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baby lisa irwin

  • Question:-What do you think happened to baby Lisa Irwin?
    Do you think the mother had anything to do with her disappearance?

    Answer:-Yes, I do. If the lights were on thru out the house, seem like the mother would have known. If the house is that small you can hear every and little thing, no matter how hard you sleep. Being a mother you wake up automatically just to check on your kids.
  • Question:-Missing KC 10 month old baby: Lisa Irwin..what do you think about this story? ?
    This is such a sad sad story. I have a baby girl myself and I couldn't imagine. I have been following up on the progress of the search and investigation, and some of this sounds a little fishy to me. But I still have no idea! What is your opinion and why? All opinions welcome! But most importantly, please pray this precious baby is alive and safe!

    Answer:-I hate to say it but I think something bad happened to that baby and the parents are covering it up. I don't have any kids and I could tell something was up. The mother puts the baby down at 10:30 and doesn't constantly go in the room to check on her? No baby monitor in her room? The father comes home at 4 and is the only person who notice the baby was missing? I believe the mother did something and the father is covering up for her. Those crocodile tears she had on the news was priceless. That's when I knew something was up when I saw the mother fake crying. The police knows something is up too that's why they keep questioning the parents. I'm just waiting for the day the mother crack and tells the truth. If she haven't caught he--, yet, she will when the truth is out. I hope it happens soon and justice will be served. Unfortunately not for baby Lisa.
  • Question:-Does anyone know if the community is searching for baby Irwin?
    I was just wondering because I 've just heard of authorities searching for baby Lisa Irwin. Usually the community gets together and organizing a search party. Haven't heard of one for this little baby .

    Answer:-If the police do not find her soon, they may ask for the publics help in searching, or some may organize a search on their own.
  • Question:-Christians bashing Psychics in Baby Lisa Irwin, I don't get it.?
    Person 1 said - With all the supposed Psychics out there, why hasn't any of them offered their so called Psychic abilities to the police to help find this little one. Because they are fakes.

    Person 2 said - they are fake! take for instance the psychic and her daughter that was killed. (they didnt see that one coming?) seriously these people are demon possessed! the way to tell they are not from God is that they arent always right! If would always they were from God they would always be right! they talk in generalizations!

    Person 3 said - You are so very right! Also the devil knows what took place so he relays things to them,..they are serving satan, not God!

    If God is so real, why didn't he protect Baby Lisa Irwin???? They are angry at Psychics, but they aren't angry with God. If God is so real, it would seem like their prayers would be answer right away... Many children are being abused right now... missing, physical abuse, molested, and all.

    Yes I agree that Psychics are fake... but people get angry at them for not solving problems. They need to be angry at GOD.... since they believe he is real.

    THey are hypocrites... some people would defend Psychics... oh they work in a mysterious way.
    Same way like Deists would defend God.... he has a reason, plan or whatever...


  • Question:-what do you think about baby lisa irwin?
    do you think the mother killed her i think the mother did it because she was drunk they just said on the news that night
    what a bad answer joseph I'm asking your opinion about the situation i already know she's gone

    Answer:-I don't know if the mother or the father killed her, sold her (lots of investigators are looking at this angle) or are completely innocent. This child has been missing for two weeks, I hope she is alright but statistically after 48 hours the chance of finding a missing child are slim, especially finding that child alive. The father didn't get home until 4:00 am, and the mother didn't notice the baby was NOT there until the time of 10:00 pm to 4:00? It makes me wonder if she did black out or HOW much she had to drink.
    It's very sad, the mother keeps changing her story, now she thinks that she may have blacked out. I do wonder about her because what kind of a mother leaves her young children (the infant, the 8 year old, 6 year old) home ALONE while she goes to the store with the neighbor, a MALE neighbor to get booze. Have they looked at the MALE neighbor? His background, his habits, there's that possibility too, that he had something to do with it.
    That's just bad judgment to leave ANY kid alone under the age of 12 home alone, especially leaving an INFANT alone with only an 8 year old and 6 year old to take care of her. Sure these kids might be able to take care of the baby, but again they're just KIDS. She failed the polygraph miserably but again polygraphs are not always accurate. The window was supposedly open, but now investigators say that there was no way someone came in through the window (like the mother said) because there was a screen in and no evidence of the screen being disrupted. The front door was unlocked so that's why there was no forced entry.
    The large number of sex offenders within a 5 mile radius of the Irwin house though makes me think that someone took her. The father has been strangely calm, almost sedative during interviews on t.v., his body language bothers me too, he mumbles and doesn't seem to have much emotion concerning his baby and he's sticking up for his wife when she admits that she may have blacked out while watching the child. If I were that father I would be angry and emotional, this guy looks like he's asleep during interviews. They're BOTH fishy to me but it's just an opinion.
    Then again there's the dog, if the dog didn't bark when someone came onto the property or especially in the house, they may have recognized whoever came into the house and not barked. Either way the MOTHER was NOT WATCHING her baby and her two young boys like she should have been. So yes, it's partly her fault that her baby is missing. In a case like this police usually look at the parents first and in this case the mother, adding to this is the alcohol factor and she admits that her memory was sketchy at the time of the baby's disappearance. Police also look at the neighbors, family members, acquaintances, phone bills, frequent places of interest to find things out. There's something off about this case, that doesn't add up at this point it's anyone's guess.
  • Question:-Missing baby lisa irwin?
    I wonder if someone really took her or the mom did something to her. What do y'all think happened to this baby?

