Friday, October 21, 2011

war in iraq

  • Question:-Why is there still a war in Iraq and Afghanistan? And why was there one in the first place?
    And don't say 9/11!

    Iraq and Afghanistan had nothing to do with it. A now dead Saudi Arabian plotted and got 19 others to follow this plan. In fact, Osama hated Saddam for his non fundamental devotion to Islam. (don't say I'm Liberal, I'm Independent. Don't know why I'm saying this. Felt like it was necessary.).

    But back to the main focus. Why the war?

  • Question:-Americans hate Israel because of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan ?
    These wars are Israels' fault . Israel wanted to drag America into these wars . And now they want a war against Iran . That's why 100% of the american people hate them . No true american patriot will ever love Israel .

  • Question:-The end of next year, the war in Iraq will be over, does this sound like another campaign promise?
    What happened to "when I become president, the troops will be gone in 3 months"?
    Does he mean it this time?
    will the troops have to be sent to Africa instead?

  • Question:-Why do people claim the War in Iraq was for oil?
    When not a drop of oil from Iraq has ever entered US soil.

  • Question:-Why can't Barack Obama honor Proud American Traditions like the War in Iraq?

    Answer:-So you're saying war is an American value? That sounds about right. Especially when Cons are in charge of government.
  • Question:-Why is Obama ending the Iraq War and declaring victory, when we should be there for decades longer?
    This is why we needed John McCain, or any other Republican in office, who would refuse to end the war in Iraq.

    That's why I'm supporting Rick Santorum, because he will re-invade Iraq and keep us there for at least another 5 decades.

    Our troops need to be facing the IED's in Iraq, otherwise American citizens will be facing IED's here at home.

    Anyone that disagrees hates the troops.

    Answer:-I'm glad we're pulling out of Iraq. Less US troops in danger.

    It was a war that should've never happened.
  • Question:-You Americans lose again! You lost the war in iraq?
    obama said by the end of year all troops will leave iraq, this just shows that Americans never accomplish anything with their wars, they went to Vietnam spent billions and at the end did not win
    samething with iraq they went in destroyed the country spent billions sacrafised their own soldiers and at the end accomplished nothing, sure saddam is dead but he was dead in 2003

    Answer:-We'll cut our budget deficit in half overnight!

    I'd call that a "win".
  • Question:-Now that the war in Iraq has come to an end, will members of the army, air force, and navy still be shipped?

  • Question:-Has anybody sued the bush administration or anyone for the war in iraq?
    Was there any investigation on the truth about the war Iraq?
    Was there any new investigation on the truth about the 9/11 attack?
    Has everyone forgotten?

    Answer:-Jay, for your information, there is no link between Iraq and 9/11. And terrorists are not being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan every day, it is more like innocent Iraqis and Afghans for no other reason than they live there.
  • Question:-Why did the USA draft men in 1968 for Vietnam but no longer draft for the Iraq war?
    If no draft in 1968 no one would have gone to the Vietnam war, So why do men and women join to fight in the Iraq war? Iraq did not do 9-11.

    Answer:-The men and women who choose to join and serve and fight in Iraq do it so that the terrorists who did do 9/11 do not get nuclear weapons and attack our country again.

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