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  • Question:-ravens......?
    I dont think that the ravens are getting much attention as they should they are 11-3 they clinch the afc north and are the 3rd best in the nfl right now. do you think they should get more attention

    Answer:-I love the Ravens but I say no, don't give them added attention. The more attention the more pressure for them to win. Look at the Colt's they went undefeated all season and ended up losing out in the playoffs. They were the big hype all season long and look what happened. Hopefully the lack of attention will play to their benefit.
  • Question:-Ravens................?
    I have a question if the ravens bear the browens would they be inthe playoffs
    if ravens beat the browens would they be in the playoffs

    Answer:-yes and no. They have to win AND the bengals have to lose (to the colts on monday night) to clinch the division

    they just have to win to get in
  • Question:-How does this defensive nickname for the Ravens defense sound?
    The Steelers old defense had the Steel Curtain
    The Vikings D used to be called the Purple People Eaters
    The Broncos used to be called the Orange Crush

    The Ravens of this decade should be referred to as.................. The Nevermore Defense!

    In Baltimore native's Edgar Allen Poe's poem, The Raven, the Raven keeps saying Nevermore. This season, the Ravens defense is a great defense and the NEVER give up any MORE points than they themselves score.

    If you have any better nicknames, please list.


    Answer:-Tite soundin' if u ask me playa!.... But, I have a question regardings where u said "they never give up more points than they score themselves..." By, "themselves," are u referring to the DEFENSE's scoring like by turnovers [f.e. Ed Reed runnin' back a punt block or INT...] or do u mean OFFENSE scored points or the whole team's, both O -n- D points scored!??!?.... I would look up these as in statistically but I'm kinda in a lazy mood rite dis moment.....

    As for wut I would call 'em somethin' like tha " Snatchin' Scavengers Dfense...." [a ruff idea, I would make it sound more simplistic or sumthin' but thas the general basis of wut I'd go wit..."] I mean, they lead the league in takeaways[turnovers, also specifically, #1 in INTS I believe, don't kno exact rankings with other type-turnovers...] so thas the "Snatchin'" part. Then, for the Scavengers part, the Raven is a scavenger-prey bird like vultures as they go after raw prey [a metaphor for the Ravens capitalizing on opportunities from turnovers like the birds capitalize on a dead, injured, or jus' plain "sitting duck" type of prey -n- thru so attacking it they end up scorin a nice meal..]

    Ravens should beat the Titans without too much off trouble if any @ all this Saturday, jus' like we DID beat 'em [not "officially as in on record due to that wack-ass Roughing the Passer call on Suggs which Harbaugh should've tossed the red flag to challenge that wack-ass call] but since they did get away with that call, they got a breath of fresh air, capitalized on a cheap-call [15 yards, plus 1st down] -n- got that TD, they ended up with a CHEATass"WIN".... chumps...

    San Diego over Pittsburgh I believe [even if not....]
    Ravens over San Diego in AFC Championship [or over Steelers, doesn't make a difference who, we'll still end up in the S.B. -n- should win, if not if will be CLOSE -n- LOW SCORING!!...

    NFC I believe it will be the Panthers [which is my non-home favorite team, as I love Steve Smith as WR -n- my non-Raven fav player is Julius Peppers @ DE {damn Peppers is FAST -n- sooo versitile, not to mention his gigantic wingspan, a QB's NIGHTMARE but not as big a nightmare for a QB as centerfield-expertise-extrordinare, ED REED aka greatest FS [even SS, as he can play n e where in the secondary really]}]] who make the Super Bowl....
  • Question:-What's the Teen Titans episode where the Ravens with different colors come out?
    You know, like, when Raven from Teen Titans summons all of those other Ravens with different personalities and their cloaks && shoes are different colors? What episode is that?

  • Question:-Why cant you keep crows/ravens as pets? How are they so much different then a parrot?
    Crows and ravens are as smart as parrots. They are as big as parrots.

    Why is it ok to have a parrot but no one breeds crows/ravens?? I just randomly thought of this...
    I KNOW you can keep them as a pet if you find one hurt /injured

    But why cant people breed them? Like all other pets!

