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  • Question:-Can snakes slither backwards? How do they move so smoothly?
    I know that they can draw themselves backwards a bit, at least, but can they actually slither backwards -same as front? And how is it that they move so smoothly and effortlessly forward?

    Answer:-I dont believe they can, because of the way their scales underneath are pointed, but they they can turn around very quickly. I have never seen my 2 pets slither backwards.
    They move so smoothly because of their underneath scales, just work like muscles and in coordination,they are incredible.
  • Question:-Are there any animals that slither besides snakes?
    We're doing a project for school and wanted to know if there are any animals that slither besides snakes.

    Answer:-In addition to the California Legless Lizard, as mentioned, there is also the European Legless Lizard, otherwise known as the Scheltopusik and, occasionally, the glass lizard or glass snake. I have twice found one in my yard in Germany and they look very similar to snakes and do slither, though they don't move as smoothly as most snakes do.
  • Question:-Whats a good way to beat a slither deck in Magic The Gathering?
    I have this annoying friend(don't we all) that keeps talking about how good his slither deck is(the premade one). so I was wondering if there is good way to beat slither decks.

    Answer:-Slivers are rather strong, or at least can be if used properly. Don't believe they give a slow start either; they get meaner every time they're printed; example - heart sliver, a turn 2 creature giving slivers haste. For anti-sliver I recommend several wipes; wrath of god and damnation work fine, but they're expensive and hit your creatures also. The most useful cards to you would be; Extinction(x4) and Engineered Plague(x4). In tandem, you will be able to wipe your opponent's slivers from the board, then make them more difficult to summon. Most slivers are 2/2 or smaller but a few potent ones are larger, so watch out, especially for legion sliver, which could reopen the field for more. Slivers can also destroy enchantments, so you need a method to protect the 'Extinction's. This could be counterspell(preferable), sterling grove, or priveleged position(these enchantments provide absolute protection if you get two down, but only stall if you have just one). Plague sliver looks tempting, but I wouldn't deem it worthwhile; when a sliver deck gets moving, 1 life per sliver per turn is actually worthwhile(especially with essence slivers around). Since the basis for anti-creature type decks is black, build in some discard and preferably using blue to counter keystone slivers, use an abundance of flying creatures. Slivers hate flying; there are two slivers that make all slivers fly, and there's one that allows them to block flyers, but thats it. Take out the one creature and you're clear to attack - though remember to consider how you're going to block. Though they don't have to be your choice, Blue-Black Faeries seem to fill that niche quite nicely don't you think?
    I have to point out - in casual play, there's really no such thing as an 'illegal card', in classic format, every sliver I know of is legal. It's when you're friend suddenly decides to participate in a Type 2 or Standard format TOURNAMENT that he'll be disqualified by surprise. Most of us just like to play for fun.
  • Question:-What is the ending song in the movie Slither?
    Me and my friend Steph have been trying to find this song for a long time and the only part that both of us really remember is when it says "honey I love you but leave me the fuck alone." It is the last song in "Slither". Can someone tell me the name of the song and the artist who sings it?

    Answer:-"Baby I Love You"
    Written by Eric Ambel
    Performed by The Yayhoos
    Licensed courtesy of Bloodshot Records
    By Arrangement with DePugh Music and Vibemeister Music administered by Bug Music Inc.

    (This may or may not be included on the SLITHER soundtrack.)
  • Question:-If Obama manages to slither his way into the White House, will we finally be able to abolish special ?
    groups like the Black Caucas, and special treatment like Affirmative Action?
    Hey Steve: um you do realize that Bono's charity fund is a little shady, google it my friend.

    I meant slither as in character, certainly no reference to his race.
    No I am Asian, and do not believe in special treatment for any groups.

    Answer:-Well i will tell you this much- if Obama (God Forbid) gets into Office, black people will no longer be able to complain about racism, unfair treatment, and being minorities which means that our Government will no longer financially support blacks due to them claiming they are minorities in America.
  • Question:-If I let my snake slither around the house will it repell mice?
    Will the scent cause them to leave?

    Answer:-Yes! and It Will also Slither right Out of the House, Doors and Windows Shut and all. I did that Once "Ball Python" and Somehow it Found a Way out of the House, with All doors and Windows Closed up Tight, {Or so I Thought} I Never Saw the Creature again. Hence the Term!..."Snake in the Grass" :o(
  • Question:-Can a snake slither in a straight line?
    I was having this argument earlier today about whether a snake can slither in a straight line or not. My friends were saying that it can't because the force that propels a snake forward is the action of moving from side to side and I was the only one saying it can. I don't mean in a line as straight as a ruler but relatively straight.

    Answer:-flat out no
  • Question:-Can someone tell me the name of the song playing during the movie SLITHER?
    I believe it's Air Supply, but I don't rememeber the name of the song.

    Does anyone know the name of the song?

    Answer:-You're Every Woman In The World
    by Air Supply
  • Question:-How do I install iTunes on to my Motorola Slither?
    The computer is letting me see te phone on the computer threw Blue Tooth but I can not add iTunes songs to the phone.

    Answer:-It's called a SLVR not a Slither.

  • Question:-what guitar is dave kushner playing in the music video for slither by velvet revolver?
    he's playing a strange looking guitar that at first i thought was some kinda ibanez, but no... anyone know?

    Answer:-Fernandes Ravelle

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