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st louis weather

  • Question:-what type of bamboo is suited for St.Louis weather?

    Answer:-There are literally hundreds and hundreds or varieties of bamboo. ranging in height from a foot or two, to 60, 80 feet tall. (Though a great many of them are between 4 and 20 feet tall). They also vary greatly in their hardiness. Some do well even where winters are quite severe. Some grow ONLY in mild climates. Some are "clumping" types, which don't spread much. Others will eat your neighbor's yards - and houses too, if you let them.

    Best thing to do is go to a reputable nursery in your area (in the summer - they will not have any in stock right now). Most likely they will not even carry any varieties that will not survive in your area. Then you can narrow down, amoung your choices there, for height, color, density, and other features.
  • Question:-Is St. Louis weather unpredictable?
    This weekend my schools band is going down to the St. Louis area for the Music in the parks festival. Every day I have been checking to see how the weather is going to be and its different every single day! Is St. Louis's weather always that unpredictable? What have you heard the weather was suppose to be this weekend? Help please! thanks!

    Answer:-I live in St. Louis and we have a saying. "If you don't like the weather, wait an hour, it will change" We have had snow in april and spring in february but this weekend is supposed to be rainy and 60-70's. Pack your umbrella and enjoy. If you get a chance go to the Zoo, and the science center. They are free or practically free and in or near Forest Park. Welcome.
  • Question:-Did anyone hear why John Fuller is leaving KSDK channel 5 St. Louis weather ?
    I heard John Fuller is leaving the team of KSDK channel 5 . I have always thought he was a good weather broadcaster. Has anyone heard why he is leaving?

    Answer:-I read in Deb Peterson's gossip column in the Post Dispatch that John was asked to take a pay cut in order to stay with KSDK. I too thought he was a good weather person. Better than perky Cindy. She doesn't even know how to pronounce Missouri town names after all this time. I wish John Fuller good luck.
  • Question:-weather archive/ St. Louis weather archive?
    i'm looking to find out the weather on February 18, 2007 in St. Louis, MO.

    if anyone has any software or can answer this for me, i'd appreciate it.


    Answer:-Check out the National WEather Service web site and look under climate. if you need the info for a court case, you need to get it from the National Climatic Data Center, also NWS. Check out these web sites:
  • Question:-What is St. Louis, MO. weather for Sept. 18, 2008?
    What is the typical weather like in St. Louis, MO. around Sept. 18th, 2008?

    Answer:-According to the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center, the 3 month outlook for St. Louis, MO is an equal chance of above normal, normal or below normal temperatures and precipitation.

    In other words, they have no idea.

    Historically, the mean temperature for Sept 18 is 69°F, the high 79°, and the low 60°. Record high was 97° in 1925 and the record low was 42° in 1973. Average precipitation on this date is 0.10 inches, the record was 1.04 inches in 2001. No snow has ever fallen on this date.
  • Question:-St. Louis weather?
    Every time a snow storm comes towards St. Louis, it almost always breaks apart and after it passes it reforms. I've noticed this trend lately and was wondering a simple explaination for this. Does it have something to do with the terrain?

    Answer:-Terrain is a possiblitiy, or maybe it is just a coincidence. this happens here too only with rain. it looks like a huge line of storms will come and there is nothing left when it comes, then it reforms.
  • Question:-How is the weather near St Louis , Mo year round?

    It kind of sounds like Texas weather.

    Answer:-We have four distinct seasons. Spring is best. It starts late March and runs until about June 1. Temperatures will generally be in the 50's to 70's, with rain at least once per week. Today it is cool and 61 degree. By Sunday it is supposed to reach 90 degrees. After June 1 and up to July 4 summer sets in but it is generally not too hot. Highs will be in the '80's to 90 degrees. Once July 4 hits, and at least through the end of August it is hot (90+/-) and humid. Good weather to hit the swimming pool. Fall in St. Louis gets underway in September and lasts to end of November. It is beautiful with a lot of great colors. Generally the highs are in the 40's to 60's and it is dry. Winter sets in during December and stays with us until late March. It is cool to cold (highs in the 30-40 range with some subzero days. We have 3-4 snows per winter but usually not more than 3-4" of snow.
  • Question:-Memphis Tennessee vs. St. Louis Missouri weather, why such a large difference?
    I find it amazing that just 220 miles over non mountanious terrain, just futher north could play such a hug difference in temperature readings. Are these two cities in between an area where cold weather goes to die? St. Louis has an average January temperature only two degrees warmer than Pittsburgh! Memphis has a January average that is just one degree cooler than Dallas! We are only talking 220 miles between these cities of Memphis and Saint Louis. I live in Corpus Christi Texas, and a good example of 220 miles north of here is Austin, Texas. Austin has a similiar climate to Corpus Christi, although it is a few degrees colder, there really is not much difference between the two cities climate - both are hot and humid.

  • Question:-whats the weather like in st louis in april?
    for those who live or around the st louis area. i'm going there in april for a vacation and was wondering how the weather is in april

    Answer:-Usually 50-70 degrees during the day. It can be a little rainy that time of the year.
  • Question:-How is the weather in Texas, specifically San Antonio, compared to St Louis in the Summer?
    I am traveling to San Antonio in July and want to know how hot/humid it gets compared to St. Louis? from San Antonio,Tx and me and my husband are stationed here in Fort Leonard Wood,MO trust me when i say that its about 100 % humid all the time and right now its about 97 degrees and not even mid pack alot of shorts and tanks cause its pretty hot right now. have fun! i miss home and dont forget to walk the river walk especially at night its beautiful....

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