Tuesday, October 25, 2011

tommy john surgery

  • Question:-How painful is Tommy John surgery and the recovery period?
    Im 19 and have a complete tear of my UCL, the ligament reconstructed in Tommy John surgery. I go to the doctor next week and Im hoping to get the surgery as soon as possible. I was wondering what Im going to be looking at as far as pain from the surgery and recovery, how long my arm is going to be immobilized for, and if there is a preferred place I should have the graft tendon harvested from? Any tips would be helpful.
    Also, did you have the surgery with one big open cut or laproscopically?

    Answer:-im 19 also. had the surgery done on march 5th. i jst got back from working out.progressing very well. the pain lasted a few days but wasnt bad at all. i had some pretty good painkillers and so will you. i was in a splint for 2 weeks and a hinged brace for four weeks. therapy is great. they took the tendon from my hamstring because i dont have the palmoris in my wrist. dr andrews out of bham did my surgery and told me i have a very strong graft after surgery. the earliest i can pitch competitively will be somewhere around january if all goes well. im a college pitcher and had an average velocity of 92 mph when mine tore...should get it all back plus some dr andrews told me. good luck
  • Question:-How bad does tommy john surgery hurt?
    I'm having tommy john surgery on November 13th and was wondering how bad it hurts. I'm a college baseball player and hopefully I can make a full recovery and continue living my dream and hopefully play professionally one day. I am just wondering what I should expect the pain to be and the recovery.


    Answer:-im not a doctor or anything but i just had the surgery about a month ago myself. So far i haven'tt had any pain what so ever i didn't even need any pain killers after the surgery. From what i have heard the most pain comes inphysicall therapy.I dont know if this helps or not but good luck
  • Question:-How often do players, other than pitchers, have Tommy John surgery?
    I was just scrolling through a list of injured players and I noticed Chris Coste, a catcher with the Nationals, had Tommy John surgery this year. I've only heard of pitchers having this procedure; is it common with other players as well?

    Answer:-Any time this procedure is done, it is usually pitchers, but catchers must make strong throws too, so they too would require it, if and when it becomes frayed or torn(the ulnar collateral ligament) and the player is unable to make strong throws.

    So any player that needs a strong throwing arm to play is eligible and/or a candidate for the Tommy John procedure.
  • Question:-Where can I find a list of pitchers who have had tommy-john surgery?
    I'm doing a statistical analysis comparing pitchers before and after tommy-john surgery. Anyone know where I can get a list of pitchers who had the surgery? Wikipedia and similar sources only list "notable" players who had it. This can be biased set of data.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Question:-How painful is Tommy John surgery?
    I am a 15 yr old pitcher and have been pitching for like 8 years. I recently went to the doctor an was told I have a tear in my Tommy John ligament. I was wondering, if I need Tommy John surgery how painful is it?

    Answer:-You don't feel the surgery as you are anesthetized.

    Post operative is hell, but not torture.

    Get a second opinion. Sometimes with rest and therapy, but no pitching. ulnar ligaments will heal without surgery.

    Good luck!
  • Question:-how can i get tommy john surgery?
    cuz i heard you get better at pitching after getting it?

    so i want tommy john surgery. should i just have rough sx on the sofa and strain my arm or somethin? cuz i want tommy john surgery to get better at pitching.
    bob we'll have some fun tonight.

    Answer:-Forget Tommy John surgery. Get psychiatric help instead.

  • Question:-I have heard of Tommy John surgery, but who is Tommy John?
    I have heard about Tommy John surgery, was he the first pitcher to receive it?
    Was he a good pitcher?

    Answer:-He was a pitcher for the Yankees in the late 1970's early 1980's that had a elbow problem that could only be fixed by surgery and he was the first one to receive it; hence the term Tommy John surgery or operation for elbow problems, I think he was quite a good pitcher and the operation extended his career, which otherewise would probaly have been finished.
  • Question:-Why am I worried of getting Tommy John surgery?
    Ok so Im a 13 - 14 year old baseball pitcher and I'm really worried about getting Tommy John surgery in the future if I keep pitching hard, PLEASE HELP im really worried and im starting to think of quitting Baseball even though I love it so much.

    I know that if I change my mechanics there would be less of a risk on getting the surgery. If you know any possible way please let me know as I'm really worried.

  • Question:-I know what Tommy John surgery is, but what is the technical term for what it repairs?
    like: arthroscopic surgery fixes a TORN ACL as to tommy john surgery fixes....what?

    Answer:-Tommy John surgery is ulnar collateral ligament repair (UCL repair).
  • Question:-How soon after Tommy John surgery can you play pick up basketball?
    I had the surgery February 2 and am ahead of schedule..my position in baseball is outfielder

    Answer:-Is there a doctor in the house?
    Please ask your doctor and not the quacks here.

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