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  • Question:-What is a song that could go with the book The Lacuna?
    I need a song that connects figuratively and literally with the book the Lacuna. ANYTHING HELPS!

  • Question:-Any bands with sound similar to Karmacode by Lacuna Coil?
    I'm looking for any bands that have a sound similar to this album by Lacuna Coil and I mean this in the respect of the middle-eastern influences in the singing and riffs. I have found some bands similar but I'm having trouble really finding a band that pulls it off really well. I'm looking for bands that DON'T overdo the screaming. I've found plenty of bands that didn't do it for me because they overdo it in that respect.

    Answer:-After Forever
    Within Temptation
    Leaves' Eyes

    Hope I helped!
  • Question:-What time does Lacuna Coil start thier set on the Music as a Weapon tour?
    They are the first of the headlining bands playing the main stage.

    Answer:-In louisiana they opened first, but it might change
  • Question:-What is your favourite lacuna coil and nightwish song?
    I haven't heard either of them yet, and I wanna know if they're any good.

    Answer:-I'm not a fan of Lacuna Coil but I really love their song To Myself I Turned.

    Nightwish is my favorite band so is hard for me to just pick one song, so here are a few:
    Wish I had an Angel
    Sleeping Sun
    Beauty of the Beast
    Bye Bye Beautiful
    Seven Days To The Wolves
    Dark Chest Of Wonders
    Meadows of Heaven
    The Islander
    The Poet and the Pendulum
    Ever Dream
    Slaying The Dreamer
    Over The Hills And Far Away

    I like all of their albums but my top three are Dark Passion Play tied with Once, and Century Child.
  • Question:-What songs does Lacuna Coil play during the "Us Spellbound Tour"?
    I am going to see them on July 11th, and I was wondering what songs they would play.

    If you have been to their concert from this tour already, please help!

    Answer:-To the Edge
    fragments of faith
    i won't tell you
    i'm not afraid
    not enough
    daylight dancer
    heaven's a lie
    enjoy the silence (depeche mode cover)
    our truth

    hope this helps =]
  • Question:-Does anyone know where I can find an English translation of Lacuna Coil's Comalies?
    The song, I mean, not the album. When I search it online, I get the cheap kind of online translations where half the line is still in Italian


    Opps this link went to a different song.

    You can try using babelfish and translate yourself
  • Question:-What band do you like better betwen- Lacuna Coil and In This Moment?
    Both have female singers and both are metal.

    Answer:-I've only got Karmacode by LC but I like Cristina's vocals better than Maria's. I was impressed be ITM's Beautiful Tragedy but as excitedly as I awaited The Dream, it never fulfilled my expectation.

    I've resisted getting Shallow Life so far after poor reviews. I will probably get it before too long but on what I've heard I'll say Beautiful Tragedy is better than Karmacode but The Dream was a step in the wrong direction, imho anyway.

    If you like female singers, have you heard Delain? I'm quite a fan of theirs. Venturia and Crystal Viper are quite good too. They're Dutch, French and Polish bands respectively btw.
  • Question:-What songs does the band Lacuna Coil sing in Italian?
    I only know of the song called Senzafine. Are there any others?

    Answer:-"Comalies" and "Without fear" have the lyrics both in Italian and in English.
    There is another song called "Un fantasma tra noi" with an Italian title, but it's only instrumental.
  • Question:-Has anybody heard the new Lacuna Coil Album?
    Has anybody heard the new Lacuna Coil Album? What are your favorite songs and why!

    Answer:-I've only heard it once but I thought shallow life was good and wide awake. That's just from one time though. There were a couple of others that stuck out to me. I need to listen to it more. Great band!!!
  • Question:-What is your faveourite lacuna coil song?
    well people who arent into the band seem to think most of their songs are the same especially on the comalies and karmacode albums but i wanna no what ur fave song by them is

    Answer:-Christina's voice is excellent. Lacuna Coil is one of my favorite bands so is a little difficult to choose 1 song. However, I did not fully liked the Shallow Life production (get excited after initially listening to Spellbound) and have been listening lately to Halestorm, In This Moment, Crucified Barbara, Within Temptation and Lullacry

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