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  • Question:-. libya?????????????
    what do u think off libyan people? the ntc? and gaddafi?
    and who do you think will win this civil war
    and wich is the best arab revolution in your opinion tunisia,egypt,yemen,libya or syria?

    Answer:-there is no revolution and there will be no revolution like the libyan revolution.
  • Question:-What caused the crisis in Libya and how can it be resolved?
    Please help! I have to write a 3-5 page paper on this topic and I wanted to know the background information on the problems in libya, how it occured, the present solutions discussed and how it can be resolved. Also, please provide links and opinions. Thank you!

    Answer:-There were similar questions and here are links to the ones that earned me best answers:

    What is going on in Libya?;_ylt=AlT_hgK4uGW.DXbpQntTGrbty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110305140123AABCFAO

    What caused the revolt in Libya?;_ylt=ApWbB9PHCbpM29U2XBQR3Fbty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110302195604AAYVffu

    What has Ghadafi done to Libya?;_ylt=Ask6PLSDYgQ76G0QpqV4gE7ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110308171815AAUjjZH

    Question about libya?;_ylt=AiP9JHR7MYmJKp9WUKL5iNrty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110302035702AA71f88

    Lemme know if you require more :)

    Good luck with the paper!
  • Question:-How is the current rebellion in Libya relevant to the study of world history and geography this year?
    How is the current rebellion in Libya relevant to the study of world history and geography this year? I need to write a paragraph on this prompt and I am having a big trouble writing this. Please help!

    Answer:-put the libyan revolution in the scope of the arab jasmine revolutions and the turn to democracy.
  • Question:-How many people died of hunger in china and libya in 2008 due to hunger?
    Please no fake answers i have a project to do in my class and i have to create a huge statistical investigation on it and i have to compare China and Libya and the question is how many people died in China and how many people died in Libya in 2008 because of hunger. I would be really really greatfull if you could help me with this. Please please help my project is due 2 weeks later and i need lots of time to do it.
    Thanks all help appreciated.


    Are you fucking kidding?China is one of the world's most powerful countries.It economy become booming since 1978.It also have the largest army in the world.Died??There is no one died of hunger in China. It has the most prosper society.You have to compare China with Libya???It sounds like you are comparing a dinosaur with an ant!!!

    U may learn more information of China and Libya before doing your naive homework....
  • Question:-What are some significant problems affecting Libya's future?
    I need to do a write up on three main implications towards the country of Libya's future. Any one know any besides illegal immigration that I am already covering? Thanks!

    Answer:-Its Africa, what do you expect?
  • Question:-What did Libya do to the United States again?
    We all know that Liberals called the war in Afghanistan "Bush's Vietnam" and insisted that there was no way to win.

    And we all know that they were against the invasion of Iraq and removal of Saddam Hussein from power since he had nothing do with the 911 attacks.

    So how was Gadhafi a threat the national security of the United States again? And why are liberals beating their chest like the world is a safer place now that islamic militants are in charge of Libya?

  • Question:-How did Obama start a war when Libya was already in a civil war before the UN no fly zone?
    Does any part of the conservatives argument that Obama started a war in Libya make sense?
    Lancealot: Kinda like how Bush was let off the hook by blaming everything on Cheney?

    Answer:-No, but to be fair, none of their criticisms of Obama have ever made much sense.
  • Question:-What did Libya do in 1970 that brought OPEC to the attention of the industrial world?
    All I could find was something about a revolution in Libya in 1969, and of course the oil embargo of 1973. Is this something like that?

    Answer:-You're probably thinking about the 1973-74 decision by Arab oil-producing states within OPEC (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) to withhold their oil supplies from the world market. this was in response to Western, especially US, support to Israel during the October 1973 mid-east war, the so-called Yon Kippur War. Libya, a major oil producer, was on of the participants in that action.
  • Question:-Is there anyone who believes Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya were all launched with good intentions?
    That Iraq was because of WMD's (just with bad intel), Afghanistan was about catching Bin Laden and Libya is about helping the poor rebels achieve Democracy?
    Super: So if someone killed your mom, you'd be happy to kill some other innocent man that had nothing to do with it for revenge even when you know who really did it and just let him go on about his business?

    Answer:-Sure, they're called sheep, and they are the majority in America.

    The fact is, everytime the U.S. intervenes with the affairs of a foreign country, the reasons all almost always economic. Iraq = Oil. Afghanistan = Minerals. Libya = Oil.

    Sometimes, it seems like the U.S. intervenes for purely sadistic and racist reasons, like the funding for Israel. What does the U.S. gain - strategically and economically- from the destruction of Gaza and the West Bank? Nothing. They just like killing arabs.
  • Question:-Is Boehner using Libya as a smoke screen to hide the fact of "Where are the jobs republicans promised they?
    Is Boehner using Libya as a smoke screen to hide the fact of "Where are the jobs republicans promised they would create when they won control of the House?
    Instead he said if 770,000 people had to lose their job then so be it.

    Answer:-No, months ago they said government cannot create jobs. Besides, if Republicans can create jobs, there would not have been a net loss of jobs during the Bush Administration. The Republicans are only good at creating misery, especially for people who are unemployed and needing government help.

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