Thursday, October 20, 2011

ucla football

  • Question:-UCLA Football?
    Who thinks that UCLA Football should be in the top 25?

    Answer:-I believe they should. I donno I really think the BCS is messed up. Granted they lost to Utes, when they were ranked #11, but look at Texas and all the other teams that got beaten by unranked teams. They were all ranked higher than UCLA and should drop out too if they dropped UCLA out of the Top 25 because of one loss to an unranked team.

    UCLA should at least be #25.
  • Question:-How can I watch UCLA football games on the internet for free?
    I am too poor to pay for cable TV and we are big UCLA football fans. Is there a way to watch the football games online that I'm not aware of? I found online sports channels, but I doubt if they will air the UCLA games. Is there some kind of sports peer to peer network or something like that? Or maybe some kind of sports download site or something? Help pleeeese!!

    Answer:-You can try
  • Question:-Does anyone know the song the UCLA Football Team plays while coming out the tunnel at a home game?
    Was recently at a UCLA football game at the RoseBowl and was wondering what is the music they play while the team is coming out of the tunnel.

    Answer:-"Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" by Boy George and Culture Club. Hope this helps. dude. You are a dude, right?
  • Question:-what should i do since a UCLA football player asked to "lick whipped cream off my legs"?
    im an incoming freshmen at UCLA and this random football player invited me to his frat party where people can only wear 2 articles of clothing.... wtf should I do? This guy is really hot, but I've never been to a party before.

    Answer:-Come to my party. You have to wear nothing though,... and bring in at least 2 bottle of liquor.. :)
    me and you can have more fun than that football player
  • Question:-At UCLA football games are they very strict on the age 18 to get on field limit?
    I bought sideline passes for me and my son who are huge UCLA football fans. I need to know, hes 15 but hes 6'2 205 pounds so hes a big boy and could pass for being older we both have real passes that I purchases so its not like im trying to sneak him on the field with one pass for me. Has anyone ever had the expierence of them bouncing someone who looks 18 but really isnt?

    Answer:-No They will let him in. They have little kids in there1
  • Question:-UCLA football?
    Will the bruins gain their glory back for 2006?

    Answer:-UCLA still has a football program?
  • Question:-How can I watch UCLA football online?
    I'm a soldier stationed in Germany, and I'm a big BRUIN fan. Does anyone know how I can watch UCLA football online this 2010 season, I don't think I can miss another season.

    Answer:-Go to
    Watch football games online.
    More than 1 million users are already enjoying the incredible variety.
  • Question:-What section does the UCLA Bruins give away football fans for the home games at the rose bowl stadium?
    I am planning on attending the Oregon Ducks vs UCLA Bruins football game on October 11th. I want to sit in the Oregon section if they are good seats. Does anybody know what section they give to away football programs?

  • Question:-What is the song that plays when the UCLA Bruins come onto the football field?
    When the UCLA Bruins football team appears on the field in the beginning of the game and after halftime, there is a song that is played for a short time while they are running onto the field. I recognize the music but I can't remember the song or artist. I'm not talking about the UCLA school songs. It is a rock song.

    Answer:-Bruin Fanfare
  • Question:-Who are the current candidates for the UCLA football head coach position?
    My head is spinning from all these new reports. Its difficult to discern which are rumors and which are facts.

    Who's got the real scoop?!
    Oh man, who let the trojie in?

    Answer:-Well, the rumors are all over the map.

    John Harbaugh, an Eagles assist has some merit.

    Personally, I think Norm Chow is a compelling fit. That would seem to give him an opportunity to make more money, and a minority hiring would be favorably received.

    He's the obvious choice for trying to derail Pete Carroll and USC...

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