Tuesday, October 25, 2011

julianne hough

  • Question:-julianne hough?
    how do you pronounce julianne & derek hough's last name? is it HEWWW or HUFF? thanks.

  • Question:-Julianne hough?
    WHere can I find a website that displays photos of Julianne Hough in all her past Dancing With The Stars dresses?

    Answer:-Go here:
    It has some pictures there.
  • Question:-Who actually thinks that Dancing With The Stars Julianne Hough is still a virgin?
    Last year, country star and Dancing With The Stars dancer Julianne Hough stated she was still a virgin at that time. However, she is now dating country singer Chuck Wicks and all appearances seem to indicate her virginity is no longer intact. Dancing With The Stars even mentioned the word "lovers" on several occassions on the show. So, does anyone actually know if she still is keeping her virginity vows intact? It sure didn't appear that way on DWS this season! I'm interested in seeing your comments on this.

    Answer:-I do
  • Question:-Where does Julianne Hough get her clothes?
    Does anyone know where Julianne Hough gets her clothes when she is practicing for dance? Not the actual glitzy dancing performance outfits, though. She always looks so cute during the rehearsal footage of dancing with the stars.

    I'm specifically looking for this tight pink dress she had on when she was practicing with Helio. I also think it had a gold stripe on it under the bustline. I saw it on youtube on a dancing with the stars clip, but now I can't seem to find it anymore. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

    Answer:-good will
  • Question:-Julianne Hough?
    Do you like her? I love her she is sooo pretty and I love her voice it is amazing.

    Answer:-Me too!!! I think she is going to do good in country music. I just heard her new song "That Song In My Head" and it was really good! It's too bad her and Adam got voted off Dancing With The Stars so soon. :(
  • Question:-How do I get skinny like Julianne Hough?
    I just saw footloose with my mother, and Julianne Hough was skinny and looked so pretty I want to know how to get that skinny

  • Question:-Is Julianne Hough really going to be on DWTS 8?
    I was looking at DWTS season 8 couple pictures when I saw Julianne Hough and Chuck Wicks who were partnered! Did she not tell the press that she was taking at least 1 season off to work on music?! It isn't that I dislike her. I love her! Please answer soon!

    Answer:-Julianne and Chuck Wicks (her real life boyfriend) are definitely scheduled to be on DWTS that starts Monday, March 9. She was able to fit this into her schedule after all and loves to perform. I love her too.
  • Question:-What was Julianne Hough's comment on Dancing With the Stars?
    After Helio and Julianne got their scores, Helio was telling us to vote and she said something and she covered her mouth and everyone started laughing. What was it?

    Answer:-i wonder what it was :) i'd like to know
  • Question:-Do Julianne Hough and Avril Lavgne REALLY use Proactiv?
    I just saw a new infomercial on Proactiv and Julianne Hough and Avril Lavgne claim to use it. Their skin looked so flawless on the commercial!! I realize they did have a little makeup on too, but still.

    Does anyone know if they ACTUALLY use the product? I think a few of the celebrities who endorse it do not actually use it themselves as they claim, but I am really curious about these two.

    Anyone know??

    Answer:-No. This article will give you more info. It's about whether or not celebrities who endorse acne products like Proactiv, SkinID and Sensiclear really use them.
  • Question:-Where did Julianne Hough get clothes in movie Footloose?
    I know she probably had a stylist in the move but I'm obsessed with all her outfits!! I was wondering if there was a site that had a style guide like most other celebrities do. Or if anyone knows of any stores that sell things like what she wears in the movie.


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