Friday, October 21, 2011


  • Question:-Why are people hating WoW's new expansion Mists of Pandaria?
    I don't understand some of the playerbase' logic. We've got:

    - Narcissistic pointy eared elves
    - Drunken dwarves
    - Engineering midgets
    - Serpentine naga that were formally elves
    - A lump of corpses made into an unspeakable horror

    But suddenly when they announce Pandas people start crying like retards.

  • Question:-Anyone know when WoW: Mists of Pandaria comes out?
    I'm really glad they finally added the 'Monk' class, but I'm still not sure how I feel about 'Pandarans' haha.

  • Question:-what is your thoughts on wow new expan Mists of Pandaria?
    i am up for some good laughs so let out your hate or love for it
    if you gona attack some 1 elses point of view do so respectfully

  • Question:-Will you play World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria?

    Let's imagine that the next expansion of WoW is indeed Mists of Pandaria and the main characters are panda-looking humanoids.

    Will you evey play it?

    My answer: No (unless, probably, if they make the game free2play)... Mists or Pandaria will indeed ruin World of Warcraft with the great lore with humans, orcs, Burning Legion and so..

    If I had wanted to play WoW: Mists of Pandaria, I would have played Hello Kitty Adventure Island

    Answer:-I dont like the idea of it, but i'd probably still play and just not make a panda lol. I wasnt too thrilled when the worgens became the new exciting thing either. So i didnt make one. And dont diss Hello Kitty...she's my idol :p
  • Question:-World of Warcraft:Mists of Pandaria?
    I literally laughed my ass off at the trailer. WTF was blizzard thinking?! WoW is official dead.

  • Question:-World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria or Star Wars: the Old Republic?
    Alright so I'm a hardcore wow fan but then I saw everything about the Old Republic and pre-ordered it but then Mists of Pandaria came out today and it got me excited and back into wow and now I cancelled my Old Republic pre-order and me and my friends are split half and half on stick with wow or switch to the Old Republic so I figured I'd ask the online community what they thought and remember I've played for two years and counting so I don't want to give it up and MoP looks epic but so does Star Wars and I think I'm going crazy by putting this entire paragraph in to one sentence and my mind is scrambled and please help to settle this debate!

  • Question:-The next World of Warcraft Expansion?
    Has there been any confirmation on the name of the next WoW Expansion? Blizzard Trademarked the name Mists of Pandaria but I haven't heard anything other than that. What side would the Pandaren be on, if any? And what other playable race(s) could Blizzard add to the expansion (+ Which faction). I want to know what everybody else thinks. thinks that ethereal could be a new Alliance race which would be badass and in my opinion, Pandaren would probably go to the horde because of there relationship with the tauren.

    Answer:-Mists of Pandaria has been proven not to be the new expansion via an interview with the game developers. You can find it in an article on mmo-champion from about a week ago.

    As of right now, there is no information on the next expansion. Most are predicting that they will announce it during blizzcon 2011 which is coming up. I am very excited!!!

    Good luck =D I hope this helped

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