Thursday, October 20, 2011


  • Question:-How many (child) soldiers of the LRA have been killed?
    I've designing a poster about child soldier deaths within the LRA, but I can't seem to come across any information about casualties /within/ the LRA. Information about deaths of civilians is readily available, but I need actual statistics about how large of a percent of the abducted children within the LRA have been killed.

    Answer:-Do you actually believe the LRA keeps track of and releases such info?
  • Question:-How does the war in Uganda (against the LRA) affect the United States and Americans?
    Info on how we are directly affected and why we should help end the fight against the LRA....

    Answer:-Americans protect human rights as one of the proponents of the UN. Thus, any atrocities committed in the war in Uganda affect the Americans although not as important as a war involving Israel.
  • Question:-What is the most recent event you know about the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army)?
    I'm doing a human rights project for World Studies, and my topic is the LRA. I'm trying to find out what their most recent event is. I already know about the 'Christmas Massacres' article that took place in the end of December to the beginning of January (2008-09). Could you guys (and you girls) help me out please?

    Answer:-look at bbc work news or JSTOR
    i have does indepth research on this topic but i have no recent info except that the congo which was work the the un was trying to push out the lra, however the lra does have a large presnce in the sudan and of course uganda. the lra had been lined to other rebel groups in and near eastern provence of the congo. recently uganda has had many confrontations with the congo on this matter because their lack of action. however theya re also being link with rebel interhweme and hutu grous (sorry my spelling!) check the un mission tot he congo, there is more info on there
    good luck
  • Question:-should the united states help fight against the LRA in Uganda?
    ...if so...
    what are the pros and cons of the united states helping?

  • Question:-Where do Ugandan LRA rebels get their weapons?
    I saw a huge Invisible Children Rescue rally tonight about child soldiers in Africa, and it really moved me. However, I don't know much about the situation, so I'm trying to learn more. My question is -- I know the rebels loot villages, but where do they get weapons from? Do they loot them also? Does someone sell it to them? If yes, who? Where do the rebels get the money to buy them? Does someone finance them? Why?

    Answer:-Groups like this are self-financing via kidnapping and robbery. Weapons are easy to buy in the 3rd world. The army and police sell weapons out the back door. In evil cultures, children are ideal assassins, easy to train and enthusiastic.
  • Question:-How does Turkmenistan feel about the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army)?
    If someone could point me to a link or just tell me, I'd be truly grateful!

    Answer:-why would it care?
    the LRA is thousands of kilometers away
  • Question:-Someone have shop online with LRA enterprise ?
    I want to buy a Nintendo Wii from they, but I don't find any reviews about this site.

    Answer:-try they should have it
  • Question:-Does having been in a mental hospital or on LRA show up on a background check for an apartment?
    considering you have to go to court and it is a legal matter..

    Answer:-Mental hospitals are completely confidential. Police can't even find out if you have been there without a court order.
  • Question:-Why is NO country helping out in Uganda where the LRA is killing thousands of people?
    read this article in Newsweek.

    Answer:-Uganda is in Africa. We put so much aid into Africa fighting AIDS and diseases and educating them about the diseases, only to have some of the tribes in Africa to purposefully transmit AIDS (not kidding!) It's some ritual and whatnot where they purposefully give another person AIDS. We don't have any more money to give them to help them with the killing going on. Do you not watch the news on how we spend so much on the Iraq war and trying to get our economy recovered. We are hurting ourselves, how could we possibly give anymore money to an area where it won't make one bit a difference?

    We can't financially support every hurting country in this world.

    No one else wants to help because once you help, then you are in it for the long run.
  • Question:-How do you feel about Obama's decision to send 100 troops to Uganda to combat the LRA?

    Answer:-Good move. They’re about as evil as it gets. They’ve done horrific things to the women and children there. Horrific. They’re savages, even though Rush Limbaugh likes to defend them as ‘christians.'

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