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colorado weather

  • Question:-Colorado Weather?
    I'm getting mixed answers about weather in Colorado Springs. I need to know what a typical year January-December is like. Are thunderstorms common? Tornadoes? What months does it snow? and how much snow can I expect? Is there much humidity? how long does summer typically last? and how hot does it get in the summers? Is there a durastic change in the day vs. night time? And any other information about moving will be helpful. (schooling, crime.ect.) Thank You!

    Answer:-seriously, the weather is very unpredictable. we get our first snow in about september, and then the last one in may. but then mixed in with all the snow in the winter is 70 degree days in january. in the summer (especially july) it rains daily at about 3:00 pm with thunder and lightning. it's not humid at all (people complain if it gets above 25% humidity). but yes, there is a very drastic change from day to night. even if it gets to 90 degrees during the day, it'll drop at least to 60 at night.
    some other info: not much crime. district 20, 38, and 12 schools are great! 11 and 49 are overcrowded and have some sub-standard schools and teachers. i'm not sure which part you're coming to so i can't really tell you anything about a specific school... but i've lived here for half my life so anything else you want to know just ask!
  • Question:-Colorado weather??
    How is the weather in colorado in july? In Colorado Springs is it sunny during july?? or snowy?

    Answer:-Colorado springs in July is typically 80's to 90's, dry heat, chances of afternoon showers - snow's gone!
  • Question:-Will my ducks be okay in Colorado weather?
    I purchased two baby ducks at the tractor supply store and currently live in Texas. I will be moving to Colorado in June, and was planning on letting them go in a pond at the apartment I'm moving into. Will they be okay in the Colorado weather or should I let them go before I leave Texas?

    Answer:-It depends where you are in Colorado and the type of duck. Some of the mountain towns (e.g., Aspen or Frasier) are too cold, but ducks (mostly mallards) live year round in other parts of the state (e.g., Denver or Colorado Springs).
  • Question:-Ive lived in Florida weather ALL my life, do you think i would be able to move to colorado weather?
    florida weather is usually in the 80's or 90's and colorado i hear is very cold...can i get used to it???

    Answer:-If I can go from Texas to South Korea...I think you'll be fine lol. Colorado does get cold in the winter time, they are not humid ever, usually, depends on which part of Colorado you go to, the eastern portions can get a dry line that brings dew points to the 50's, but no where near the 60's and 70's you are used too. Denver is pleasant in the summer, only a few days reach 100, and it's a pleasant dry heat. If you are in the mountains, expect cool summers, 80's usually, 40's for lows. Winter's good luck anywhere in Colorado, record lows have dipped all the way down to -60 before...I've never felt that, but if you spit, it will be a ball of ice before it hits the ground.
  • Question:-Winter road trip from Seattle to Colorado weather conditions?
    For anyone who has made this winter time drive (or something similar), are the weather conditions severe? Are the raods at least fit for driving? I would hate to spend 5 days getting back in winter conditions when it took 2 for me to make the drive during the summer. I'll be driving to CO for Christmas.

    Answer:-I made it last January, most of the drive is on the plains or in areas that don't get much snow. It shouldn't be that hard unless there's a freak storm. Just avoid I-70, as it goes right through the Rockies and closes at Vail pass all the time
  • Question:-Whats the weather in colorado springs during summer months?
    We plan on bringing our four kids to camp in colorado springs this summer and would like to know what the weather is usually.How hot is the temp.

    Answer:-80s or 90s, 70s in the mountains. Cold at night, make sure to bring jackets. 40Fish at night.
  • Question:-What is the weather in Colorado like?
    From what I know (Which may be inaccurate) the weather in Colorado is pretty crazy. One moment it could be one way and in a few minutes it changes. I just wanted to know if this is true.

    Answer:-I have been hearing people say "don't like the weather? Wait a few minutes and it will change" since I was a little kid. That is a slight exaggeration, but it often changes abruptly especially in the summer when we have frequent rain, hail and sometimes even show in the afternoons after a morning of beautiful sunny weather.

    Fronts can move across the plains or down from the mountains very quickly and meteorologists always say forecasting is challenging at best. They put the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder for a reason and it wasn't the dull boring weather.
  • Question:-Weather in Colorado during the month of January?
    What is the weather like in Colorado during the month of January?

    Answer:-If you are a native of Minnesota, North Dakota, or Wisconsin, then Colorado is a heat wave. I usually wear a fleece or down jacket as it rarely gets down to twenty-below zero.
  • Question:-What is the BEST lotion to use for DRY Colorado Weather?
    I have lived out here for less than a year and the dryness is driving me NUTS!! My skin is always dry and itchy, and I haven't found a lotion strong enough to help. Even Eucerin and Cetaphil aren't strong enough!! Help, please!

    Answer:-If you can find it try Cornhuskers Lotion. This stuff is awesome!
  • Question:-How is the weather in Colorado?
    Okay I'm born and raised in good old sunny California! Well I am moving to Colorado..I am use to of the sun, beaches, bars, lots of parties and just lots of things to do..How is it living in Colorado? What type of weather am I going to have to get used to?? Thank you to all of you who answer!

    Answer:-The climate of Colorado is quite complex compared to most of the United States. The typical south-north/cooler-warmer variation in other states is not generally applicable in Colorado. Mountains and surrounding valleys greatly affect local climate. As a general rule, with an increase in elevation come a decrease in temperature and an increase in precipitation. A main climatic division in Colorado occurs between the Rocky Mountains on the west and the plains on the east; the foothills form a transitional zone between the two.

    So find out more about the part of Colorado you are going to live in, and then find the climate information about that area.

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