Tuesday, October 25, 2011

john lackey

  • Question:-John Lackey?
    Would anyone argue that John Lackey is the best pitcher in baseball right now. Johan is somewhat strugglling....I'd take Lackey if i need a win. You?
    Beckett's the argument...but Lackey is so much better....he's a strong "Texan"

    Answer:-Peavey's the best right now. 7 wins, 1.68, former ERA leader, former K leader. Beckett's up there 8-0.

    But, Santana has been the bes tpitcher in the majors over the past few years. Struggling for Santana is 3.21. He always turns it up after the break. So, if your team needed a win, Santana would be the best bet.
  • Question:-How much would a John Lackey autographed baseball sell for?
    I got the signature in November of 2007. I have a picture with John Lackey and I as he was signing it. Any ideas how much it could get?

    Answer:-It really depends on how much someone wants it. A John Lackey fan would no doubt pay more for it.
  • Question:-In fantasy baseball would it be a good trade for me to trade away John Lackey for Joey Votto and Jermaine Dye?
    I have a pitching oriented team, including Jake Peavy, Scott Kazmir, John Danks, Tim Lincecum, Javier Vasquez, Duchscherer, Brett Myers, Billy Wagner, Jair Jurjenns and Ben Sheets. So I have a very solid pitching lineup. Would it be a good trade for me to trade Lackey for two players with power upside?

    Answer:-You have an outstanding pitching staff, with Peavy, Lincecum, Vasquez, and Jurrjens, so this is a good trade for you.

    You're only giving up one starter and you're getting two solid bats in return with Dye and Votto.
  • Question:-How do the Angels expect to win a championship without John Lackey?
    Jesus F Christ am I pissed. I love it that they got Matsui but why not pay Lackey what he's worth. Not real happy about Figgins not getting paid either but losing Lackey is a debacle.

    Answer:-The Angels don't rely on their pitching to win games; they rely on their offense. Anyway, in terms of stats, Lackey was not the best pitcher for the Angels last year. Weaver was. Plus, the playoffs don't start tomorrow. They still have a few months to trade for an ace if they feel they need it.
  • Question:-Why are people criticizing John Lackey for divorcing his wife because she got cancer?
    I think he has every right to because that's not who he married. If he wanted to marry someone with cancer he would have done that but he married someone who didn't have cancer. I think I would stick with them if that happened to my wife but Lackey is a baseball player and he has more options plus she is dragging down his career.

    Answer:-If John Lackey had the same ERA but was playing for the Royals, no one would even know about this story.
  • Question:-Can anyone tell me why John Lackey did not get his stats from Monday added to my matchup?
    I play Yahoo! Fantasy and it is a very big week for me. However, Lackey did not have his stats added even after three days (Yes, I DID start him). Please tell me what can I do.

    Answer:-Contact Yahoo. But do you really want his stats?
  • Question:-How does John Lackey get ejected from a game after throwing only 2 pitches?
    Somebody wanna explain that to me?

    Answer:-His first pitch went behind Ian Kinsler. His second pitch hit Kinsler. I think it is ridiculous, but also really funny. The ump definitely overreacted.
  • Question:-What are the chances of seeing John Lackey in Mets uniforms next year?
    What a perfect position it would be for him to come into the Mets rotation as the number 2 starter, behind Johan Santana. I'm sure were going to be on the market for a quality starting pitcher. I say if we have the money, stretch it out and pick up a Joel Pinero or Jason Marquis while you're at it. Starting pitching is a huge spot for us to be concerned with. Oliver Perez, and Mike Pelfrey are stable pitchers, so it's CRITICAL that we get some new arms.
    Correction, NOT stable.

    Answer:-The mets could be a world series team if they improve the pitching. They need to have a number 2 pitcher who can take the heat off of santana.
  • Question:-If the Mets acquire John Lackey and Matt Holliday will they be able to get to the playoffs?
    BQ: If they acquire those players would they make it to the World Series?
    BQ2: Would they have a better record than the Yankees and the Phillies, their two biggest rivals?
    The Mets have all the capabilities to acquire these two players, so don't say that the Mets don't have enough money. Also I am assuming they will be healthy throughout the entire season, so answer from that perspective.

    Answer:-Well I am a big Mets fan and I know the sucked last year but they had every single starter hurt at one point or another besides Castillo. Also much of the rotation was banged up. So right there they will be better. While they will improve they still need more pitching because behind Santana they suck. So while Holliday is a great player they could play Fernando Martinez or someone else in leftfield. I think they would be much better if they got another average pitcher in addition to Lackey. They would have a rotation of Santana, Lackey, Marquis/Piniero, Perez and Pelfrey. They already have plenty of all-star hitters so they should be ok if everyone stays healthy. But if there team looked like that than they would have a shot at the division but may make just the wild card since the Phillies are a great team. After last season if they win 85 games it is a great season so be patient.

    *For those who say the Mets have no money you are wrong. Delgado, Putz, Schneider and several others are free agents. By the way Minaya never lost money to Madoff he actually gained about 15 million from the investment and you can look it up
  • Question:-Is John lackey the perfect example on how Win and Losses are a bad way to judge a pitcher?
    Boston pink fans are raving on how the guy is 8-3.... BUT LOOK AT HIS ERA!! LMAO!! 18M FOR THAT GARBAGE?? WOW.

    Answer:-No, the best example is Derek Lowe. At least, the Red Sox has consistent run outputs. How come Derek can get 8 wins with ERA about 5?

    Plus, Kawakami’s pitching stats other than the W-L record is very similar to Lowe’s. He got average run support for about 3 runs per game. Lowe received about 10 runs per game. Remember, they pitching for the same team.

    Normally, I support looking at W-L record but those two are just ridiculous.

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