Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ed lee

  • Question:-Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo vs Jonny Greenwood and Ed O'Brien, which is you favorite?
    I personally like Jonny and Ed, but Thurston and Lee are pretty awesome too.

    Answer:-Without question, Thurston and Lee.
  • Question:-Should Ed Lee run for the mayor of San Francisco and would you vote for him?

    Answer:-He's done a pretty good job as interim, and seems to have support from both Republicans and Democrats. I'd have to see who is also running before I'd commit to voting for him.
  • Question:-Horror/Adult Fiction great books?(like Ed lee, Poppy Z. Brite, Jack Ketchum's novels)?
    My favorite authors are Ed Lee, Poppy Z. Brite and Jack Ketchum. I've read every single book they have published and I'm a little scared to venture onto other authors that are not like them.(since I'm buying the books, I want to make sure I will enjoy them) Anyone know of any other authors like these three?

    Answer:-You will have to copy and paste in the link below, because I am still too new to Yahoo Answers to post live links, but it is a website dedicated to keeping track of the type of fiction that you are interested in. You will find yearly lists of the 'best' horror fictions written, and you should be able to find some other works by the writers that you like to read.
  • Question:-What are the lyrics to Lee Brice's song "Redneck-ed?"?
    I can't find these lyrics anywhere.

    Answer:-Here they are:
    Well hello, Boogie Palace
    I'm sittin' here alone
    Listening to the music
    Of electric saxophones

    Now, there ain't no sexy dresses
    And there ain't no beehive hair
    Just boys who look like girls
    Who look like boys, who look like Cher

    I'm just a redneck In a Rock 'n' Roll bar
    I miss the fiddle And a steel guitar
    They're starin' at me
    Like a bug in a jar
    I'm just a redneck I
    n a Rock 'n' Roll bar

    I stopped in here to have a beer
    To ask some gal to dance
    But, I been waitin' patient now
    And I ain't had the chance
    'Cause they ain't played any walzes
    Nothing like a Texas swing
    And with no belly rubbin' music
    How in the hell can I do my thing?


    Well goodbye, Boogie Palace
    I'm a gettin' outta here
    Back to Country music
    And back to Lone Star beer
    Where the women look like women
    And they dress so you can tell
    And the men are good ol' boys
    Just drinkin' beer and raisin' hell

    refrain (x3)
  • Question:-POLL: Has ANYONE, ANYWHERE Witnessed LEE IACOCCA & ED MCMAHON in the same place?
    I still say it's the same guy.

    Am I wrong?

    Answer:-I haven't seen them together, but I'm wondering if the guy who served snacks in Johnny's green room has.....
  • Question:-Is Fort lee AIT co ED?

    Answer:-Yes. Co ed training not sure about the barracks but they normally have females in a seperate wing or all on the same floor.
  • Question:-Is Ed Benes copying Jim Lee?

    Answer:-nah-benes is far too cartoonish...lee seems to take a human model whereas benes over does it, imo

    Lee kicks @#$!
  • Question:-In Ed Edd N' Eddy, why does Lee Kanker have one blue tooth?

    Answer:-poor hygene...
  • Question:-Was it Bill Maher, Chris Matthews or Ed Shultz who drove Mr. Lee to this point?
    he is no different than your actual liberal:


    Does he realize that the first world populations are declining? he should take this up with the third world.

    What a creep!

    Answer:-All three, plus Al Gore since he was such an inspiration for Lee.

    You forgot to mention those nutties Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow.

    I blame all of them for riling up the libs and causing them to go bananas.
  • Question:-What zodiac sign do you think all the kids from Ed Edd n Eddy are?
    May Kanker-
    Marie Kanker-
    Lee Kanker-

    Those are 12 characters and their are 12 signs.

    Answer:-That is one of the greatest cartoon comedies of all times, they don't make em like that anymore that's for sure....

    Ed - Taurus
    Edd - Virgo
    Eddy - Aries

    May Kanker - Gemini
    Marie Kanker - Scorpio
    Lee Kanker - Aries

    Kevin - Aquarius
    Rolf - Gemini
    Nazz - Libra

    Jimmy - Virgo
    Sarah - Aries
    Johnny - ?????

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