Tuesday, October 25, 2011

terrell owens

  • Question:-Terrell Owens?
    I have never liked Terrell Owens. This year though he is making it very difficult to dislike him. Is this really a change in character or would he return to his old ways if things went bad?

    Answer:-He will return to his old ways when they loss the Superbowl to the Patriots if he doesn't get the ball enough or something like that. He will also always be second to Randy Moss.

    What is this idiot above me talking about? Philly turned against him. If he would have keep his mouth shut he and McNabb would be breaking records right now and winning Superbowls but that wasn't good enough for him. Terrell Owens is a argent prick that has be the center of attention.
  • Question:-Would the terrell owens bands work good for MMA fight training?
    Im training to cage fight and thought that the terrell owens bands might help make me faster, but i've never used them before and dont wanna waste the time and money if they are not that effective.

    Answer:-I've never used them but you should work on technique more than speed. If you are able to strike technically well speed will come over time. Speed is important for sure but don't spend too much time on it.
  • Question:-Anyone know when Terrell Owens reality show is scheduled to start?
    It's called the Terrell Owens Project and all is says is it is going to be on VH1 and start in Summer 2009.. Anyone know exactly when it is going to premiere?

    Answer:-Anytime between Early July and Early September
  • Question:-What do you think about Terrell Owens demand that the Cowboys bring in Bill Cowher as Defensive Coord?
    The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Terrell Owens went into Jerry Jones' office yesterday after practice and told him to do what it takes to get Bill Cowher as Def. Coordinator of the Cowboys. Apparently, Owens is enamored with Cowher's knowledge of the 3-4 defense and feels Cowher will help the porous Defense. Is this a good move for the Cowboys?

    Answer:-Why would a Super Bowl winning ,15 year as a head coach come out of retirement to be a defensive coordinator???

    Because Owens wants him too....Owens, as usual, is delusional...
  • Question:-does Terrell Owens have any ties to any gangs in his past?
    does Terrell Owens have any ties to any gangs in his past?

    i notice he always is dressing to the right., wondered if he had any old gang connections.

    Answer:-Never heard of such.

    He's a moron..but he doesn't scream out "GANG MEMBER".
  • Question:-Should I start Terrell Owens or Devin Hester this week?
    Should I start Terrell Owens vs. Miami or Devin Hester @ Minnesota?
    People are ranking T.O. as a top 15 wide receiver this week, but im not sure if I can trust him.
    My other options are steve breaston, kevin walter, and austin collie.

    Answer:-Minnesota's D is going to be all over Cutler, so given the choice, I'd start T.O. at home. He's seemed to come on as of late.
  • Question:-Should I start Marques Colston or Terrell Owens for week 5?
    Marques colston has done very bad so far this season and terrell owens just had a tremendous week

    Answer:-I'm in the same situation you are in. I'm starting T.O. The Saints have too many passing options and I've been screwed by Colston for the past few weeks. The Saints offense just doesn't seem to be clicking. Both teams are playing shitty Ds so both might have a good game but I'm gonna go with the hot hand and start TO.
  • Question:-Any song suggestions for a Terrell Owens montage?
    I'm doing a project for english and i'm making a montage about Terrell Owens. I would like a good rap song and no corny songs that i've heard a million times.

    Answer:-Rihanna: 'Cry'
    Aerosmith: 'Cryin''
    Bob Marley : 'No Woman No Cry'
    Roy Orbison : 'Crying'
    Fergie : 'Big Girls Don't Cry'
    Brooks and Dunn : 'Cowgirls Don't Cry'
    Mariah Carey : 'Angels Cry'
    Willie Nelson : 'Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain'
    Sugarcult : 'Crying'
    Kelly Clarkson : 'Cry'
  • Question:-What's the difference between Chad Ocho Cinco, and Terrell Owens?
    Not physically or by their stats. Personality wise...

    Why do people hate on Terrell Owens so much, yet Chad is even more of an attention wh...(seeker)?

    Answer:-Personality, off the field, they're both good guys. Chad is a little more goofy. On the field, they're both very competitive and demand the ball, which every great receiver do anyway. T.O has a lot of passion, he gets into your face if you screw up. I remember he striaght up, yelled at Adams (Cowboys offensive linemen) in his face when he just stood there when Romo fumbled the ball. They're also creative in the endzone and I love watching celebrations from them. when talking to the media, Owens just likes to say whatever is on his mind, straight to the point, and talks negatively about his quarterback in the past.
  • Question:-Does anyone have a really big picture of Terrell Owens?
    I am looking for a very big picture of Terrell Owens in high quality. I want one of game action with the Dallas Cowboys.

    Answer:-You can order them at Fathead.com

    They make life-size "stick-on" pictures of players.

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