Sunday, October 23, 2011

drew brees

  • Question:-Drew Brees?
    where can I find a replica of Drew Brees' pro bowl Jersey?
    in a store, not on the internet
    How do you special order from a store?

  • Question:-drew brees?
    Drew Brees is a complete idiot and ugly as sin. With all his money he ought to buy a new face, attidude and moral. I find it hilliarous that he injured his leg "what comes around goes around". That's what you get for being a jerk to your mother - the lord will always prevail in the end. How dare he - selfish idiot. It's amazing how much he needed his mother in college, paying for his necessities. I guess wealth creates memory loss...

    Answer:-What are you talking about? Drew Brees is an extraordinary talent and the best quarterback in the NFC. The Dolphins were stupid to pass over him for Daunte Culpepper. From what I've seen he's a great guy, but unless you're his mother or are involved in some way with her, don't spread vicious lies just because your team probably lost to the Saints.

  • Question:-Should I start Drew Brees or Matthew Stafford in week 1 Fantasy Football?
    Drew Brees will be my main starter on my fantasy football team, but I do have Matthew Stafford as well which gives me some things to play around with. Drew Brees and the saints play the GB Packers week 1, which may lower Drew Brees numbers. Matt Stafford and the Lions play Tampa Bay, so I think Matt Stafford will light up that defense. What do you think? Should I start Stafford in week 1?

    Answer:-I'm from Detroit, but I'm not a fanatic Lions fan. I would start Stafford, he is looking great this preseason and he really killed it when he did play last season. I expect Stafford to put up over 350 yard and 2-3 TD's against TB. I don't think Brees will do that against GB. The Saints have a reworked line and they are more dedicated to the run this season. Also, Colston is still recovering from knee injury and Lance Moore (#3 WR) is suffering from a groin injury. GB is not going to let Brees throw to the TE all day like he did during the preseason. I'd go Stafford all the way!
  • Question:-Should i start drew brees against the bears or mathew stafford against the chiefs?
    In my fantasy league i have Drew Brees and Mathew Stafford and Im not sure who to start. Stafford is projected more points against the Chiefs but how do you not start Brees.

    Answer:-Just stick with Brees, if Stafford has another huge game and Brees does what he usually does then try and trade Stafford.

    I have him in one of my leagues and I keep getting texts and emails about what I would want in exchange for him. Wait it out this week with Stafford and then see what you could get.

    But for now, start Brees.
  • Question:-who shoulld i start drew brees or big ben?
    drew brees is facing nyg and big ben is facing cleveland.. nyg defense is reallly good and cleveland is terrible. any suggestions for my fantasy team:?
    big ben is on a team thats it in the top 3 in pssing attempts tooo.

    Answer:-BREES that's like saying should i start Adrian Peterson or Willis Mcgahee
  • Question:-How many more yards does Drew Brees need to surpass Dan Marino's single season yardage record?
    Drew Brees stands at 4332 yards as of today. With two games left in the season, I figure he needs around 700 yards, but I'm not sure what Dan Marino's record for a single season is.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

    Answer:-753 yards needed. Marino's record is 5,084 yards set in 1984.
  • Question:-How many more years of great production do you believe Drew Brees has to offer?
    He turns 33 in January, but has still shown no signs of slowing down.

    If you were in a keeper league, and you had the option of picking up either Drew Brees or Cam Newton, which one would you choose?

  • Question:-Is a Drew Brees autograph a good present for my Saints crazed dad? I want to get something amazing?
    My dad seriously has everything. I always get him a gift that he pretends to like, but puts it away. This year I want to get him something that he really likes. I was thinking of getting him a Drew Brees framed autographed photo. Maybe 2 to get him started in a new autograph collection.

    Good gift? Or something else that's going to be put away. I was thinking maybe Saints golf club covers.

    Answer:-If he's a big Saints fan, then it's a great gift if you can find something affordable. Don't necessarily assume that it will start a collection, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. The golf club covers would also be nice. Of course, if things work out, you could always get him Superbowl tickets to see the Saints live... As a father myself, I appreciate even just the effort of picking out something tailored to my interests no matter what the actual gift is.
  • Question:-Do I start Drew Brees or Philip Rivers on my fantasy team?
    Yeah I'm kind of stuck on who I should start.

    Drew Brees is going to play against the Falcons, while Philip Rivers is going up against the Chiefs.

    So who do I start and why?

    Answer:-You start Rivers because the Chiefs are awful and the Chargers are a better team than the Saints. Rivers has more weapons and will get more fantasy points, especially against cellar-dwellers like the Chiefs. The Falcons will most likely beat the Saints anyway.

    Start Rivers.
  • Question:-Who should I start Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers?
    I have a fantasy team for ESPN but I don't know who to start. Drew brees has been great the past 3 years and preranked number 4 at the QB position. But Aaron Rodgers is playing the Vikings this week last year they were the worst pass defense in the NFL and Rodgers had a great preseason for an average QB.

    Answer:-Drew Brees until Rogers shows that he belongs...

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