Saturday, October 22, 2011

st louis cardinals

  • Question:-what station in the Midwest will carry the St. Louis Cardinals games on the internet radio?
    I'm looking for a free internet radio station to listen to the Cardinals play, but the flag station in St. Louis wants you to pay for the broadcast on the internet. I don't understand why when it's easy to get other major leagues games on the internet radio for free.

    Answer:-I believe the station is called 96.9 WFAG
  • Question:-What are the 2 main colors of the St. Louis cardinals baseball team?
    I'm planning on making my boyfriend a blanket and pillow for christmas using 2 colors and his favorite baseball team is the saint louis cardinals ever since his dad loved the cardinals and his dad died so this really means a lot to me getting hte colors right. So what are the two main colors of the St. Louis cardinals baseball team?

    Answer:-Red and White
  • Question:-How much would you pay for an authentic baseball signed by the 1994 St Louis Cardinals, if you were a big fan?
    I have a Authentic signed baseball by the 1994 St Louis Cardinals, and I wanted to know how much someone would actually pay for it?

    Answer:-Since it's not certified, you won't get a red penny for it. Most autographs are fake (95%) and everyone knows it so no one would buy something that wasn't certified and although I think most of the stuff people ask about in here is real, I think yours is fake. I don't know why, but something isn't right. Don't matter anyway, there isn't a person in the world who'd give you $20 bucks for it, let alone what a certified version of the same item is worth.
  • Question:-Where does the opposing team stay at when they play the St. Louis Cardinals?
    I am just curious as to what hotel the opposing team stays at when they play the St louis cardinals? i know it's usually all the same hotels the opposing teams stay at. thanks in advance, or where could i find this information out?

    Answer:-I not know for sure but I would guess the Ritz Carlton downtown but I have heard people say they stay at one of the hotels close to the airport. They probably don't tell anyone to avoid being hounded by fans.
  • Question:-How do I contact the St Louis Cardinals broadcast booth?
    My co-worker is a huge St Louis Cardinal fan. She will be retiring Friday night. She never misses a Cards broadcast on television. I would love to have them mention her on the air. It would be the best retirement gift that I could give her. Is there a fax number or email address where I can contact them?

    Answer:-Go to and then where it says "Search", type "Cardinals booth". It will take you to a link where you can email the broadcasting booth.

    Good luck. I hear them give "shout outs" to people all the time.
  • Question:-Why does the St Louis Cardinals host first game in 2011 WORLD SERIES?
    The Texas Rangers won 96 games this year and the Cardinals won only 90? Why does the St Louis Cardinals get to start home first game 1 of world series???

  • Question:-Do you think that the St.Louis Cardinals will be able to sign Albert Puhols?
    Will he ask for 30 million a year? Will he sign for less to stay in St.Louis? Can the Cardinals sign him and still have money for other players? Should be interesting.

    Answer:-Sure. Who else is going to sign him? The Yankees have a 1st baseman locked up for years (Texiera). The Red Sox just locked up a 1st baseman for years (Gonzalez). The Phillies have a 1st baseman (Howard). Who else can afford him?

    As for asking for $30 million per year, a person can ask for whatever he wants in a negotiation. It doesn't mean he's going to get it or anything close to it. Just ask Derek Jeter... Considering that the 2-3 biggest spenders in the market aren't in desperate need of a 1st baseman, who's going to compete with the Cardinals to drive his price up to $30 million per year?
  • Question:-What is your favorite MLB team? Who would win the 2011 World Series St. Louis Cardinals or Texas Rangers?
    I have been a San Francisco Giants fan since 1989, when I got into baseball in 1987 with being interested in Little League. I tried being fans with St. Louis Cardinals but I don't know what is going on. I like the Florida Marlins now the Miami Marlins. I am not sure who would win the 2011 World Series.

  • Question:-Where do I find my picture on the St. Louis Cardinals Website?
    So I got on the jumotron singing at the Sunday April 15 St. Louis Cardinals game right. They took some pictures of me and gave me a paper card that said like gallery number two or something like that. I cant find the pictures of me on the website. please help me.

    Answer:-Thank my guy's Cardinal lovin girlfriend...
  • Question:-Does anyone know the St. Louis Cardinals code to buying tickets half price?
    I know there is a way when your on the St. Louis Cardinals website to enter a code when buying tickets to get you half price tickets. For example, on Thursday June 4th the code is TRAVELZOO. Does anyone know the code for the June 6th game vs. the Colorado Rockies? It's my birthday and I am looking for some cheaper tickets!

    Answer:-Call the ticket office and ask them. I don't know.

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