Wednesday, October 26, 2011

carrie ann inaba

  • Question:-What type of dance does Carrie Ann Inaba choreograph?
    I am doing a report on Carrie Ann Inaba and i need to know what type of dancing she does.

    Answer:-She does ballroom.
  • Question:-What is the paper that Carrie Ann Inaba passes to the crowd during Dancing with the Stars?
    At the end of every dance, Carrie Ann gives a piece of paper to someone in the crowd. What is on this paper?

    Answer:-She's actually passing a note to the production assistant on how she, Len and Bruno are going to vote so the production team can post the correct graphic under the vote. One famous time, the porduction team mis-read her writing and the graphic didn't match the "paddle" she held up.
  • Question:-Does carrie ann inaba have a niece?
    I have heard that carrie ann inaba has a niece but i am not sure.

    Answer:-Yeah and she pals around with Bruno Tonioli's second cousin and Len's sister's grandson's college roommate
  • Question:-Why did Carrie Ann Inaba Tell Julianne not to do lifts?
    In week one Julianne did a twirl and her foot came off the ground. Is that illegal or something? Carrie seemed pretty upset about it. I hate how people put rules on creativity. Like music and dance and anything creative. It's like, how are you supposed to be creative if you have rules to follow.

    Answer:-In ballroom dancing, lifts are illegal. However, in Latin dances, they are not. Carrie-Ann is a stickler for the rules.
  • Question:-Who designs/makes the dresses for Carrie Ann Inaba and Samantha Harris on Dancing With the Stars?
    Can their dresses be bought anywhere (in any stores)?

    Answer:-got pic? sorry we have no idea what dresses are those. maybe this site can help you out.
  • Question:-Carrie Ann Inaba sings, where to find her songs?
    I heard Carrie Ann Inaba, the judge from Dancing with the Stars, had a singing career in Japan. Where can I find her singing? I tried Youtube but she doesn't show up.

  • Question:-Carmit Bachar vs. Carrie Ann Inaba?
    Who do you find more attractive?

    Carmit Bachar


    Carrie Ann Inaba

    Answer:-Carmit Bachar
  • Question:-What did Regis mistakenly call Mike the Situation when referring to a photo of him with guest host Carrie Ann?
    On episode 289 of Live with Regis and Kelly, Regis Philbin held up a photo of Snooki and The Situation from Jersey Shore but he got Mike's nickname wrong and I can't remember what he mistakenly called him. It was the episode with guest host Carrie Ann Inaba from DWTS.

    Answer:-The arrangement
  • Question:-where can I buy the necklace carrie ann inaba (DWTS) was wearing on the oct 26 show - it was a multi-chain.?
    it was on the dancing with the stars episode that aired on october 26th. it was a black - silver - hematite multi chain (multi layer) necklace

    Answer:-You can try on this site:
  • Question:-DWTS: Should Carrie Ann Inaba be FIRED?...?
    After what she DID to poor ol' Cloris on 10-28-08, she had the NERVE to defend her HATRED of the veteran actress...

    If you're upset after what Carrie Ann did, do you want her FIRED?

    I do...replace her w/ Benji Schwimmer(Lacey's younger brother), and everything will be OK again!

    Your thoughts?

    Answer:-Pauline's right!

    Fire that nasty tramp!...teach her NOT to disrespect the older population!

    At least Bruno had more sense to agree w/ the public...

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