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the addams family

  • Question:-Suggestions for a Wednesday Addams family costume for Halloween?
    I'm planning on being Wednesday from the Addams Family. I have the perfect wig, heck, it actually says ''Wednesday wig'', and I have black lipstick, white makeup, and some black earrings. But other suggestions? I have capes and shirts and things that are all black, but what other things could I use for Wednesday's clothes, and perhaps other accessories to the costume? Suggestions would be lovely on how to improve it. ^_^

    Answer:-You need a simple long-sleeve black dress, simple buckle-type girl's dress shoes or just low-heeled black dress shoes, white or black stockings, and a doll dressed like a "mini me" version of Wednesday.
  • Question:-What is the name of the episode of Addams Family where Lurch got a robot to do his job?
    This is the classic Addams Family show with Ted Cassidy as Lurch.
    There's one episode where Morticia and Gomez give Lurch a robot to do things he does.
    Then it gets to the point where Lurch commands the robot to do his duties. Later in the episode, Gomez & Morticia starts to miss Lurch's duties because the robot doesn't fit to their requests like Lurch does.

    Answer:-The Episode is called Lurch's Little Helper.
    Gomez gets him a robot named Smiley and Smiley turns out too strong and a terrible cook.
  • Question:-Is the girl who played Morticia in the original Addams Family show still alive?
    I just watched an episode of the Addams Family on Halloween. There was a marathon on. I love Morticia! She is my favorite :) Is she even alive now?

    Answer:-No. Carolyn Jones (who played Morticia Addams in the original Addams Family Show in 1964) died on August 3, 1983.
  • Question:-What is the address for the Addams family movie house?
    I am looking for the address or floor plans of the Addams Family Movie House. If anyone knows their help would be fantastic. thanks i have been looking forever and can't find the real house.

    Answer:-1313 cemetery lane
  • Question:-What is the best variation of the Addams Family and why?
    I am asking this thinking about the movie cast (The Addams Family/Addams Family Values), the original cast, and the revival series (The New Addams Family).
    Any opinions?
    I would appreciate also knowing what you do and don't like about both casts, not just whats the best.

    Answer:-I think that John Astin from the 60's TV show was the best Gomez because of his fantastic facial expressions and body language (and also for the Groucho Marx styled jokes he always delivered).
    Carolyn Jones from the TV show was my favourite Morticia just because she was so beautiful and innocent but also very sexy. But Anjelica Huston gave a more sinister feel to the character which I also liked.
    Jackie Coogan was the best Uncle Fester because of his high voice, but the gags did get a little repetitive at points. I didn't really like Christopher Lloyd's Uncle Fester in the films because of the voice.
    Ted Cassidy is the only Lurch in my opinion. He invented the ‘You rang?’ expression so I’ll always love him for that. As for Grandma Addams I think Blossom Rock was adorable. Oh, and I didn’t like the movie’s Thing because it could get out of the box and walk around which for some reason isn’t as funny as an arm that mysteriously travels from box to box.
    I think that I prefer Christina Ricci and Jimmy Workman as Wednesday and Pugsley because they were actually quite frightening in comparison with the cute TV versions of the characters. Also, because they were older, they were more talented than their television counterparts.
    So, I think overall I liked the 1960’s cast more. The movies were funny, just not as funny as the TV show.
  • Question:-Which Addams Family character do you like the most?
    The Addams family is an old TV program that was remade into movies. The main characters are Wednesday, Pugsly, Gomez, Morticia, thing, Lurch, Grandma, It, and Uncle Fester.

    Which Addams Family character do you like the most and please provide a small reason why?

    NOTE: I liked Thing because it's funny how a hand can do so many things.

    Answer:-Ha ha, I love Cousin It...he is so he is guy with a lot of hair or just a pile of hair?!? I love his high pitch mumbling voice, I wish he was in it a bit more.
    Gomez too, he is just usually so upbeat and happy go lucky!! But when he is upset, he goes!
  • Question:-How is there retrograde amnesia in the addams family(1991) movie??? I need to know specifically why please!!!?
    The mental disorder retrograde amnesia is supposedly in The Addams Family(1991) and I love that movie but I'd like to use it as my movie for my psychology project and figure out how retrograde amnesia is in the film. Thank you!!!

    Answer:-Well! is not the first time that your question aroused my interest.
    I fully share your approach to the problem.
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    Best wishes .
  • Question:-Does anyone know where I can find the instructions for game play for the Addams Family Family Reunion Game?
    We purchased The Addams Family Family Reunion Game at a garage sale this weekend. It came with the board, the cards, and all the pieces. But it did not come with instructions. Does anyone know how to play, or where I can find the instructions online for free? I found the instructions for sale on several sites, but we only paid $.50 for the game, and we aren't going to pay $5.99 plus shipping for the instructions.

    Thanks everyone!
    Thank you so much, Jason! I really appreciate it, you rock!

    Answer:-Hi Ash,

    Here's a transcription of the rules :

    Happy gaming!
  • Question:-Where can I find the old Addams Family comic strips online for free?
    Where can I find the old New Yorker "The Addams Family" comic panels online for free?

  • Question:-Where can I buy Addams Family sheet music?
    Hi readers! I need to get sheet music to the Broadway play, Addams Family. The song is "Pulled" I cannot find it anywhere and I was wondering if anyone had any idea. Thank you!

    Answer:-i would phone up local music shops or go into the music shops and ask them, as even i9f they dont have it in stock they might be able to order it for you. x

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