Saturday, October 22, 2011

texas rangers

  • Question:-Texas Rangers?
    why has the Texas Rangers stadium been so empty?
    is it always like this?
    it seems maybe half full at best?
    they have a good team. tied for first place.

    Answer:-First and foremost Texas is a FOOTBALL STATE... Also the Rangers have not been in the playoffs in years. They seem to stay around the division lead during the middle months of the baseball season and then slowly fall back. Remember the stadium they play in is an outdoor stadium. During the summer months Texas is one hot place!!!
  • Question:-texas rangers?
    man in the 4th inning it was 3-0 baltimore now its 14-3 texas what happened to baltimore? by the way go rangers cant wait for second game at this rate.
    man did i jinyx them?
    it is now final 30-3

    Answer:-Something has happened and I don't know what it is. Maybe Baltimore just didn't have good pitching tonight..maybe everyone was waiting to explode. I don't know but this is one hell of a game.

  • Question:-TEXAS RANGERS!!!!!!!?
    Who is your favorite Texas rangers player???

  • Question:-How do you email the Texas Rangers broadcasters in the booth?
    Im a big Texas Rangers fan but I don't know how to email them up in the booth. Is there a fellow Rangers fan that can help me out?

    Answer:-im not sure but in the cubs white sox games usually they show their twitter/emails halfway through the game
  • Question:-What uniform are the Texas Rangers wearing in Yankee Stadium for ALCS?
    The Texas Rangers have been wearing red at home. I'm used to seeing the Rangers in blue. What uniform will the Rangers be wearing at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday? Wanting to know what color to wear to represent them at the away game.

    Answer:-Probably wearing their usual away uniform. I don't know what color that is though.
  • Question:-Who is your favorite player on the Texas Rangers?
    I love watching Josh Hamilton play. Been a fan of him ever since he hit those 28 homers back in the 2008 Homerun Derby.

    Also, congratulations to the Texas Rangers. You die hard Rangers fans get to witness something that not many fans get to see and that is watching your franchise go to the World Series for the very first time. That is something to be proud of. GO RANGERS!

  • Question:-what seats are a good view and affordable at The Texas Rangers stadium?
    So I plan on going to a Texas Rangers v.s New York Yankees game and I was wondering what seats/tickets were affordable and a good view?

    Answer:-I make a road trip to see the Rangers play every summer. My advice to you would be to go to this website and click on where you would like to be. It shows you a view from that section and it gives you the price of that seat. It all depends on what is affordable for you, personally I like being on the lower deck where you can see everything real well. That website is
  • Question:-Why are some/most of the Texas Rangers players wearing yellow armbands tonight?
    Watching the Red Sox vs the Rangers and a bunch of Texas players have a yellow armband on. Some of the players have them on the right arm and some have them on the left.
    Then all of the them would have it including the Red Sox players. Thanks for the try though.

    Answer:-they are wearing them to support lance armstrong and his live strong charity. he was in attendance and is running the boston marathon on monday
  • Question:-Who else wants to see the Texas Rangers do good this year?
    Nolan Ryan has such class and discipline. Hamilton and Young are great kids who have a long way to go. Vladimir is one of the best. I want to see the Texas Rangers do it this year. Please keep up the hard work. It will pay off in October.

    Answer:-I sure hope so. I've been a long-suffering Rangers fan who never gave up hoping for these guys. They have a good, young nucleus of players who are just having fun. I see a dozen or so games a season, and truly am enjoying the ride. Nolan is a decent guy, a true to life hero for a lot of kids, and he doesn't let them down. He sits in the same seat game after home game and rarely turns down an autograph request. I'm glad he and Greenberg won the auction! He's the face of the Rangers and all the players seem to thrive on it.
  • Question:-How to give food to baseball announcers/broadcasters at a Texas Rangers' baseball games?
    I was wanting to give some bakery foods to the baseball anouncers/broadcasters up in the box office (where they talk during the game and announce the game play-by-play) at the Texas Rangers' game tomorrow. I wasn't for sure if i should call in advance. If so what number should i call, to see if it would be okay. Thanks!
    well obviously people are able to give them food, because during the games they talk about what food items they have received that day such as cookies or other sweets.

    Answer:-Annie is correct. The Rangers TV broadcast team (Tom Grieve and Dave Barnett) receive goodies from fans at every home game, and they usually thank the person or people who provided them on the air. Obviously they're appreciative and encouraging of that gesture of appreciation from the fans, so why shouldn't Annie bring them something if she wants to?

    I don't have any specific information. Common sense would say put whatever you're bringing in a disposable container, since you probably won't get it back. Put a label on it so that it's clear who it's for, what it's called, and your name and home town.

    You can probably just show up at the park with your items and ask an usher to let you know where to take them, but if you want to be absolutely certain, it wouldn't hurt to call or EMail ahead. Here's a webpage with a contact form and a telephone number

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