Tuesday, October 25, 2011

occupy oakland

  • Question:-Bay Area coverage of Occupy Oakland: The protesters feel it's positive to not define the movt?
    Do you take the protesters at their (collective) word?

    Answer:-I think that the protesters will define their movement sooner or later , Their staying together in Oakland will encourage them to negotiate their aims an put their movement's goals .
  • Question:-my wife's office had to close thanks to occupy Oakland costing our family $30 an hour times 8hrs?
    will the occupy movement reimburses us those lost wages with some the the 300K they have?

    and will they just give us the money if we show them check stubs, or will they make us fight for it in court?
    El Paulista- no my wife's employer had to close the office because of the fighting with the police.
    Indescribable- im asking if they will pay back the wages they cost us. after all we are the working class that they claim to be fighting for.

  • Question:-How can I occupy a 6 year old on a 7 hour layover in Oakland Airport, California?
    We won't be leaving the airport due to crime and the hassel of going through security again, so any suggestions on how to keep a little kid happy. Does anyone know if there are kiddie areas within the airport? Thanks and all answers are greatly appreciated!

    Answer:-Everyone hates layovers even kids, here are some helpful hints.
    Take portable games, like Sorry, Life, and Connect Four. They sell them cheap at places like Wal-Mart and Target. They come in very handy on the flight to. If you have a portable DVD player you can always bring that just make sure that you have extra batteries. Handle held video games are always fun, you can find some pretty cheap ones at the places above. What about books? Get some new books that the family can read together. Crayons, paper and coloring books are wonderful, again good to use in flight too!!! Be sure to pack some snacks, crackers, fruit roll ups, chips, anything small, in bags and does not have to stay cold is good!
    Make up scavenger hunt cards for the airport. Put things on them like a person wearing pink, a pilot, tickets ect... who ever gets the most wins. You can walk around and do this game or you can even make up Bingo cards to do in your area if you have too much luggage. Only takes a few minutes to make them up, but hey you can get an hour or two out of them!
    Start the story game, someone in the family starts the story and the rest have to finish it. You can go on forever.
    Play the I Spy Game....you know I spy something blue, and so on.
    Twenty questions is always fun.
    Hangman, Tic Tac Toe, Uno Cards, Go Fish, Old Maid. Fun for the whole family, kills time and again good in flight. What about word searches? Those are always fun.
    When all else fails, walk around, watch the planes land. Hey use the time to get something to eat, that always kills an hour! We also try to find a family that has kids about the same age, in hopes that they will play with each other. Oh yeah and we usually by one new small travel toy. Let them pick it out but, they cannot play with it until we are on vacation. Hey at least it is still new to them and will keep them busy for a few hours!
    With a little planning you all will survive the 7 hours! Good Luck, I hope this helps and have a wonderful trip!
  • Question:-do you think Chinese occupy San Francisco/Oakland government and California Highest Court ?
    and they protect illegal emigrant .

    Answer:-The Chinese?
    Do you know ANYTHING about the history of US china trade relations? Who recognized and opened trade with Red China, and gave them most favored nations status?

    It was Republicans every single time.
  • Question:-Is the American Social Revolution starting Right Now, in Oakland?
    They are using chemical weapons on the 99%.

    "the protestors used tear gas" lmao...yes, and the German shepherds and tasers and grenades too...

  • Question:-if the "occupy" protesters were serious about their cause why don't they put their drugs down for 5 minutes?
    "OAKLAND -- City officials said Tuesday they may have to shut down the Occupy Oakland tent city in coming days because it is attracting rats, alcohol and illegal drug use."


  • Question:-why do "occupy" protesters attract rats?
    "OAKLAND -- City officials said Tuesday they may have to shut down the Occupy Oakland tent city in coming days because it is attracting rats, alcohol and illegal drug use."


  • Question:-In Oakland, CA if you buy a multi unit building already occupied by tenants how much can you raise the rent?
    If they have month to month leases and also by how much?

    Answer:-You can't raise the rent in Oaktown because it is part of an insolvent welfare hood. Watch Dr. Zhivago!
  • Question:-Before you write off the protesters as a bunch of unemployed morons, how about you check them out?
    Right now there are occupy protests in most major cities, i've checked out the san francisco, oakland, and san rafael ones, just because they're all near where i live.

    The media greatly sensationalizes the protests, check one out, it's mostly normal people.
    ... You guys are watching fox news and judging the protesters off of that.

    If you think Fox is going to accurately show the protest, you're an idiot.

    Answer:-the people that are complaining are not interested in checking them out.
    they're not interested in reality.

    faux-lies tells them that they're dirty welfare recipients.
    they don't (think they) need to know anything else.

    it's that way quite a lot with faux-lies viewers.
  • Question:-Who should I start for Week 14 Wide Receivers?
    I have 3 spots available and I have Lee Evans vs. Miami, Antonio Bryant vs. Carolina, Isaac Bruce vs. Jets, Bernard berrian vs. Detroit and Vincent Jackson vs. Oakland. I am leaning towards Evans, Bryant and Bruce, but I'm not sure, esp for the last spot that Bruce occupies. Thanks.

    Answer:-I go with Bryant, Bruce, and Berrian.

    Why are you shaky on Bruce? NYJ will score, so SF will have to play catch up all day (aka pass). Jets have the 30th ranked pass defense. Bruce has been two straight weeks as their primary reciever, two straight games with a TD catch.

    I want Berrian because the Lions have been very susceptible to the big play and Berrian's a big play specialist.

    I'd sit Evans. Five straight games without a TD. Three TDs all year. Against Miami who's held opponents below 20 pts in five of their last six games.

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