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easter island

  • Question:-Easter Island?
    Does anyone know how to get to Easter Island? Does anyone know the cost?

    Answer:-Lan Chile flies to Easter Island, with flights operating between Santiago, Chile and Papeete,Tahiti. Airfare from Santiago,Chile to Easter Island and back costs approximately $800 US. There are several companies who can arrange package trips, including hotels, tours etc., but it is possible, and much cheaper, to arrange a place to stay upon arrival. Many locals who operate hotels and guesthouses arrive at Mataveri Airport to greet the tourists, and is something you might consider. Staying in a private home is a great way to meet the islanders and experience the local culture; however, one should use judgment in choosing accommodations, as not all places are of equal quality.
  • Question:-easter island?
    takes you for less to easter

  • Question:-What is the purpose of the statues on Easter Island?
    I've often wondered this, why do those tall big head statues on Easter Island mean? What are they there for? Who made them? How long have they been there? How many of them are there? Does Easter Island have anything to do with Easter? How did that island get that name? It's kind of creepy, but I'm curious.

    Answer:-No one really knows why they were placed there, they can only guess at it. Only those who constructed and placed them there really know their reason for doing this and so far they are not talking to us. Not that I have heard of anyway.

  • Question:-what were the causes of easter island to fall collapse to its civilization?
    hi im doing an essay on different view points on this issue and want to know viewpoints on historians and scientist, archaeologist on the collapse of easter island.
    The island is such a mystery and there are many theories, but i need to back up with supporting evidence. if any one know stuff on this topic or info it would be much appreciated.

    Answer:-the most popular theory is that the people's of the Island actually destroyed themselves.

    It is believed that many years ago, the Island was a thick forest with plenty of wildlife, the people's who lived there had plenty of everything purely from gathering what nature provided, (wood for shelter, food from the sea, thousands of seabirds nested in the cliffs = good for eggs and meat etc) at some stage one of the tribes first erected one of the statues to their god, soon another tribe on the island copied them, before too long all the tribes were erecting this statues. (why they did this is unclear, it is also unclear if it the tribes began to compete with each other over who could do the biggest or best statue or if it was a joint effort with different tribes working together etc)

    the problem was that to build, transport and erect these statues required huge amounts of wood, (frames, rollers, tools etc) as such a rapid deforestation began to happen as more and more trees were cut down, (today there are no trees on the island) (most of the statues were quarried in locations far from the sites the statues were erected, and as most of the statues weighted tens of tons, and none have drag marks it is assumed they used some form of wood rollers to move them, in addition to having to clear huge paths though the forest just to get the statues around) before too long this began to have an effect on the humans there, with the loss of so much habitat, much of the wildlife died, this cut down on the food supplies of the people, they then began to rely on the sea birds but within a few years they had wiped them out (no seabirds live on the Island anymore, but evidence of there once being millions of them is still all over the island, almost all cliffs on the island are honeycombed with empty seabird nests that now lie empty) attempts to keep a stable crop growing failed as with the removal of the trees the Island had no protection from the strong winds coming off the pacific, this wind now blew the top layers of soil off making the ground barren and lacking in nutrients, meaning even growing some form of food became impossible. fishing became difficult as with the loss of wood the ability to repair and build new canoes became impossible.

    with resources dwindling the tribes began to fight among themselves for what was left, over time the wars became constant and increasingly violent, those few that were still able took what canoes they had and risked long perilous journeys to seek new Islands to settle, (if any left where did they go? did they make it? no answers on this one) for those that stayed civilisation and any form of social structure broke down as peoples only concern would have been personal survival and doing what ever it took to get enough food to survive until the next day, it appears they were able to hold on for a number of years purely by using Cannibalism, with people being murdered purely for meat. but even this last gasp desperate measure failing to stop the inevitable.
  • Question:-Does Easter Island have anything to do with the Easter holiday?
    I am doing a project on the cultural aspects of Easter and I was wondering if Easter Island has anything to do with the Easter holiday. Maybe through Christianity or something... Thank you!

    Answer:-It was "discovered" on Easter Sunday.
  • Question:-What were the major points of the history in Easter Island?
    Like, events in chronological order, or why all the trees were gone in detail and why the people of Easter ISland didnt see the destruction coming?

    Answer:-A baby bunny was born is a stable and grew to become the easter bunny. then they developed a chocolate manufacturing plant and all the Bunnies on easter island worked in the chocolate factory and give out chocolate eggs at easter.
  • Question:-Does anyone know the scientific reason for the statues on Easter Island?
    Does anyone know the scientific reason for those strange statues on Easter Island? Why are they there? Who or what used them and for what reason?

    Answer:-Irish Joe had a lot to say and all very interesting but the reason for the statues (That was your question,right?) was to make the island look well defended by giants so the people wouldn't be invaded.
  • Question:-Is Easter Island or Buenos Aires a better anniversary destination?
    My boyfriend and I are going to be celebrating our 3 year anniversary in June. We were thinking of spending 4 days in Easter Island, Chile or Buenos Aires, Argentina. Which is a more romantic/cheaper/more ideal destination? We will have been in Valparaiso, Chile beforehand.

    Answer:-I would pick Buenos Aires. You can have a variety of activities there. Theaters, classes of Tango, Museums, beefs, red wine, city tours, shopping. You can also have some diverse activities just by driving less than one hour from Buenos Aires, like boat trips, a day at a ranch, etc. Enjoy the people at Buenos Aires.
  • Question:-How do you get to Easter Island from Chile?
    If I visit Chile this summer - I'd like to go to Easter Island. I know it's pretty far from the Chilean coast - but is there a charter plane, ferry, boat - any way for a tourist to get there?
    Any info. would greatly be appriciated. Thanks!

    Answer:-The ONLY way to go to Eastern Island is by plane through LAN Chile. LAN is the only airline that make flights to and from Eastern Island, I am not sure but I think that LAN have 2 flights every day from Santiago. You can check in for fares and dates.
  • Question:-Are the Moai heads on Easter Island related to the heads left by the Olmec?
    I am doing a research project for my Ancient History class and I plan to write about the Olmec people. The Olmec people left behind giant stone heads. It is commonly known that there are also giant stone heads on Easter Island. I haven't been able to find anything on the internet about whether or not these stone heads are related some how. Does anyone know the answer to this?

    Answer:-The Olmec heads look vaguely African. The Easter Island heads are of another racial/ethnic group - perhaps of an ancient race/ethnic group that has no modern descendants.

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