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much ado about nothing

  • Question:-So was all the hoopla about animated avatars much ado about nothing, or do you see it as a future problem?
    Since I made this one (Tweet) I've not seen all that many.
    I have seen a lot of dire predictions though.
    So what do you think the future holds?

    Answer:-People got sick of them. Too hard to make their own. Some may have copied other people's and it soon got boring. So apart from a few weeks of experimentation, it never really caught on.


    Not knocking Tweet, it is a pretty bird, but some of the flashing neon ones would give anyone a headache.
  • Question:-How does Don Pedro act when Benedick meets them? (Much Ado About Nothing book)?
    Act 5. Much Ado About Nothing book.

  • Question:-What is the importance of Much Ado About Nothing?
    I have to do a 5 page research paper on the importance of Much Ado About Nothing. It is supposed to be in an argumentative style however I am not good with Shakespeare and am having trouble thinking of a direction to go in. Any opinions and incite would be appreciated!

    Answer:-Much Ado About Nothing is easily Shakespeare's best play (yeah, yeah.. Romeo and Juliet has nothing on it!). Shakespeare did theatre, not books, meaning its meant to be seen and heard, not read. Check out Kenneth Branaugh's version. It has Emma Thompson, Keanu Reeves, Denzel Washington, Kate Beckinsale, and Michael Keaton in it. Great movie! I think it'll make it more clear for you.

    One direction that'll be easiest to see and probably write on, is love and types of love. Look at the varied relationships and how they are formed and treated. Brotherly Bonds: The Father and Uncle, The Princes, and the Brothers in Bonds. Romantic Bonds: Beatrice and Benedict, Hero and Caludio, even Margaret and Borachio. Then there are all the close friendships and family relationships. Look at how they weave together. Good Luck!
  • Question:-How do I research Beatrice and Benedick from Much Ado about Nothing?
    I'm writing a paper on Much Ado About Nothing. I'm arguing that Beatrice and Benedick loved each other the whole time, despite the deception from friends. How do I argue and research this?

    Answer:-Agreed with the first responder; the play is your best source, and all your arguments should be grounded in the text.

    You can find material online which might offer ideas. Of course, don't plagiarize it! (For one thing, it isn't honest, and for another, if the paper doesn't sound like you, teachers are pretty good at searching for sources, too.)

    Some online sources I find:

    A lot of what I've found is sources for papers (probably aimed at plagiarists), abstracts of book content, or quickie summaries of the play itself, so it does take some fishing to find the good stuff.

    It's generally not considered wise to depend on Wikipedia directly, but sometimes they have good references. Unfortunately, in this case the good stuff requires you to find a copy of a book:
  • Question:-How do I write a monologue about gossip to do with Much Ado About Nothing?
    For English, we have to write a monologue about gossip from one of the characters from 'Much Ado About Nothing' preferably Hero or Beatrice.

    Answer:-Ooh! I love this one.
    Write about Hero telling Beatrice about Benedick.
    Beatrice sort of secretly likes him and Hero knows that.
    And Hero also knows that Benedick has deep affections for Beatrice.
    Write a monologue about what might happen if Beatrice and Benedick were together.

    Well, I hope that helps!
    Have fun writing!
  • Question:-What is a good scene in Much Ado About Nothing for a DUOlogue?
    We are studying Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and I need to pick a good scene to do for a duologue.

    I was considering maybe chosing one character and showing his/her both sides changing throughout one scene (sort of like a devil angel thing) but am not sure when this could happen.

    Alternatively, just pick a scene a do a regular duologue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, THANKS :)

    Answer:-Well, there are a lot of 2-person scenes there.
    Personally, I would recommend one of the Beatrice/Benedick ones-the short end of act 2 scene 3 where benedick loves beatrice but she doesn't love him yet
    or the far longer end of act 4 scene 1 where they love each other and beatrice wants revenge on claudio and is in part trying to persuade him
    There's also the beatrice/benedick part of act 2 scene 1 where she doesn't know it's benedick because he is masked
    and the end of act 5 scene 2
    also 2 people-act 1 scene 2 (antonio/leonato)
    the beginning of act 1 scene 3 (don john/conrade) and the end of it (don jon/borachio)
    act 2 scene 2 (D.J./Bor.)
    act 3 scene 4 (hero/margaret part)
    beginning of act 5 scene 1 (antonio/leonato)
    the beginning of act 5 scene 2 (benedick/margaret)
    and that's about it.
  • Question:-What is the best sence from "Much Ado About Nothing" to act out?
    I am doing an assignment and we have to do a scene from "Much ado about nothing" an di want to know which would be a good one?
    With perferably 3 or more people

    Answer:-Oh, one of my favorites! The best scene, in my opinion, would be any in which Beatrice and Benedick exchange tongue lashings.

    Those scenes can be found in:
    Act I, Scene 1
    Act II, Scene 1
    Act II, Scene 3

    These are all very long scenes, so you may just want to cut out the best bits.
  • Question:-Does anyone know the archetypes in Much Ado About Nothing?
    I need to watch the film Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare but my copy from the library isn't coming for about a week and I would like to get started on this work.

    I am watching the Kenneth Branagh version if that helps.

    So I was just wondering if anyone knows the different archetypes for the characters in Much Ado About Nothing.

    Answer:-Yes, I watched that recently. I actually saw a local play, then another film version, then the Kenneth Branagh version. I was shocked by the nudity in it. Sigh.

    Anyway, I haven't studied this extensively, but the main characters are Beatrice and Benedick and Hero and Claudio. I suppose you could say Beatrice is a shrew, Benedick is a male chauvinist, Hero is the innocent maiden falsely accused, and Claudio...well, I don't know what people would call Claudio, but to my way of thinking, he's a bit simple and cowardly. He keeps jumping to conclusions and not trusting people. So I guess you could call him the impetuous youth.

    There's also a policeman character, Dogberry, who is a bit of a bumbling fool.

    Here's the IMDB about it:

    Personally, I enjoyed this version more:
  • Question:-What are 2 funny scenes in Much Ado About Nothing?
    Having to write an essay on the humour in Much Ado About Nothing, PLEASE HELP! Thank you in advance.

    Answer:-Two of my favorites are the first scene where Benedick and Beatrice are going at each other verbally, and the scene where Dogberry is bringing Conrad and Borachio up before the local magistrate. My favorite interpretation of Dogberry is as played by Michael Keaton in the Kenneth Branagh movie.
  • Question:-How can i write an essay on women in much ado about nothing and shirley valentine?
    This is a 1500 word essay on the presentation of women in Much Ado About Nothing and Shirley Valentine.
    I cant think of how to start it, can anyone give me an idea of what I should be writing about, aside from women?
    It needs to be only on women, no other themes.
    Sorry, that was just to clarify to people who think it would be funny to say 'write about women' that it wouldnt be funny.
    thankyou your answer was helpful

    Answer:-It needs to be only on women, but you ask what to write about besides women. I'm not following.
    Just think about the women in these two works (I'm familiar with Shirley Valentine but not Much Ado). How are they similar? How are they different? How are they products of the time in which they live?

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