    Answer:-It is illegal to keep ANY native bird as a pet in the US. If you had people legally breeding native birds how would you know that they were not stealing and hatching wild bird eggs? How would you know that they were not capturing nestlings, and adult birds to sell? Are you going to have a federal inspector there 24/7? You can not legally keep an injured bird as a pet. All injured native birds legally must go to a licensed rehabilitator to be helped. If the bird cannot be released it will most likely be destroyed. A VERY few birds are lucky enough to go to animal educators to be used in educational programs. I have researched what is involved to get federal permits to use native birds, or any mammals in my programs and decided that the paperwork and inspections would be too much. My 5 pet crows come and go as they please to the feeding station out back. If there is no food they call me and tell me they are hungry. In the beginning they would always fly away, but now after a few years they allow me to be within 6 to 8 feet of them before they take off. If you want to be close to crows volunteer to help a rehaber.
  • Question:-How worried should the Patriots be facing the Ravens this weekend in the playoffs?
    Im a Ravens fan but nobody can argue the Patriots are the best team in the NFL over this past decade.My prediction will not say who is going to win the game, only that it will be a very good one and close.Good luck to fans of both teams!

    Answer:-I think it will be a very close game. I think the key for the Ravens will be running the ball. The Patriots will have Wilfork and Warren back which should help with run defense. The Patriots will probably play 8 in the box to try to take away avery potent running attack. On offense, the Patriots will need to protect Brady. The Ravens have a good pass rushing team. I think you will see a lot of screen passes to Faulk. I don't think the Patriots fear the Ravens, but they do respect them.
  • Question:-Should the Baltimore Ravens start Troy Smith versus the Buffalo Bills this weekend?
    Seeing as how Steve McNair did not practice on Wednesday, and is questionable for this weekend, should the Baltimore Ravens start Troy Smith against the Buffalo Bills this weekend? The Buffalo Bills defense could still be reeling after that late defeat from the Cowboys on October 8th.

    A deeper question is should they start giving Troy Smith more reps since McNair is on his last leg? I still feel Kyle Boller is too erratic, but that's just my take.

    Answer:-No, as a Ravens fan I dont want to see that. Simply because they cant risk losing this game. They have a tuff schedule after the bye week and they need to pick up as many wins as possible right now. I am not that big of a Boller fan either, I do get nervous everytime he takes a snap but he has played the best of all the QB's so far and I rather go with the devil I know then the one I dont.

    If they are blowing the Bills out sure let him take a few snaps in the fourth quarter but he cant start the game.
  • Question:-What do I do in an enviroment full of Ravens and Mongoose?
    Hello. I live in India and I am planning to have my Hen sit on some eggs. There are a lot of predators trying to catch the little chicks such as Ravens (or Crows...I don't know which one.), and Mongooses...How can I protect them? I don't want them to be locked up in a cage because I want them to walk around in land.

    Thanks if you helped. 10 points to anyone who has the best suggestion.

    Answer:-Your only option is to build a chicken fence enclosure which includes a fence roof. You'll have to secure the fencing all along the sides at the baseline to prevent mongoose, rodents, and other predators from simply digging under the fence. This may be accomplished by laying a concrete foundation along the perimeter.

    If you let your birds run free, there really is nothing you can do to protect them short of guarding them 24 hours a day.

    P.S. snakes are going to also be a problem, and for that you'll have to use a finer mesh screen.

    Source: childhood on the farm.
  • Question:-How good will the Ravens be when they are healthy?
    Well, they're 3-2 at the moment and the defense has finally showed up for the first time this year (nothing like a 9-7 game to jumpstart a defense).

    At the moment, their QB Steve McNair is unable to throw the ball properly due to an injured groin. The Ravens top 3 WRs (Mason, Clayton, Williams) have been limping most of the year with injuries. Their 2 best TEs are hurt (leaving a glorifed OT to play TE and have to catch passes). They've got 3 injured starters on their O-line. Their best D-lineman is hurt. Their #2 CB has been sick for most of the year. Even Ray Lewis has been limping for alot of the season. And Bart Scott and Terrell Suggs haven't played to their ability level.

    Despite all this, they are in ballgames and could easily be 5-0 at the moment. McGahee is running over teams even when they stack the box. The defense is still shutting teams down alot of the time.

    How good will they be when their players are finally healthy in November or December?

    Answer:-they will be nearly unstoppable....

    and the only reason i am saying nearly is because i dont wanna sound too cocky or over confident(i mean they have blown two huge leads and lost to two teams that have a loosing record....)but once it is all said and done all that matters is a playoff spot and the chance at another ring and championship!!!!
  • Question:-How can i watch Baltimore Ravens games in Kentucky?
    I live in the sticks in Kentucky and i have insight cable. I used to live in Baltimore so im a huge ravens fan and i want to watch every game. Do you know any services i can purchase so i can watch the games every sunday and monday. I will get to see the games against colts,bengals and titans but i want to watch all of them not just those. Do i need to get NFL Network? Or what program should i get to watch them?

    Answer:-NFL Sunday Ticket will let you get all of the non blacked out games.

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