Tuesday, October 25, 2011

big 12

  • Question:-What would happen in the Big 12 conference if Nebraska and Missouri did go to the Big 10 conference?
    If Nebraska and Missouri did go to the Big 10 what 2 other schools would take their place in the Big 12. Personally I hope neither one of those schools will jump ship to another conference any time soon.

    Answer:-Probably TCU and Utah, maybe New Mexico
  • Question:-How come the Big 12 conference top teams don't play a lick of defense?
    The Big 12 top team is all offense and no defense. I mean looked at OU today, Texas score a lot of points on Mizzou but they allowed to much yardages and to many points against them. Also TTU is all offense and Texas A&M stayed close to TTU until the 4th quarter, wow al offense and no defense. Will the Big 12 top teams win the BCS title with these kind of defense? I mean no defense, it's all offense.

    Answer:-Three things to consider:
    -The QB's playing very well

    -The defenders are missing tons of tackles (poor form and horrible pursuit angles)

    -The offenses are pass happy, which prolongs the game when the clock stops on every incomplete pass... this means more possessions and plays per game
  • Question:-Is the Big 12 really the 5th best college football conference?
    This is according SI.Com. I don't agree. They have the PAC 10, Big east and ACC ahead of the Big 12.
    Excuse me, not the big east but the Big 10 ahead of the Big 12.

    Answer:-Well, I"m a kansas fan and as much as i hate the fact that the BCS writers just adore the SEC...there is no way around the fact. The SEC is the best conference is college football. I would have to agree with Kirk Herbstriet though that the Big 12 is the second best. Think about it...Kansas, MIssouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas Tech are all ranked in the top 25. Not to mention...can you think of any team that is easy to beat on the road in the big 12 aside from iowa state??? I have to believe that the big 12 is the second best conference in NCAA football
  • Question:-In what year will the current Big 12 teams actually leave the Big 12?
    I remember that when the SWC broke up, we knew it was going to happen for a few years. How long will it be before the Big 12 teams play in their new conferences?

    Answer:-more than likely before the 2011 season unless the following happen
    1) teams are let out of contractual agreements to play each other
    2) court injunctions
  • Question:-Who are the marketing partners for the Big 12 and Mountain West conferences?
    For example, the Big Ten partners with Learfield and the Big East partners with ISP. I cannot find who has partnered with the Big 12 and M.W. conference. Any help is sincerely appreciated!

    Answer:-I think its posted on the Big 12 web site
    Good luck
  • Question:-What will happen if Nebraska upsets Texas in the Big 12 championship game?
    Ok...I don't need anyone saying "they won't!" That is why I used the term "upset". And yes it could and has happened. The majority of the Big 12 championship games over the last few years have been upsets. I want to know what you think would happen to the bowl picture and the ranking. Where would Texas fall to and what bowl game would they go to? What about Nebraska?
    I meant the majority of the Big 12 champs have gone on to be upset in their bowl game.

    Answer:-If (and that's a big if) Nebraska beat Texas, then Nebraska is going to the Fiesta Bowl, and I'm sure Texas will still get a BCS Bowl invite. If Texas loses, and the SEC Championship Game between Florida and Bama is reasonably close, I think they'll re-play for the NC.
  • Question:-What will be the score in the Big 12 Championship? And which team do you want to win?
    What will be the score in the Big 12 Championship? And which team do you want to win - Nebraska or Texas?

    Answer:-Huskers 13-10
  • Question:-Will the winner of the Big 12 be in the national championship?
    With Oregan losing, will the winner of the Big 12 automaticly be in the National championship?

    Answer:-The only way it won't happen is if Oklahoma State Beats Oklahoma and then Oklahoma goes on to win the Big 12.
  • Question:-What does the Big 12 mean in basketball?
    I live in Kansas and they are always talking about the big 12. What does this mean?

    Answer:-the Big 12 is a NCAA Conference consisting of

    Oklahoma State
    Texas A&M
    Texas Tech
    Kansas State
    Iowa State
  • Question:-what is the difference between big 12 or big 10 conference in collage football?
    Nebraska next year will be in the big 10. What is so great about the big 10? I know the university got millions of dollars for going to the big 10, but for football what is the benefits?

    I wish we stayed in the the big 12......
    At least it is looking like the huskers will crush today's game, woo hoo Shame they wont play Colorado again

    Answer:-Big Ten folks know how to spell "college."

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