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amy winehouse cause of death

  • Question:-Has anyone heard that Amy Winehouse's cause of death was Alcohol poisioning?
    due to too much alcohol she had.

  • Question:-Will some news agencies have to print a retraction about the cause of Amy Winehouse's death?

    There had been many a report that it was the result of a drug cocktail of the various drugs such as coke, heroin, etc.

    Turns out toxicology didn't show any illegal drugs in her system, nor were any illegal drugs found at the scene of her death.

    I know it's easy for many to write her off as a junkie, but shouldn't some accuracy be exected?
    Oh, no question AJ that I don't doubt her drug addiction was of course the core cause of her poor health and most likely even death. There is always the possibilty/probability of a lethal mixture of alcohol and prescription meds being the cause.

    I just thought it was in poor taste for some news organizations such as Fox/BBC etc. running this story from the Enquirer. THAT version is obviously wrong, and it's not okay just because she was an addict.
    We are saying the same thing :)

    I just wanted to make sure I was being clear about my thoughts.

    Answer:-she had abused her body for years and she was unhealthy for starters, they said illegal drugs, doesn't mean she wasn't abusing the crap out of prescribed meds...I don't write anyone off as just a junkie or drunk...these people are in tremendous pain, I get very defensive of people who abuse drugs and alcohol...some of the best people I know are recovering drug addicts and alcoholics.

    there should be, but will there be? the stigma attached to addicts and alcoholics sickens me

    p.s. I think they should have to retract it, if I were the family I'd be on their @ss and want a formal apology, not that it matters much, the small minded will think what they want anyway...

    I figured we were on the same page ;)
  • Question:-Amy winehouse died because of overuse drugs?
    Amy winehouse death..I don't whats the cause of her death but still investigating but i wanna know others opinion .

    Answer:-I think it was a drug overdose. but she's in a better place now......hopefully
  • Question:-Has a cause of death been reported yet for Amy Winehouse?

    Answer:-The cause is still under investigation but could be linked to drugs and overdose.
  • Question:-What brand of vodka was Amy Winehouse drinking when she died?
    The coroner's inquest of 26th October revealed "death by misadventure," which was caused by Amy's return to binge drinking following a three-week respite from alcohol. Three empty bottles of vodka were found in her apartment. Did anyone hear what brand of vodka it was?

  • Question:-was amy winehouse's supposedly over dose caused by her addictions or a heartbreak ?
    Amy Winehouse was a talented singer, i don't give a damn about what other people say and their negative views on her. she had an addiction to drugs and alcohol but have you hear her music and voice, AMAZING and UNREPLACABLE !!!

    only after her passing away did i go read up on her, i always knew about her alcohol and drug addiction and she being in a relationship with a guy called blake (i never even knew they were married :/ ) i've loved her music since the album back to black came out

    but i never really looked deep into her lyrics because i never really knew her story
    after reading it all and listening to her music
    even though Blake was the cause of her drug addiction but she was madly in love with him, like her soul mate, she never wanted to loose him
    both parents of his and her didn't approve of them two and being afraid they'd commit suicide
    but then he filed for divorce and i can just imagine how heartbroken she was
    then to find out a short while after the divorced she heard about him and his new girlfriend and that she was pregnant with his kid
    and Amy had said she was happy for him but i bet she was crying inside he meant everything to her
    he never wanted to get back with her beacuse he wanted to life a drug free life and their relationship was only based on drugs
    then i read that shortly before her passing she was dating someone else
    there might be a huge chance that her cause of death was and over dose of alcohol and drugs
    was it intentionaly ? or just a dose of pleaser nothing intended
    could it have been because she was still heartbroken over Blake and the fact he didn't want her back kill her inside so she just overdosed
    what is your opinion
    if you a Amy hater just go do something else
    im so sick of people joking around about her
    how would they like it if people did that to them
    i believe she was a good person inside

    Answer:-People can say what they want, but I genuinely think she'd had enough and ended it deliberately. She was troubled, had a husband in jail, got divorced and had so much bad press. She battled drug and drink addictions and eating disorders and she was quite obviously depressed.

    At the moment I'm hating the fact that people are saying things like, she wasted her life, she didn't deserve to be alive anyway.. think what you like, everyone's entitled to an opinion, but she was someone's daughter and sister, and they have a huge gap in their lives right now. Wish people would have respect for them, if not Amy.
  • Question:-Amy Winehouse songs help?
    Okay, for the first issue of my school paper, I volunteered to do an article about Amy Winehouse's death. It's supposed to include details about location and cause, a bit about her career, and a bit of background of the 27 club. I don't feel right writing about her career without a bit of background of her music so I want to listen to a few songs before actually writing the article. Please give me a few of her songs (singles or otherwise) to help me get a bit of background. Thank you.
    Honestly, I really don't care. I work for the school newspaper and I have to write an article about her death. That is why I need this information.
    @Hello There I work for a high school newspaper and it's supposed to be an informational article on her death. It is not a review, so it doesn't really require opinion. Honestly, I think it's a shame when anyone dies young and yeah, it's stupid to smoke crack but I'm not going to go ranting and raving about it in the school newspaper.

    Answer:-no offense, she sucks. She came to Dubai and I went there, I swear to god, 20 minutes everyone left the concert. She is always high (not on marijuana), seriously, she disappoints a lot of her fans.

    Edit: well u have to write facts, right? write about her songs, a summary of her biography, and then write how dumb she is and how she does too much drugs.
  • Question:-lame amy winehouse jokes?
    do you realize she was recently in rehab? obvioulsy if drugs were the cause of death then rehab didn't work. now don't you feel stupid for making all those rehab "jokes"?
    not those jokes. the ones where people use her "rehab" song...which isn't very clever

    Answer:-I know it's pathetic & boring. She went to rehab many times yet these jokes are popping up everywhere. She was such a troubled woman I hope she's finally at peace
  • Question:-why did amy winehouse died?
    what was the cause of her death

    Answer:-They tried to make her go to Rehab but she said, "No, no, no."
  • Question:-what do you think of amy winehouse?
    she passed away on the 23rd of july. they still don't know what caused her death but it was most likely drugs. what do you think of this? do you think she brought all this on herself or are you upset? i think this is her fault because if she hadn't started taking drugs she could still be alive today, although when i found out about her death, i have to admit i was very upset. just the other day i was hoping she would release a new album, because i love her songs and her voice is amazing.
    yesterday i found a website where you could predict when she would die, and the winner gets an ipod touch. i think that whoever set that up is disgusting and should at least take it down now.

    what do you think about her death?
    don't get me wrong, i am very against drugs, and i don't see why people start in the first place!
    she's always blamed her addiction to class A on her ex-husband. if i was his i would be very ashamed now and upset because he could have started all this. r.i.p amy <3

    Answer:-She did bring it on herself but I am very sad about the loss of a young talented yet wasted life. She had some real issues self harm eating disorders complicated relationships drugs & alcohol so in a way it may of been the best thing for her however terrible it sounds because each day she relied on pumping herself full of poison that she tried to get herself off of each time but failed. She was always being slather off by the media when she needed support. I sympathise with her,her family & friends. It was expected but still very sad

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