Friday, October 21, 2011


  • Question:-Why do my Mexican neighbors play oomph paa music?
    It sounds like a German beer hall. They have outdoor parties and play this music. I don't mind (except that they don't invite me) but the oomph paa is incessant, every song has the same bass line. I've never heard Mexican music like this.

    Answer:-its very traditional and cultural music, and not too shabby drinking music ;) I hated it for years because of the same thing (neighbors listening to it all the time) but when I got invited over once I had a great time and now that music just brings good happy memories :D
  • Question:-Where can I go to put some oomph in my 95 chrysler lebaron?
    I love my 95 convertible lebaron and want to put on performance parts, bodykit, rims, and all that jazz what do I do?

    Answer:-Couldnt even come close to what you want, you didnt give the engine size that is in your car, and since its front wheel drive what kind of performence do you want? Chrystal ball is in the shop
  • Question:-My car won't start but still has power and wants to turn over. Just doesnt have the Oomph. What is wrong?
    It's a 92 Ford Taurus.
    Have already replaced the fuel filter, and battery is new.

    Answer:-Your battery could be showing 12v but doesn't have the cranking amps to turn your starter. If your battery is 3-5yrs old or older I would start there. If you take the battery with you when you buy a battery they will load test it for you. Good Luck
  • Question:-Can I find Oomph cds at Best Buy or Cheapo?
    I really like Oomph and i would like to know where to find them.

    Answer:-I doubt it they are an underground German band. Most likely'll have to buy them online or go to germany.
  • Question:-Where can iI buy Oomph! Monster CD with the track Sandmann on it?
    Wikipedia says that the reissued version of Monster (album by Oomph!) has Sandmann on it... and I can't find the cd to buy it online. if anyone finds it with the track sandmann on it, a link where i can buy the reissued version, can you link it please? i've tried ebay and amazon and a bunch of other sites but i think i may be wording it wrong and just cant find the cd online. ><

    And No your wording was right
  • Question:-How much more OOMPH in a V8 than a V6?
    I'm planning on getting a Jeep Grand Cherokee and want some nice get up and go in it. Will the 4.7 Liter V8 be that much difference from the 3.7 Liter V6? Thanks

    Answer:-Yes, you will definitely feel more power in the 4.7L V8. If you really want "some nice get up and go", get the HEMI 5.7L V8. It's much nicer than the 4.7 V8 and actually gets about the same gas mileage.

    2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    3.7L V6 210HP 15/20 mpg
    4.7L V8 305HP 14/19 mpg
    5.7L V8 330HP 13/19 mpg
  • Question:-Does a hybrid compact car (Prius, Civic) have enough "oomph" to get up a steep icy hill/driveway?
    I have a very steep driveway - over the course of about 30 feet it rises approximately 10-12 feet to meet the street. Will a hybrid have enough torque to get up this hill in the wintertime in New Hampshire?

    Answer:-The current hatchback style Toyota Prius is a midsize car (like the hybrid Toyota Camry), not a compact like the Honda Civic Hybrid.

    Yes, you should be fine, plenty of "oomph." The electric motors have their highest amount of torque off-the-line.

    However, at least with the Toyota Prius (but I'd suggest on any car that you decide to buy, hybrid or not), you'd want to look into changing out the OE 15" Goodyear Integrity tires on the base model Prius for something with more traction (better "all season" tires or a dedicated set of winter/snow/ice tires) to avoid triggering the over-protective traction control. (I put Nokian WR A.W.P. tires on my Prius to get out of my longer/less steep driveway in MA - much better traction getting up/out the driveway, and much safer driving in bad weather.)

    I'd be more concerned about bottoming out one of your bumpers on such a steep driveway.

    You might want to ask some actual owners, rather than the random assortment of mostly nay-sayers and non-owners found here on Y!A:
    larger/more active lists:

    Honda Civic Hybrid:

    Toyota Prius:
  • Question:-What herb/spice will give a roast eggplant and garlic mix a bit of oomph?
    The mixture really needs something to lift it :)

    Answer:-Paprika or sumac helps. Sumac is spicy and lemony, so that accents roast eggplant and sumac gives garlic a bit of a more-ish kick.

  • Question:-What is it about having a cowbell playing in a song that gives it that 'oh so special' little extra oomph?
    Who needs more cowbell?

    Answer:-It's the raw sex appeal, the ladies love it.
  • Question:-How can I write with more "oomph?" I need to make my business writing more interesting and exciting. How can
    I do that, especially when I'm not that enthused about the subjects? Use action words, verbs is one tip. Any others? Any classes that teach this?

    Answer:-Try to find a way to make the paper more interesting. If YOU think it's boring, your teacher probably does too. Good business people find a way to make something interesting and appealing to others, so start practicing now. If your given a project to research a company or do an analysis on a company, look for quirks that are interesting. Don't be afraid to use some light humor in your writing. Teachers like unique, rather than the normal dull papers they always read.
    When you write it, it should make you smile, because it will probably make the teacher smile too.
    If it's a REALLY lame project, sometimes there isn't much to do about interesting/exciting, but you could still try to implement a little humor, for example using a related comparison to something else that is funny. "This company was doing so dismally in the fourth quarter, it was like watching Enron after the scandal." Is more interesting than, "The company did poorly in the fourth quarter."

    Hope that helps!

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