Sunday, October 23, 2011


  • Question:-Is it silly to ponder deeply and appreciate every scenario you enter?
    Ok, lets say you go to a movie, and you ponder deeply about it's message..
    And then you meet a few aquaintances for lunch and you notice the way the tables or the food is aligned.
    And then you appreciate that you're outside in bustling surroundings with two potential friends.
    And while you're walking back you take in the breeze of the night?

    ..does anyone do that, or planning to? Is it silly?
    Cos I know alot of people shut off their thinking and emotions in daily life. Are we missing messages this way?

    Answer:-This is a great way to live, finding the beauty in a flower growing by the road, or a bird singing in the trees, you are enjoying life's little wonders, try to remain on this path, it helps with life's problems and you see that what you think is a major problem is really only small and can be solved.....
  • Question:-Who else thinks Christian Ponder was a good pick for Vikings?
    He's crazy accurate, and best QB available for the West Coast offense. Everyone says he killed at the combine with interviews and played well in the Senior bowl. We can trade or Mcnabb and sit Ponder for a year or so. I say good pick.

    Answer:-I don't think he was as he was a very average football player last year in College. There were several picks that went in the second round that were better than him including Andy Dalton.
  • Question:-Easiest way to Heathrow Airport from Ponder's End with two huge luggages?
    What is the cheapest way to get to Heathrow with two large luggages from Ponder's End? I know some tube stations are wheelchair accessible (so is Heathrow), but the closest to me would be Oakwood, which is not, and I'd be clumping my luggages down the stairs to the platform.

    Answer:-Take a taxi. This is for sure the easiest thing to do, and quite frankly one of the only options with a lot of luggage. It will cost a little more but it will save you a mountain of headaches. If you must take the tube, try to transfer as little as possible and don't travel during rush hour.
  • Question:-Is it time to begin the Christian Ponder experience in Minnesota?
    While I don't blame it all on Mcnabb, the ugly truth is the team is still 0-2. Why not go with Ponder now and get him the experience and reps he needs going fwd. Look at Newton, Dalton, and now Gabbert. He needs to start!

  • Question:-Is it usual for teenagers to ponder over sexuality and become very anxious?
    Is it usual for teenagers to ponder over sexuality and become very anxious?

  • Question:-Will Christian Ponder be a frontrunner for the Heisman next year?
    If FSU has a defense next year, do you think Christian Ponder will be a possible Heisman contender?

    Answer:-Jacory Harris, Miami
    Christian Ponder, FSU
    Mark Ingram, Alabama
    Jeremiah Masoli, Ore
    Matt Barkley, USC
  • Question:-What films make us ponder on our existence?
    Not exactly existentialist movies, but movies that actually make you think "what are we?" what is our purpose of living. because some films can also be described existentialist because they focus on the condition of human life. that's not what i'm searching for because it doesn't interest me. what films actually ponder on the meaning of our existence and the meaning of our life?

    Answer:-Two come to mind: 2001 Space Odyssey and Contact....but that's just me.
  • Question:-Should it be against the law for non-scientists to ponder the origins of existence?
    They just come up with wacky religions and sky daddy explanations, then try to force us all to follow them. I think it's dangerous for less intelligent people to ponder questions so heavy.

    Answer:-well smarty pants all that science mumbo jumbo don't mean nothin' cuz God says hizself in the good book how it all happened and thatz all there is to it!

    Ifn ye ask me we can just stop all this riten books n' such cuz ain't no body needs to know all that stuff anyways.
  • Question:-Even though the Vikings took Ponder in the first round, should they go after Kevin Kolb?
    A friend and I have debated this since the draft. I am believer in putting this kid in from day 1 and let him learn on his own. He wants Mcnabb or Kolb, more leaning towards Kolb.

    What do think a Veteran(like we always do) or put Ponder in and see what the kid can do?
    Plese don't assume because I want to start the kid that agreeing with me will get BA. Best argument gets it!

    Answer:-I think the plan should be to start Ponder from day 1 and if he doesn't work out, make a midseason trade to acquire a veteran quarterback like Kolb or McNabb. I agree with you, and I don't want/need BA. The Vikings sound pretty confident about Ponder so I think they should reflect that confidence on him by making him the starter.
  • Question:-I ponder, if it is possible for a child (born) in Canada, to get Canadian citizenship, while none of the paren?
    I ponder, if it is possible for a child (born) in Canada, to get Canadian citizenship, while none of the parents has Canadian resident permit (or citizenship) and they are there for some business purpose.
    Will the child automatically get the Canadian citizenship?

    Answer:-Yes. The child could easily get citizenship then. But that is not considered a foot in the door for the parents to become citizens. Also, customs officials tend to be suspicious of a woman, who is far along in pregnancy, traveling into Canada. If you cannot provide an extremely valid reason for the trip, the money to cover the cost of staying here for the duration of her pregnancy, and the money it will cost for medical services to deliver said baby, prenatal and postnatal care, its likely the pregnant woman will not be allowed entry.Not to mention many airlines do not allow women pregnant past 32-35 weeks to travel by plane, and the airlines that do, usually require a physicians note. Many people would love to have their baby born into Canadian citizenship, hoping it will also give themselves access. It does not work that way. Check the links.

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