind, Miami is another team that might take him.. he might end up switching to tight end if he proves that he can catch the ball in practice..

    i definitely don't see him starting in the NFL as a QB next year, and i don't think he'll ever be a super star, but he's definitely got what it takes to be a steady back up, and should have a lengthy career in the league.

    another option would be the CFL. his style of play would be a better fit up here than in the NFL game. but CFL won't pay much money...
  • Question:-Where can I buy a hat like Tim Tebow wears during his interviews?
    My husband is a big Tim Tebow fan and I would like to find the knit hat with the blue Nike swish on it. I've looked for it on several websites and have had no luck finding it. Appreciate it a lot! Thanks in advance.
    Well, I tried Sports Authority online and all it had was Adidas ones( which would be fine) and DicksSporting Goods did not have any online. BTW, we don't live in CO, but are big fans! =) Thanks so far!

    Answer:-you can buy it on Ebay.
  • Question:-What team do you think will draft Tim Tebow and what position?
    I see Tim Tebow being a runningback. It's gonna be like a Joshua Cribbs situation where he goes from quarterback to something fast with a wildcat quarterback.

    Answer:-I think he'll go to the Colts, Pats or Packers. And he's getting drafted as a quarter back. Anyone who says other wise is an idiot. No one is going to draft a Heisman winner and then not even look at what he spent the past four years doing. If it doesn't work out, maybe he'll be converted to a tight end or full back. He's not a wide receiver. My God.

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