Saturday, October 22, 2011

chris cook

  • Question:-How do steakhouses like Ruth's Chris cook their Lamb Chop dinners?

    I have electric appliances, and also would like to know how to get steakhouse quality from them.

    Answer:-Lamb can be done on the broiler like steaks, they cook at 600 d F on high efficiency broilers, some will roast racks but if there cooking lon chop it is generally on the broiler, I was chef for many years and like them char-broiled.
  • Question:-Looking for how Ruth's Chris cook their steaks, not recipe 4 garlic butter!?
    Anyone knows how Ruth's Chris cook their steaks? Besides the quality of meat & a really hot broiler/over, there must be a method & timing to get the same juicy melt-in-your-mouth perfection that comes on the plate.

    Answer:-Actually I think you have everything right there already.

    They use a top quality beef that was raised just for them using their standards. They use a patented broiler that I hear gets up to 1600 or 1800 degrees that would not be doable at home, and they use garlic butt on them to season.

    To get a great steak, you have to start out with a great piece of beef - that is half the battle.

    I agree, they have one of the better slices of cow available.

    edited to add: And I would guess that they dry age their beef. The best steaks are dry aged 6-8 weeks. But any dry ageing is generally better than wet aging using enzymes.
  • Question:-is there age restictions on seeing stand up shows from people like dane cook chris rock and george lopez?
    im 14 and yes one of my parents would come with me.

    Answer:-I think you have to be 18.
  • Question:-How do I cook a filet mignon so it tates like like they do at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse?
    I love the steaks at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse but I can't afford to eat there every week...any way I could find out the recipe for how to cook their Filet Mignon and their chopped salad?

    Answer:-My fiance worked for a very high end steakhouse just like Ruth's Chris. Basically...the key to their steak is quality. You need to get Prime filet...nothing else or it won't even compare. If it isn't USDA not buy it! The other thing is that they cook at very very high tempatures. They sear it on the grill very quickly and then they broil the steak at about 1600-1800 degress (each steakhouse is different).

    Issue with that is...most of us do not have the capabilities to cook at those temperatures at home. Best you can do is start on the grill then move to the broiler to finish it off. The other thing you could do is serve it on the plate of butter like Ruth's Chris does.

    And Please--whatever you not ever order your steak well done! Trust me when I say that they'll be laughing at you in the kitchen. Savor the meat---don't kill the flavor!
  • Question:-do you think david cook can achieve what chris daughtry having now?
    or david can surpass all what daughtry achieve..

    well for me david cook can sing everything and he is way much hotter than chris!

    david cook rock more!

    Answer:-To me Chris is hotter but I do love David Cook too. It will take him some time to be able to pass what Chris has done. But why compare they are both different kinds of Rock singers and there is enough room on the charts for both of them
  • Question:-similar david cook and chris daughtry?
    i want to find singers or bands that have a similar style of songs as david cook and chris daughtry. Can anyone help me?

    Answer:-Try David Cook's old band, MWK. They're really good and all of their songs can be bought off itunes. Check out for more.

    The album I would recommend if you want sound like Cook and Daughtry is Incoherent With Desire to Move on. It's really good.
  • Question:-will chris cook, the cb the vikings drafted, be a good nfl player?

    Answer:-in 3 years
  • Question:-david cook or chris daughty which is your favorite and why ?
    me david cook what is yours and why

    Answer:-Daughtry, probably because I heard him first. They're both good.
  • Question:-why didnt chris cook and toby gerhart play yet?
    are they hurt

    Answer:-Garhart played, but he is not going to get many carries when AP is the starter.
  • Question:-Jonas Brothers, Fall out Boy, Rihanna, Chris Brown, David Cook?
    Would you rather spend a day with The Jonas Brothers, Fall Out Boy, Rihanna, Chris Brown or David Cook??

    Answer:-The Jonas Brothers- hmm, maybe
    Fall out Boy- idk they are freaks
    Rihanne- shes cool
    David cook- Boring
    Chris Brown- hes awesome
    Probably Jonas brothers to make those kiddies jealous

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