Wednesday, October 26, 2011

lego man

  • Question:-How to create a LEGO man profile picture?
    Hey. I'm looking to create a lego face that portrays my face, so i can use it as a profile picture. I've seen one website, but it's a full body lego man, I just want to design the face.
    Do you know any websites?

    Answer:-Here's a Lego 'building' software item.
    I've not used it, but perhaps it can help.
    Maybe 'build' your profile, then print screen the result, then migrate to the destination???
    It's free, so worth a look anyway:
    LEGO Digital Designer is a 3D modeling tool that enables you to design and render your own Lego creations...
  • Question:-Is it possible to take off the arms of a Lego Man without breaking it?
    I had this lego man since i was little, and i would like to change its body parts. I realized i can take of the head, the legs, the hands, and the whatever goes on their head. but when i tried taking off their arms it was kinda hard so i left it alone thinking i might break it? so can i be possible?

    Answer:-It's possible with a minor chance of breaking, depending on the condition of the figure. However, it is hard to put them back on.
  • Question:-Does anybody know where I may find those hoodies with the lego man?
    it comes in a variety of colors, and it has one solid color and the lego man in the middle, and i know they sell those at korea, but is there such a site where i may find some?

    please, and thank you :D

    Answer:-THE GARBAGE
  • Question:-where can i find a lego man costum for halloween?
    i really want to be a lego man for Halloween. do you guys know anywhere i can buy one. i prefer something that's not online..i don't have a credit card so yea thank you very much

  • Question:-How to make a Lego man move their mouth in gimp 2?
    I have seen people make stop motion videos with the Lego persons mouth moving. Can you do this in gimp? How do you do that?

    Answer:-of course! Just put a "circle" over the original mouth. otherwise, if you want to do VERY complicated yet very professional lip sync, make sure to have really good lighting with great focus too, pick the "color picker" tool (eye dropper) and click the head. then color over the guy's mouth, making it invisible, and draw the mouth. do this multiple frames, and VOILA you've got a great lip sync! =]

    Hope this helps!
    UltiFilm Studios =]
  • Question:-How do you get the stupid sword belt accessory on the lego man!?!?
    My kids been bugging me for weeks to get the belt on his lego man you know the knights etc. I try and try, but I can't. and I send him off dissappointed, but honestly I can't figure it out. ANYONE!! what the heck its supposed to be a childs toy, how can it be that difficult?!!?
    taking off his legs won't help. its the mid section (widest point) where the belt is supposed to sit. it won't go over the head either.
    And I have to correct. its a MOBILE product not 'lego'.

    Answer:-take off hes legs
  • Question:-How do you make a custom lego Man-bat head and wings.?
    I have the body and legs, but need help making the ears and wings. Does anybody know how to do this or how to make a custom lego Mam-Bat.

    Answer:-Visit us and vote in our blog

  • Question:-does anyon know where to find the special purple lego bricks that only came with a lego spider man set?
    the piece comes with a lego spider man bridge set only. a guy on youtube said so. the have got a little part in the front hanging of and if connected will make something pretty cool. the pieces are slanted and i cant find them on pick a brick. HELP ME!

    Answer:-You can order any specialized lego pieces straight from lego's main website.
  • Question:-Will a small Lego man survive the temperature of cooking within a pecan pie?
    We seem to think he may be in the pie, and I don't have enough to bake a backup.

    Answer:-I lost my virginity to a Lego fireman. It was a wonderful experience.
    Your man will be fine. Good luck everyone, and best wishes to your family. Thinking of you all at this difficult time xxx
  • Question:-An eight foot tall Lego man washed up on a beach in Florida. Is this another example of illegal immigration?

    Scott Thomas: A publicity stunt with a new Lego Land opening there soon? That does make sense. Thanks for sharing that.

    Answer:-It is weird because I actually live there. I saw that guy being hauled away on a trailer today by a police SUV. Freaky to read about it in the news.

    To answer your question, no since he isn't alive.

    There is a Lego land opening soon nearby, so this was probably a publicity stunt, although Legoland won't admit to it.

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