Wednesday, October 26, 2011

cheryl hines

  • Question:-Are Cheryl Hines and Billie Piper the same person?
    Billie piper ( secret diary of a call girl) and CH have some identical facial features. Anyone ever notice this?

    Answer:-I notice that. But they are not the same person, though. Cheryl Hines is older than Billie Piper.
  • Question:-What is the favorite color of actress Cheryl Hines?
    cannot find it from

    Answer:-Pink and lavender
  • Question:-Was Cheryl Hines in another cable series before CYE?
    I seem to remember an older series (I believe on HBO), well before Curb Your Enthusium, done in the mid-late 90's, where Cheryl Hines played the elitist suburban housewife of maybe a dentist or doctor with two or three kids. I'm pretty sure it was Cheryl Hines but it isn't listed on her IDB and Y Movies credits. Was it her or someone else?
    Nobody knows this?

    Answer:-Yeah, I just double-checked imdb. Wikipedia doesn't have anything like that either. You sure you didn't dream it? (There are worse things to dream about than Cheryl Hines.)
  • Question:-Does my friend look like Cheryl Hines...?
    Here is a picture of her...

    And here is a picture of Cheryl Hines

    Answer:-a very young version, yes.
  • Question:-I am very attracted to Cheryl Hines on Curb Your Enthusiasm?
    Isn't she a hot older lady?
    I mean, older than like a 20-something, it's not a 'bad' thing, like Carol Alt, 47 y.o., absolutely gorgeous.

    Answer:-"Older" versus who?

    My goodness. Can't she just be a hot woman and not a "hot older woman"?
  • Question:-Does Cheryl Hines (From Curb Your Enthusiasm) look like a monkey?

    Answer:-no. but she did play a lion in father of the pride so maybe there is some animalistic quality there.
  • Question:-Did Cheryl Hines leave Curb your Enthusiasm?

    Answer:-is that why they are getting divorced?
  • Question:-What ever happened to that show about Moms with Megan Mullally?
    It had three moms megan mul;ally was one (from will and grace) Cheryl Hines (from curb your enthusiasm) and I can't remamber the third but it was a sitcom about moms, I remember seeing previews and thinking it looked funny but I never saw it come on?

    Answer:-As hoped, Megan Mullally and Cheryl Hines have signed on to join the cast of In the Motherhood, ABC's broadcast adaptation of the popular online series starring Chelsea Handler, Leah Remini and Jenny McCarthy, and chronicling "the hilarious ups and downs of motherhood."

    While Mullally (a winner of two Emmys for her work on Will & Grace) and Hines (twice nominated for Curb Your Enthusiasm) represent the only official casting to date, there has been speculation that from the Internet original, Handler might cross over to round out the trio.

    ABC's In the Motherhood is targeted for an early 2009 bow. - Matt Mitovich,2933,464049,00.html
  • Question:-Is there going to be a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm?
    I'm dying to know what happened between Larry and the really pretty African - American lady [I forgot her name] and her family who is living with the Davids for the time being.

    Did Cheryl Hines quit the show? I think she did and that's why they have been "separated" for the last season.

    Answer:-They start filming in December, that's all I know. Vivica Fox is the name of the beautiful black lady and I can't imagine Cheryl Hinds not being invloved in some way. The chemistry is so good. It would be like not having Susie....
  • Question:-What do you think of this cast list for the Hunger Games movie?
    Katniss - Camilla Belle
    Peeta - Alex Pettyfer
    Gale - James Lafferty
    Prim - Abigail Breslin or Ryan Simpkins
    Rue - Erica Gluck
    Cinna - Jared Leto
    Haymitch - Robert Downey Jr.
    Effie Trinket - Cheryl Hines
    Thresh - Taylor Lautner
    Madge Undersee (Mayor Undersee's daughter) - Emma Watson or Dakota Fanning
    Avox Girl - Daveigh Chase
    Glimmer - Shenae Grimes

    Answer:-I love it! The book rules:) Is this just your list, or are they actually going to make it into a movie?

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