Thursday, October 20, 2011

libya map

  • Question:-I am looking for a detailed map of Libya, thorough enough for me to be able to see village names?
    I am trying to plot the route of Operation Compass where the Allies advanced through Northern Libya, and would like to be able to place the towns they talk about. Google maps, and the CIA World factbook are all to vague and only mention major cities.

    Answer:-you should go to and you can search any place at any actually gets so detailed in pictures that you can see houses, streets, everything. Even cars on the road. it's pretty sweet. I downloaded it on my cpu. You should try it.
  • Question:-is there a map for Libya on any GPS software for PDA'a ?
    is there a map for Libya on any GPS software for PDA'a ? spechially if u provide me with the link to download it thaaaanks.

    Answer:-You may have to / can make your own if you want a free map. There are GPS sites that explain how to.

    If you are just looking for a free map of Libya, I got mine from an old ebook that I keep on my Palm TX, "2002 CIA Worldbook".

    You can also try Google Earth on PC or Google Mobile Maps and explore Libya via satellite.

    Good luck.
  • Question:-What percentage of conservatives can even find Libya on a map?
    I bet less than 10%. Remember Fox News labelling Iraq as Egypt on a map? LOL!

    Answer:-I'm not sure what the percentage actually is...but I'd wager that it's a higher percentage than the percentage of liberals that could find Libya on the map.

    Remember we conservatives are "rich"...we send our kids to PRIVATE SCHOOLS....not the public LIBERAL know the schools where kids can't even read...
  • Question:-Do you think Obama could have found Libya on a map this time last year?
    And be honest... i honestly doubt it.

    Answer:-Yes - Obama isn't nearly as stupid as right wing idiots.
  • Question:-What does bombing Libya have to do with the interests of the average American who can't find Libya on a map?

    Answer:-They probably wouldn't care unless Obama was in the mix. They managed to ignore atrocity around the world on a daily basis beforehand.
  • Question:-Americans can't even point to America on a map let alone Libya. So Obama's helping Libyan people except the?
    Gaddafi tribe will earn him 0 extra points for the 2012 election?

    Answer:-Right - I'd expect Obama to lose more supporters than he'd gain through any actions in Libya.
  • Question:-How many of you can find Libya on a map?
    lol i just picked Libya by random

    Answer:-I can - my dad's Libyan and I go visit every year!
  • Question:-Could you find Libya on an unmarked map? Iraq? Afghanistan?
    I can find Afghanistan because my son-in-law is there, but not the others.

    Answer:-yes, very easily.
  • Question:-POLL: how long until Libya is gone from the map?

    Answer:-just long enough for the USA to slurp up all the oil and or other natural resources they can squander, then they will dispose of them!

  • Question:-Where can I get maps of Libya and Western Australia?
    I need them ASAP....I am doing a school thing and can't get any websites for the maps. HELP.

    Answer:-Here you go

    Western Australia

    Hope this helps!

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