Tuesday, October 25, 2011


  • Question:-AMZN or GOOG which is a better long term investment and why?
    by long term I'm talking 15-20 years.

    Thank you very much

    P.S. I asked this question earlier, asking again to reach a new audience.

    Answer:-Wow, 15-20 years is a long time. What will continue to drive these two stocks is research and development of new ideas for that time horizon, in which case Google definitely has the upper hand. It is constantly trying to come out with new products and ideas (Google Earth), and acquiring companies with unique opportunities (YouTube).
  • Question:-Do you think Amazon's stock AMZN will regain it's losses and then some?
    Do you think that Amazon's new moves for allowing customers to trade used games will raise their stock? Also was changing the Director a good move?

    Answer:-probably. i mean, game is small part of amzn business.
  • Question:-Amazon(AMZN)? Because of the upcoming holidays will this stock benefit from the season?
    I'm looking short term & want to see this @ $115 to $120 what do experts here think?

    Answer:-Most stocks take part in the "Santa Claus" rally, but nothing is written in stone. 115.. why not..
  • Question:-Amazon's (NASDAQ: AMZN) book sell statistics in Israel?

    I am working on a business plan for a unique book store in Israel. For this plan, I am in need for information about Amazon's books sales for the state in Israel. The information can be anything from annual books/customer quantities to revenues/average costs, or anything else. Estimation can also help here. Any clue from where I can get it? I have already checked the company's public reports, but couldn't find it.

    Answer:-If you can find the census figures for Israel that would have it.
  • Question:-Average stock price for AMZN and WFC?
    I need to find what the average stock price was for AMZN and WFC for last week: 11/22/10-11/26/10.
    Can someone tell me how to find that on finance.yahoo.com?

    Answer:-On yahoo finance punch in the ticker Symbol an on the left it will show price history it will tell you all you need to know.
  • Question:-Do you think the stock AMZN is overpriced?

  • Question:-why would you buy the following stocks: Amzn/Ford/Msft/Amgn/BP/Dis/Hal?

    Answer:-The thing is, these are very large and semi stable companies that are somewhat ideal for long term investment. Not to say they'll make boat loads of money, unless you get lucky. But they're companies that, god willing, should be around for long durations of time and thus a semi secure place to put your money should you want to save for decades at a time. At the same time, they do offer room for improvement and expansion in comparison to their competitors. At least that's how I see it.
  • Question:-should i keep AMZN stock? whats is your opinion?
    i have lost 923.00
    and i was wondering if its worth it to wait and see if it will increase

    Answer:-I can't advise you on a particular stock but it is well said that the difference between a clever investor and a silly one is to know when not to panic and when to act against the flow of sentiment and when to get out early before the rush starts.

    Obviously if you buy when everyone buys and sell when evryone sells it is unlikely that you will get as good a result as buying low (when people are selling) and selling high when people are buying.

    Easier said than done in any particular case of course. I would say that it is scary that Amazon's Board have stopped repurchasing the stock and many people suggest that they have been grossly overvalued since May!
  • Question:-Amazon mysterious fee charged to my bank card AMAZON.COM AMZN.COM/BILL WA?
    I saw this on my online statement and have no idea what it is, and I really am too pissed off to wait for Amazon to reply to my email, so if anybody can help me figure it out? It is a $1.00 fee they charged on my bank card, and its not to verify my account or anything because I've been a seller for 2 months now. I am considering pulling all my items off Amazon because of this, on top of the fact that you get charged $4.00 to sell a $10.00 item.

    Answer:-Maybe you should try http://www.craigslist.org and sell things for free.
  • Question:-I predict Amazon.com (AMZN) will be down HUGE in the AFTERHOURS TODAY, What do you predict or think?
    Stagnant Growth is what will turn it to the downside is my guess.

    I feel AMZN will be trading around $32 in about 6-hours.


    Just my opinion on their future guidance/outlook.

    I could be wrong...don't base any financial decisions on my hypothetical thoughts, i'm just wondering what others think out there.


    Answer:-I think they'll drop some, but not near as much as you think. Sounds like a good time to buy now.

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