Tuesday, October 25, 2011

grand theft auto 5

  • Question:-How do you go online Grand Theft Auto 5 for the computer?
    I have grand theft auto 5 and the gamers club and downloaded xbox online but when i open gta 5 how do i go online?

    Answer:-He probably means GTA4 lost and the damned..

    Isn't that option in your cellphone?
  • Question:-how do i make a page for grand theft auto 5 game on facebook ? as a page?
    im planning to make a page for "Grand theft auto 5" but i don't know how ... can someone explain to me how i make this page for everyone to let, and what's a good cataloger for this game to be in ?

    Answer:-This guide will explain you how to create a page on Facebook:


    Good luck!
  • Question:-will there ever be a Grand Theft Auto 5 game in north america for PS3?
    is there ever going to be a Grand Theft Auto 5 video game in north america for PlayStation 3? if so, when will it come out?

    Answer:-Yes there will be. I think it will be out within 12 months.
  • Question:-What city do you think Grand Theft Auto 5 should be in?
    We all know Grand Theft Auto has made Rockstar rich. We all know they will make more Grand Theft Auto's and probably never stop making new ones.(Unless the have one of every city known to man). So what city do you think we should travel next. Personally, i think someplace like Bejiing or Hong Kong would be a nice change. Anything besides Liberty City.They have made to many games based in Liberty City.( It's getting old Rockstar)

    Answer:-I know right? Most of them are based in Liberty City, I think it should be Las Vegas (Even though its in GTA San Andreas) Or Asia or even Germany (during WW2)
  • Question:-Has Rockstar Games released anything on Grand Theft Auto 5?
    has rockstar games released any information/trailers/interviews about grand theft auto 5? i heard its supposed to come out in Fall 2010 but i cant find anything

    Answer:-not a word yet. the gta team has been working on the game L.A noire and Agent. so once these games are released they should start working on a new gta
  • Question:-Is there a way to hook to the trailer grand theft auto 5?
    In grande theft auto 5 is there a cheatt code u can use to hook the semi to the trailer?

  • Question:-How do u enter cheat codes on Grand Theft Auto 5 [XBOX 360]? *10 points!!*?
    How do u enter cheats on Grand Theft Auto 5, it's is for the XBOX 360. **BEST ANSWER GETS 10 POINTS!!**
    Sorry I meant GTA 5 & how do u get to ur cell phone?
    I meant GTA 4 & how do u get to the cell phone?

    Answer:-You will get a cellphone when you are doing the 3rd roman mission ..While playing the game, press Up to display Niko's cell phone. Press Up again to access the keypad. Then, enter one of the code ..and there should be ''cheat'' option on your cellphone
  • Question:-What do you want Grand Theft Auto 5 to be like and where do you want it to be?
    What characteristics do you want GTA 5 to have like what city it will be in, what you will do, what cars there are, and whatever else you want to add! Do you thing your guy should be able to marry, should you be able to have a huge mansion you can buy? DO you thing there should be multiple cities you can visit? Should your character be able to have a job? What do you want for the next GTA to be like? Give your opinion!!!

    Answer:-First off, I would like to see a fully customizable character return: I'm not talking about just getting some new clothes, I'm talking about changing the hair and body of the character as well. Or if the developer was really going that far, give a girl character a shot.

    (Now that I've got that out of the way) Some of your ideas do sound good though. It would be interesting to have something more realistic with a marriage and stuff like that, though it would be interesting to see how that could be pulled off. The job thing would be interesting, make the player have to work around a set time, rather than being able to do the jobs at any time they want. Multiple cities is almost a given, or at least one massive city divided into portions.
  • Question:-do you need xbox live to access the cheats for grand theft auto 5?
    I know you need the cell phone but I cant type anything in, do you need live?

    Answer:-(GTA 4) you push up on the D-pAD twice, go on a cheat code website put a cheat in (its gona b a fone number) then if it works, open ur fone menu and scroll down. if it does NOT say cheats, then you need to progress in storymode.
  • Question:-Is it possible to turn the sirens off but keep the lights on on an emergency vehicle on Grand Theft Auto 5 ps3?

    I know in some games you can shoot a certain area and it will disengage the siren but keep the lights on. The closest to that I have been able to do is just make the siren sound weird when I shoot the lights.
    How do i do this?
    Tom I did mean IV but I maxed out my characters.
    And i meant to say 4
    How do i do this?

    Answer:-I think you mean Grand Theft Auto IV

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