Thursday, October 20, 2011

craigslist killer

  • Question:-What is the name of the woman the Craigslist Killer robbed on April 16?
    I was researching the Craigslist Killer for a current events project, but I can't find the name of the woman he robbed on the 16 of April.

    Answer:-Prosecutors have not released her name. The have released the name of the murder victim, Julissa Brisman,2933,517595,00.html
  • Question:-Why was the craigslist killer estranged with his mom, father and siblings?
    So I watched the movie craigslist killer last night and I have questions. Mainly, does anybody know why he apparently was estranged with his mom, dad and siblings? The movie eluded to this but did not offer any insight as to why this would have been. For example, at the engagement celebration he didnt care if his mom or brother were there... was this true? if it was true, why would this have been so?

    Answer:-Would you want to publicly admit being related to a serial killer?
  • Question:-What was the song playing at the end of Craigslist Killer?
    As the movie Craigslist Killer was ending, there was a slow song playing with a male singer. If anyone knows what this song is, I'm just wondering.

    Answer:-Where The River Bends - Matthew Barber
    Beautiful song :)
  • Question:-In the movie The Craigslist Killer why does Philip twitch and his vision gets blurry?
    In the movie The Craigslist Killer why does Philip twitch and his vision gets blurry!

    Answer:-I think its because he was sick.. mental but yet he wasn't tested or had any history of it.. who knows it could've just been in the movie to make it seem more interesting
  • Question:-Craigslist killer....?
    So I watched the movie on lifetime today and wow this guy had everything going for him.. do you guys think he was in the right mind or he was sick?? Yeah ofcourse he was sick to kill and like humiliating girls etc but do you think he was mental?

    Answer:-He seemed a little weird through out the movie but he said the only reason he did it was because he didn't think he deserved everything he was getting.
  • Question:-Now that the Craigslist killer is in custody will you start advertising your services on there again?

    Answer:-I'm not sure that's the REAL killer they have in custody. So now when I give sponge baths and massages I'm going to have my friend Hefty Carl watch. He'll make sure no one shivs me AND he can play the Xylophone while he does 'security'. Nice !!
  • Question:-What Do You Think About The Craigslist Killer's Obnoxious Wedding Announcement Website?
    His fiance seems to be in deep denial and what's up with a website dediated entirely to their upcoming wedding? Can they be more obnoxious about their love?

    Since Phillip Markoff's arrest the website has been disabled, but come on. Who does something so classless like that? His fiance Megan McAllister is in deep denial about all this. I'm glad she was knocked off her high horse.

    Answer:-The only thing I see is that these are 2 spoiled people who probably always had a hand out in their parent's pockets. Come on, where does she think he gets all his money to gamble from when he doesn't even have a job and is a full time medical student???
    She is in denial, but it may also be a blessing in disguise, if they did get married and he buys some very expensive life insurance for her........This creepo likes to take advantage of women.
  • Question:-Where can I watch the Craigslist Killer Movie that was shown on Lifetime?
    I missed it and I really wanna see it. Does anyone know a site where I can see it?

    Answer:-http://www.graboiḍ.com has it.
  • Question:-Where can i watch The Craigslist Killer movie online (ps3)?
    I can't find a link to watch the craigslist killer movie. Can someone/anyone please be an awesome person & upload the movie asap?

    Answer:-You can watch this movie from the links provided by youtube.
  • Question:-Does the Craigslist Killer seems more like a serial killer than a robber?
    He attacked another woman AFTER he killed. He attacked one BEFORE he killed. He collected panties as souvenirs. From this lay person's view it seems that money was a secondary object.

    Answer:-it was.he probably would have went on to rape and murder at some point, but i don't think he intended to start it with the one he killed.i think that was a screw up on his part.i have been saying it from day one that he mirrors ted bundy in so many ways.

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