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teresa giudice

  • Question:-How is Teresa Giudice (The real housewives of NJ) related to the Manzos?
    Albert and Tom (brothers) married Dina and Caroline (sisters). Chris (Dina and Caroline's sister) married Jacqueline. So how are Joe and Teresa Giudice related?

    Answer:-They're not related to Teresa in anyway, they're just friends.
  • Question:-What happend With Teresa Giudice and all of the housewives ?
    I havent been following real housewives of new jersey that much this season but im shocked to see now that teresa caroline and jacqueline are no longer friends?! what happend? why does everyone hate teresa so much? If anyone can fill me in on whats been going on it would be greatly appreciated!

    Answer:-Teresa is dumb as a rock. Actually, I think a rock is a little more intelligent than teresa. I mean, she is REALLY, REALLY stupid! I am willing to bet that her IQ is lower than what is considered to be in the normal range. She can barely even speak! And I'm not talking about how the idiot is illiterate and just makes up words (which is annoying too, I know first graders with a better vocabulary), but I'm saying that the moron can barely even ARTICULATE the words (google it, teresa, if u happen to read this. I know that is a super big word for you). Then I would say that she is delusional on top of being braindead, but I really think that some of the ridiculous things that she believes is really just another result of her utter stupidity (again teresa, use google - I know the word "utter" is probably too complicated for you to get the gist of). Teresa, you really should have had some genetic testing done before you procreated (google...). Thank God, at least Gia seems to be fairly intelligent (she is already WAY smarter than her mother). Its too early to tell with the others, but hopefully the stupidity skips a generation. I mean even look at Teresa - she constantly has a dumb, confused (and constipated) look on her face (and the simpleton thinks she's hot! Wtf!). She's always sitting there with her big mouth gaping open, dumbfounded. Then, if all of that isn't bad enough, she's such a jealous, unethical, scumbag on top of it! Omg! I cannot see even one redeaming quaility in that useless woman! I wonder what catholic church she attended that taught her to be so ENVIOUS (of melissa), self-indulgent, unforgiving, miserable and vain (to no avail honey, your not cute and now your looking really old and washed up on top of it). Teresa, I cannot think of a more deserving person for all these legal troubles to be happening to (even though I highly doubt that you are even capable of fully comprehending what is happening. Literally). Oh wait, why did I write those last couple of lines directly to teresa? Even if she sees this, she will NEVER be able to actually read further than maybe a couple of simple words in the first few sentences. Silly me. Oh, but to answer the question, the mentally-stunted, idiot teresa pissed everybody off by badmouthing each and every one of them in the book that she, I mean, feebly dictated to the person who wrote it for her. What a dumb, pathetic, loser! Her brother and melissa are saints to even acknowledge her as a family member! I mean, how many times can they watch her obliviously humilate herself and all who associate with her?!? How embarrassing for them! I am so sorry for those who have to actually interact with that nitwit. Yuck.
  • Question:-Does anyone else think Teresa Giudice is a hypocritical lunatic?NJ Housewives?
    I am not a fan of Danielle by any stretch, but I think Teresa's behavior on the most recent episode was pretty appalling. She basically started the fight, and then told the police she did nothing.Also how about Jacquelines daughter, who pulled Danielles trashy can you get? Sorry I am alittle heated I just watched the episode haha. I would love to know peoples opinions.

    Answer:-Oh I agree with you. Teresa is a double-talking wannabe everything, for sure. I can't stand the way she berates the 'working class' and references to used homes being dirty...WTF?! She totally instigated that fight; not for one minute do I believe that she 'just wanted to say hello.' Yeah right, sure.
    Danielle I never cared for from the beginning as well, but for some reason, she's been over-shadowed by shallow a$$ Teresa. Well, suffice to say, Teresa is being spoon-fed all the vicious and rude things she's said about middle-america (people, jobs,homes) she and her thug-hub filed for bankruptcy and their home is for sale -- $3.9 mil and no takers! Hah!

    Just waiting for the finale and the answer to people's most asked question: Where's Teresa's forehead? LMAO!
  • Question:-is teresa giudice and her brother friends?
    i was very wondering, did they clear everything up?

