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  • Question:-Coraline??
    in Coraline the book, in the bet that her and her other mother have is it that if Coraline can catch all of the souls of all the people shes captures or her parents souls or something?..and if she loses she has to become one of them and sew buttons on her eyes?..PLEASE HELP!

    Answer:-haha i read that book in grade 5 sooooo creeepy.
    if i remember correctly (wich i definatly dont) it has somehting to do with moving into a new apartement and following a hand through the mirror?
    hmm i forget but her mother is definatly taken at some point and there are ppl with button eyes...
    i suggest you google it there will probably be a summary somewhere seeing as its a fairly populare childrens read....

    hope thats helpful (???)
  • Question:-coraline ?
    i watched the preview for the 3d coraline with croma depth glasses and nothing happened is it because coraline isnt in that type of 3-d?

    Answer:-There are different types of 3-D. One kind uses those glasses with one red lens and one green lens. The other kind uses clear lenses.

    You have to use the right kind of glasses, depending on the type of 3-D used.
  • Question:-How do I watch Coraline online without getting viruses?
    I tried everything--from paying money for a year just to download Coraline, which gave me viruses--to going to bajillion sites that said they had Coraline, but did not. How can I watch Coraline in high quality without getting viruses?
    I went to the first three websites and they didn't have Coraline (the full movie).

    Answer:-i watched it on OVGuide for free and without having to download it so i didnt get viruses on my computer! heres the site i used to watch coraline:
  • Question:-How do I get the coraline self portrait thingy off my myspace?
    I went on the coraline website a while ago and added the self portrait with the buttons as eye on my myspace and I can't get them off my myspace! How do I do it?

    Answer:-without linking us to your page its hard to say for sure but i can imagine either you got it on your page with an image code or embed code.

    look in your codes for somethign like IMG SRC="URL" or EMBED/OBJECT code and remove those.
  • Question:-How can I successfully grow coraline algae on my coral and how long does it take?
    In a ten gallon tank...
    Is there a special coral that it has to grow on?
    How can I successfully grow coraline algae on my coral and how long does it take?

    Answer:-Coraline is a calcareous algae that grows by encrusting onto other surfaces, why would you want it to grow on corals? this would kill the coral.
    If you have some Coraline on the glass (for example) you can get a sharp edged blade and scrap at it, as it comes away from the glass your powerheads will blow it around the tank effectively 'seeding' the tank as it will grow where it falls (remember to turn of your skimmer/filters for an hour).
    Coraline likes two things...calcium and actinic light (not white) so therefore you need to make sure your calcium levels are sufficient to support it's growth (350-450ppm) and you have a quality source of actinic light (T5 actinic lights would be good).
    Coraline also need good levels of Magnesium and Alkaline.
  • Question:-What different colors does Coraline algae come in?
    I have some pink coraline algae in my tank, but I also have light green and yellow algae that looks exactly like the pink kind. Is it coraline algae too?
    The snails eat around it. Just like they do with the pink coraline...

    Answer:-Mainly pink to purple, but other colors, too. The green and yellow algae probabaly is coralline algae, if it otherwise looks like it.
  • Question:-What are your interpretations of the movie Coraline?
    There is obviously a lot of symbolism in the movie. What do you think certain things mean?

    With the buttons, I think they symbolizing being oblivious. That's why the "other family" is trying to get Coraline to get them.

    Answer:-Don't judge a book by its color

    If it looks too good to be true it probably is
  • Question:-What are good books similar to coraline?
    I dont read a lot but i liked the book coraline and i liked the nightmare before christmas so do you know some other good books (without vampires ;) that you think are similar to coraline?

    Answer:-Try some other Gaiman! The Graveyard Book is good and so is Stardust. You might also like Sabriel by Garth Nix and Fire and Hemlock or Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones.
  • Question:-What are the differences between these three Coraline books?
    I've been looking into buying the book Coraline. I've noticed, however, that there are three versions: Coraline, Coraline Movie Tie-in, and Coraline: The Movie Collector's Edition. What, if any, are the differences between these versions? Are the stories all the same but just with extras and different covers? Or are the stories slightly altered? Could they be all the same?

    Answer:-I talked to a lady at my local bookstore, and asked her about this when I was buying my copy. I know that Coraline and Coraline: Movie Collector's Edition are both the same, The Movie Collector's Edition just has the movie promo cover. It is the same book.
    I am not sure about the Movie Tie-In, but I think the only difference is the cover. The lady at the bookstore said that Neil Gaiman (the author) wrote the book for adults, then rewrote the book for children, but I don't think that he would do that. I hope this helps you get the correct book!
  • Question:-Are the 3d glasses for coraline the same as the ones for the disney movies?
    I saved the ones from those and thought of buying tix for a different movie and seeing Coraline. I think it's ridiculous to pay for those glasses every time.

    Answer:-do you have those black thick plastic rimmed glassed that look like sunglasses? thats the kind that they used for coraline in my theater and they also used it for bolt. if those are the kind that you have then you should be fine :)
    its a great movie, have fun

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