Sunday, October 23, 2011

60 minutes

  • Question:-60 minutes?
    if you watched the 60 minutes about the boys family being killed by a bomb what did you think of that??????

    Answer:-It made me feel bad. However, i also realized that this is what happens in a war and there is no getting around it. Fact.
  • Question:-60 minutes?
    In an interview done by 60 minutes

    (1) people are born gay/les. this is not only due to their sexual behaviour but their physiological attributes like the way they move and talk. Generally a gay is more efeminated whereas lesbians are more masculine.

    (2)the level of hormone exposure while the baby is still in the womb also helps to determine a person's sexual orientation.

    (3)the more older brothers a guy has the more likely he's gay but this does not apply to lesbians who have more older sisters. However this only applies to guys who are born right handed. (there is a strong correlation but this theory is yet to be proven).

    (4) But there are several cases where identical twins, one of them is straight and the other one is gay. So how did this happen?

    I want to know what you think on the above matter. you can choose to answer one or all four questions.

    Answer:-People are born as they are..simple as that. Gene expression is still an area of much to be learned. We don't need to know everything, it is enough that people are born as they are born. We cannot help being what we are, and we can be happy in our own skins. I certainly am, and I do not question whats and whys, for it really doesn't matter, does it? The real advantage of this research is to disarm the bible mongers who preach hate and are convinced that being gay is a choice...hogwash and simply ridiculous... about as stupid as those who espouse this line of illogic.
  • Question:-If I do 60 minutes of cardio everyday, how long approximately would it take to get in decent shape?
    It's not running the whole time. It would be walking for three minutes, then running for two nonstop for 60 minutes. I don't workout at all right now, so it will be a big change for me.

    Answer:-2 weeks to a month
  • Question:-Remember when 60 minutes was showing us all the plans and developements for a colony on the moon?
    Rememeber how we all thought it was such a great idea at the time and how we were planning on using the moon to lauch deep space exploratory missions from>
    So how come we had to wait until Obama came along to show us how stupid all those ideas were?
    How come the smart people at 60 minutes couldn't see how stupid those plans were?
    Good thing we have the genious Obama now to show us the error of our ways eh?

    Answer:-That was just a few months B4 O'Dumbo the genius came along
    to f*** the s*** out of this country
  • Question:-How to set my kitchen timer for 60 minutes?
    I try to set my electronic timer for 60 minutes, but after I click the display up to 59 minutes, it automatically goes to 100 minutes instead of 60. I usually just set the timer for 59 minutes, then set it for a minute at the end of the cooking cycle, but do you know what my timer is doing and how to fix it?

    Answer:-due to recent disruptions in the space-time continuum leading up to 12/21/2012, time intervals between 60 minutes and 99 minutes no longer exist.... sorry
  • Question:-What is a good alternative for 60 minutes of running?
    Ok so I am trying to loose weight. In GL magazine in the June/July issue there was a 7 day workout plan. On Sunday, it says 60 minutes of running. I am too embarrased to run outside because at my school, people would laugh at me if they saw me. I am too young for a gym membership. Please helpA!

    Answer:-run in place, put weights on your ankles.
    I understand what your saying i'm not embarrassed but i hate running! it's worthless because if you do the same exercise with stepping blocks, stairs, mountain climbers, leg sweeps (you can youtube them or research them), or even WII. As long as you keep your heart rate up for your blood to keep pumping to reduce fat in your body.
    And who cares if people laugh at you at the end of the day you feel better for yourself trust me people in school right now that you think are popular wont be the one that are laughing last. You do it for yourself and feel better and look better! I was 120 lbs in midle school i started playing every sport that i could even if it was jr varsity i didnt care because i was working out and having fun!
    Hope this works!
  • Question:-What are your thoughts on the 60 minutes interview with Obama about Osama?
    Today, 60 minutes had an interview with Obama about all of the info of Osama that they thought was right to reveal. I wanted to know, what did you all think of it? What do you think of Obama's opinions on the operation?

    Answer:-I thought it was an excellent candid interview, and hope this will help to put any conspiracy theories to bed.
    A job well done by the president, his staff, and the Seals.
  • Question:-Is it better to do cardio 30 minutes a day and strength 30 minutes a day, or only one of them for 60 minutes?
    I have two options for my workout plan - 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training (on the same day), 5 times a week, or 60 minutes of cardio 3 times a week and 60 minutes of strength training 2 times a week (on separate days). I'm looking to burn fat, but mostly to tone up. Which would be better?

    Answer:-Gym tools actually have no clue what they're talking about. Don't trust anything they say, EVER!
  • Question:-How do you survive 60 minutes on the Myspace Mafia Wars Game?
    How do you survive 60 minutes on the Myspace Mafia Wars Game? Please include the level of each stat and the guide to doing it. Thank youuu

    Answer:-It sounds like you're asking about earning the "Bulletproof" Achievement to me, huh?? ;) Well, i did it a couple of weeks ago. The first thing i recommend you doing is no matter what level you are (200, 500, 800) whatever~~make sure to change your title w/ character to something like Street Thug "Johnny" (for exa). Rather than leaving it @ Skilled Criminal or El Principal. Other mafia wars players trick people with titles and it helps to fool other players (cuz they think you can easily be killed being such a low level, heheh). Has happened to me countless times! More lost than won when i have been on hitlist most recently (cuz i use S.T. title). :) However if you truly are a Street Thug, you may not have as much luck! Another good idea is to do it on a Sunday or Saturday evening when it's crowded~~the more people that are on it, the better your chances are of staying on it longer. Another thing is to ask a friend to help you with it as that way you have control over the timing~~rather than just randomly. When i earned it recently (w/ friend's help) it was on a Sunday afternoon, LOL. Also though, it will help you to have your defense @ at least 50K so that you will not be eliminated as easily. Bounties that are for $8,000 attract lower levels more so than the higher bounties. :) I know, it's kinda complex. Mostly though you need lots of luck too! Hope this helps you.
  • Question:-What happens if you exercise 60 minutes a day everyday?
    I want to know if I exercise 60 minutes per day and eat no more than 1500 calories a day, what would happen? I currently weigh 200 lbs and would like to be at least 140 lbs. How long would it take to get to my goal? I go outside to walk my dog about 3 times a day and I'm currently doing exercises on the Wii Fit. Please give me a good answer and nothing rude or stupid. Thank you very much :)

    Answer:-Well your exercise seems to be light. By that I mean not tearing the muscles down. You should be good to go 60 minutes everyday. Just make sure you get enough sleep and eat right. If you start feeling drained or feeling sick then take a day off. It might be a sign your overworking your body. If you amp it up to say heavy cario or weight training then 60 minutes every day is unhealthy.

    Your goal is completely dependent on how many calories you gain vs how many you loose. As long as your are on a steady path of loosing then don't worry about dates, just set weight loss goals not dates. Dates tend to smash weight loss attempts.

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