  • Question:-In a kidnapping investigation like baby Lisa Irwin?
    I guess it would be SOP to get a DNA sample for the baby, but my question is: Would it be SOP to get a DNA sample from the father and confirm that he was the father?

    Its just speculation on my part but, he does work night time hours. I mean he got home at 4AM. That means he goes to work at 6PM. I mean, what if she had an affair 19 months ago. What if the baby isn't his but he doesn't know about it. He's raising her as his own along with her other 2 kids. She couldn't very well say anything, even if she thought it might be the real birth father who kidnapped the child. He'd throw her out into the street, with the other 2 kids and Baby Lisa. It would be a monumental mess. In fact she would probably try to lead the police in the other direction.

    The thing with the missing cell phones is interesting. She was blanking out the stored numbers. What if one of those numbers was a former lover. Just deleting the numbers wouldn't really do it, she'd have to destroy them and come up with an excuse for her hubby as to why they were missing. I don't know it just seems like she might have something to hide.

    But i am wondering would they DNA test the husband as a matter of routine? What do you think?

    Answer:-They would not routinely check paternity, however if their Imagination runs wild as it does for some people they may do a paternity test as an investigative tool but the father would not know the results unless him or the mother are arrested.
  • Question:-Missing baby: Lisa Irwin?
    Who cares? Why is this more relevant that all the other missing people? Here is yet again another incident of missing white woman syndrome. Middle class family looses a pretty little girl. I'm not trying to undermine her search, but do you know how many other people are missing? All the black and hispanic women and children? Nevermind them, what about the missing men? You will never hear about a missing man in this country. Here's a list of just a FEW missing people on the FBI website, why don't you hear about them? What makes ones life more important and valuable than another?

    Answer:-With all due respect (note sarcasm), your question makes you sound like a complete douche. I'm from Kansas City, and just for the record, the area where the family lives is not particularly "middle class", so the family isn't likely to be "middle class", either, despite the media's description of the neighborhood as a "quiet, middle class area." That pretty well shoots holes in your theory right there. Furthermore, it's been less than a month ago that a similar search was conducted for an older black gentleman who wandered away from his home here in Kansas City. Sadly, he was suffering from dementia, and wound up stumbling into a river, where he drowned. Also, if I recall correctly, Precious Doe was not a "pretty little white girl", and every effort was made to find her family.

    Next time, try ranting about something you might actually know a thing or two about.
  • Question:-What do you think of the missing baby?
    Lisa Irwin the baby missing what do you think? I know it had to be someone who knew the family had a baby in the house first of all. Who drives down the street and decides lets check this house for a baby? And I don't understand why were the doors not locked and the windows? If I had a baby in my house my house would be locked up. And why did the mother not hear anyone walking around. You know I have kids and I hear everything when I sleep I know went there up and moving around the house. I just have lots of questions.

    Answer:-I'm gonna tell what I said earlier, Idk but something isn't right- the parents are trying to act all innocent, but idk something just seems off...of course the mother failed the polygraph, but that isn't always valid because 60% of people who take it, end up failing (lol I DON'T know this from experience, just from friends in government) but like I said before, something is wrong, and I think BOTH of the parents are involved...they're interviews seem so- mechanical, the father is cold and detached- which of course may be shock, but still, and the mothers tears seem fake and forced. I pray that they find her...and bring justice to whatever as-shole tried to harm her.
  • Question:-In an example case of Lisa Irwin...?
    they are saying now the cadaver dogs did have scent hit in parent's bedroom floor during Thursday's warranted home search. Out of curiosity when does the "scent" turn from the scent of a live person to the scent of a cadaver. Seems like there was not that much time between the baby having been alive to when the father came home. I pray every day they find this beautiful baby, but alot of questions go unanswered.


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