  • Question:-Teresa Giudice Apperences?
    Can you please list Teresa Giudice Appearences coming up. If you have been to a Teresa Giudice Book Signing or apperence, can you please tell me what she does. I am planning to go to one.

    Answer:-TOTOWA, NJ
    Monday, October 10 -- 6pm
    Kafe Neo
    650 Union Blvd., Totowa, NJ
    More info:

    Saturday, October 15 -- 6-7pm
    SugarHouse Casino
    Meet & Greet Book Signing (books will be available for purchase)
    Open to the public but must be 21+ since it's in The Refinery
    1001 N Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19123
    More info:

    Tuesday, November 29 -- 7pm
    Barnes & Noble
    4416 Palisades Center Drive, West Nyack, NY 10994
    Phone: (845) 348-4701

    Thursday, December 1 -- 6pm
    Richland County Public Library
    1431 Assembly Street, Columbia, SC
    Sponsored by the Friends of the Richland County Public Library
  • Question:-what happened with teresa giudice on the real housewives of nj's nephew?
    when danielle brought it up on the reunion teresa went nuts

    Answer:-From my understanding Joe has an outside child with a relative of Teresa's.
  • Question:-isn't teresa giudice from real housewives of new jeresy pretty?
    i think she is yet she has a lot of haters!

    Answer:-Yes! I LOVE Teresa!
    Teresa and Dina are my favorites. I wish Dina would come back onto the show. =(
  • Question:-Why is Teresa Giudice so rude this season?
    jealousy perhaps?

    Answer:-You need to realize a few things here-

    1. RHONJ is a tv show- The actresses on the show play it up, and possibly even script it. Nobody wants to watch a show of regular people, its boring, people want to watch drama and people being wild. Bravo knows this, and their playing it up big time with everyone on the show

    2. There is things going on behind the scenes- Teresa and Joe are millions of dollars in depth, Joe has cheated on her many times (he recently cheated on her back in late Septemeber 2011), they have a turbubelent marriage, shes raising 4 kids on her own (Teresa has admitted that). Thats a lot of stress for any person to deal with, and typically when people are stressed/depressed they tend to resort to anger and lashing out at those around them to make themselves feel more powerful.

    3. Teresa is just a hot tempered person, some people are like that- It can be a good thing in a way because it means expressing oneself and not allowing emotions to fester and explode unhealthy. It can be a bad thing too because it can also rub people the wrong way

    4.Teresa has always been jealous of Melissa- Before Melissa came into the picture, "T" was used to being the only woman in Joey's life, now that shes not, she feels threatened.
    I will give up everything even my life just to spend 1 night with either Teresa Giudice or Vicki Gunvalson, I mean they are World's Hottest MOM or better yet the WORLDS HOTTEST WOMAN.. but just to settle the score... who do you think is hotter?
    1. Teresa Giudice got 4 kids but her body is great she just had a breast implant and her breast is perfect. She got a nice a s s also. She's very pretty also and she got pretty eyes and a killer smile.
    2. Vicki Gunvalson.- She's blonde, very beautiful, big round natural a ss, nice big boobs, and a perfect body, unlike teresa giudice, vicki's body is not that mascular. I also think that Vicki has more experience in bed considering her age.

    These 2 are the hottest, prettiest woman for me. I would not trade Vicki Gunvalson or Teresa Giudice for Hedi Klum and adrianna lima even if you include Jessica alba.

    Kudos to the realhousewives producer. The wives are just hot, and beautiful.. no wonder they got high ratings.

    Special mention of Lynne Curtin who I think is the 2nd world's hottest and prettiest woman. I just could not decide who's #1 coz Vicki Gunvalson and Teresa Giudice are so hot!!!!

  • Question:-who is hotter? Lynne Curtin or Teresa Giudice?
    I will give up everything even my life just to spend 1 night with either Teresa Giudice or Lynne Curtin, I mean they are World's Hottest MOM.. but just to settle the score... who do you think is hotter?
    1. Teresa Giudice got 4 kids but her body is great she just had a breast implant and her breast is perfect. She got a nice a s s also. She's very pretty also and she got pretty eyes and a killer smile.
    2. Lynne Curtin- I'm leaning on her coz Just like teresa she got a great body, perfect boobs, nice as s, very pretty also but her skin tan is just nice and also she got a very kissable lips..
    what do you think?


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