Monday, October 24, 2011

sean hayes

  • Question:-Sean Hayes?
    To follow someone elses question is Sean Hayes gay in real life, if not he was A+++ as Jack

    Answer:-I think he is. He was just to funny in Will & Grace. That show should have been called Jack & Karen. I really like those two.
  • Question:-Anyone know if Sean Hayes has a boyfriend/partner?
    I know Sean Hayes came out in Advocate, but never read the article. I was wondering if he has a partner? I know some celebrities don't like to say who their partner is to shelter them from the media, so was wondering if we know who Sean's partner is or if he even has one at present.

    Answer:-As of April 2010 he is listed as being in a relationship.

    (Think I saw his BF at the Tony wards)
  • Question:-Why did it take Sean Hayes so long to come out?
    I mean he played Jack on Will & Grace! He played an openly gay character for almost 10 years and had a huge impact on the gay community. You would think that if anyone would have felt comfortable coming out it would have been him, but it took him until now to actually do it.

    What gives?

    Answer:-wasn't he always out? I mean he did a bunch of gay movies and then Will and Grace.
    I thought he was always gay.
    maybe he didn't want to be typecast as an actor, being relegated to only playing gay roles.
  • Question:-What are the chords to Sean Hayes "Powerful Stuff"?
    What are the guitar chords and little solos for Sean Hayes' Powerful stuff song?

    Answer:-im tryin to figure it out myself. hopes this help you. standard tuning
    opening rift

    i kinda just play the bass note then strum only the first and second string instead the whole chord.

    E major............F# minor ..................G#minor.............

    powerful stuff...moon around the sun.. fool on a drunk

    F#....E major

    .........powerful stuff then repeat

    ...........E..........E F#...........F# G#......snap snap

    this is powerful.....powerful.....powerful

    repeat the bridge three times. after third time play A

    then play verse

    im havin trouble figurin out the rest
    good luck!
  • Question:-What model Martin guitar does musician Sean Hayes play?
    I know it's a Martin. Just need the model #

  • Question:-What episode of Scrubs was Sean Hayes in as Dr. Nick Murdoch?

    Answer:-Season 1, Episode 7, My Super Ego
  • Question:-Where do I find Sean Hayes? ?
    I am a big fan of Sean Hayes and I would love to meet him... where do I find him?

    Answer:-He lives in San Francisco His managment team can be found at:

  • Question:-Sean Hayes and Jason Sudeikis?
    Is it me or does Sean Hayes (the secretary in The Bucket List) closely resemble Jason Sudeikis from SNL?

    Answer:-After look at pictures of them, maybe both of their foreheads have the same shape, but other than that, they do not really resemble each other in my opinion.
  • Question:-Why hasn't Sean Hayes come out of the closet yet?
    Who is he fooling?

    Answer:-It's so obvious that he doesn't really need to. If he said he was straight, that'd be on the cover of People magazine
  • Question:-Whats on sean hayes neck when he was a guest on conan o'brien in chicago?
    I was watching a re run of conan o'brien show when he was in chicago and mr t, cheap trick, and sean hayes were on the show. I am just wondering what was on sean hayes' neck? a tattoo?


    it's hilarious!

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