Friday, October 21, 2011

once upon a time

  • Question:-What song was used in the trailer for Once Upon a Time?
    So I'm really looking forward to the new show on ABC coming out Sunday. I watched the trailer for it and I was just wondering what song was used in the trailer.

  • Question:-Once Upon A Time In America- How incredible is it!!?

  • Question:-Quick question, whens the third addition once upon time magical book due to be release(next testament)?
    I heard its more better than the old testament and new testament. Also, there's more horrific genocide you christians have such a sadistic imagination.

    Answer:-Quick spelling corrections:

    "Quick question:", not "Quick question,"
    "edition", not addition
    "when's", not "whens" (as if that were a word)
    "once upon a time", not "once upon time"
    "released", not "release" (and you need a space there)

    I'll give you three guess who won't be on the short list to help write it.
  • Question:-What ideas do you have for a once upon a time cardstock stack?
    I just bought a once upon a time cardstock stack and not sure what type of pictures to use to make a scrapbook out of it any ideas?

    Answer:-Time to get creative!

    We did a swap on Yahoo Groups with these .. not just for the girls but the boys as well .. the Prince and Princesses ..

    If you have animals, kids, adults, birthdays, holidays, you name it .. time to get creative ..

    It's a really pretty set actually ... the other pages are very vintage as well .. have fun!
  • Question:-How long time ago is it to refer to "Once upon a time" ?
    I have never heard this expression "Once upon a time" except fairy tales. Is it strange if I use it in everyday conversation ? When it is used, how old do you think the story is I am talking about ?

    Answer:-It just means a while ago. People use it in everyday language but usually only jokingly: "Once upon a time I cared." It usually means a long time ago. But it has no definite reference of time.
  • Question:-Can you give once-upon- a time popular products but failed to maintain its luster and quickly dissipates?
    Can you give once-upon- a time popular products but failed to maintain its luster and quickly dissipates in the air. Can you also provide your reasons for its failure particularly in attracting consumers to stay behind their products and services?

    Thank you so much...

    Answer:-This is 90% of all products. The more complex a product, the more complex it is to stay a big brand. (Autos, TV's, things like that). The less complex a product, then it is more about advertising to maintain your base and hit new targets (Safety Pins, Pop, Jeans).
  • Question:-What are some decoration ideas for a "Once Upon a Time..." school dance?
    Our Valentine's Dance for school (grades 7-9) has a "Once Upon a Time..." theme. what are some cool decorating ideas?
    Something we are doing already is projecting copied coloring pages (of a castle and of a carriage) onto the walls. Then we will trace the images and paint them. Does that make sense?

    Oh and we don't have a HUGE budget...

    Answer:-Lots of red, white and silver balloons.

    Do the copied pages onto large rolls of paper and paint them with poster paint/tempura paint.

    Use some poster board and flowing fabric (cheap stuff is only $1 at WalMart) to make princess caps. Think of the ones that are like long pointy caps that have fabric coming down and looping around the princess' neck.

    That way you can have a fun fairy tale dance and it shouldn't cost a lot of money at all...especially if you use the balloons really creatively.
  • Question:-What is another way to begin a story instead of using 'Once upon a time'?
    I wanted something more sophisticated then using 'Once upon a time'

    Can anyone help me out?

    Answer:-A long time ago in a galaxy far far away......
  • Question:-How to write a good once a upon a time story?
    How to write a good once a upon a time story?
    can you write a really good story for me? I want to read some really good examples from you. Best one gets the points.

    Once upon a time(add details)...and every day....until one day....and because of that...and because of that...until finally...and because of that....and now.

    Answer:-Once upon a time there was a fellow by the name of Ryan who thought he had figured out the best way to get others to do his homework for him. See what he tried to do was cheat and creatively word a question on a Homework Help forum to see how many foolish ones would write a story for him. What Ryan didn't know was this was a foolish tactic as everyone knows it is not nice to cheat and being cute while trying to get others to do your work for you will only lead to further problems once Ryan had to actually get a job and try that crap there. As time went by a mean ogre came by and helped Ryan by trying to get him to see the errors of his ways and cheating on your homework and turning other peoples work to your teacher as your own is wrong and is essentially plagiarism which is a big word that the mean ogre hoped Ryan understood. Ryan later felt bad for trying to trick all the homework help village folks and wrote his own story and felt much better for himself by doing his own work and being rewarded by a grade that he truly deserved without cheating the system and Ryan and the mean ogre lived happily ever after.
  • Question:-What is the myth of the Once upon a time in Mumbai?
    Who is Haji Mastan Mirza?
    What myth is in the Bollywood movie Once upon a time in Mumbai?
    Please give me details.

    Answer:-You can read more about him here- He was a high profile smuggler in Mumbai. It also has comparsons from once upon a time in Mumbai in the end

    The myth could be that though Mastan is portrayed as an underworld don or goon in the movie, he never was in real life. He was a very shrewd smuggler and lead a very elite lifestyle.

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